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"What does TCP stand for?"

A staple item in the first aid cupboard

If you want a big long word to impress your friends with, try Trichlorophenylmethiliodosalycil. This is the original chemical name for TCP, and you can understand why they abbreviated it, otherwise you would need one hell of a big bottle, just to fit the name on!

Most people are familiar with TCP, or more specifically, the smell and flavour of the product, which for many, evoke memories of childhood illness, in my case I remember gargling with this stuff when I had a sore throat! The appearance of the bottle has changed very little over the years and is instantly recognisable, the brown glass bottle with the green and blue label, which is available in 50ml, 100ml, 200ml and 500ml bottles. I presume that the most popular and practical size would be the 200ml, which costs about £3 a bottle from most pharmacies and supermarkets. A bottle this size is great to keep in the medicine cupboard on standby for any family emergencies or illness.

The reason that this product has remained so popular over the years is the sheer variety of ways that it can be put to use. It is a really handy "one stop" solution to many common ailments that affect people from time to time, and eliminates the need to buy several products, when this one will do several jobs. I will outline a few below:

Sore Throats:

TCP, in my experience, is one of the best treatments for a sore throat. The direction is to dilute one part TCP with 5 parts water and gargle. Do not swallow!!!! The flavour is very strong and medicinal, but it does take away the nasty germy taste that you get in your mouth when suffering with a throat infection. Gargling with TCP also sems to anaesthatize and numb my throat, relieving the pain and soreness, particularly when swallowing food or drink. It is best to gargle morning and night for best results. Now that flu season is upon us, this is a really useful product to have at hand.

Mouth Ulcers:

The directions are to dab undiluted on the affected area three times a day. I have tried this in the past and it stings really badly, and doesn't really seem to have any affect on how quickly the ulcer disappears! May benefit some people though! I'm a wimp when it comes to pain, so the potential benefits did not outweigh the inconvenience. I think there are better ways to treat a mouth ulcer than using TCP on it, as it just makes the pain worse, which defeats the object.

Cuts, grazes, bites and stings:

Everyone will be affected by these at some point, especially if you have children! Dabbing the area with diluted TCP will have an instant calming effect on the child psychologically, as well as a practical effect of killing germs and promoting healing. The smell does tend to linger a while on the fingers after use though! TCP should only be used on humans, as it can be very toxic to animals, and any injured pets should be treated with a special product specifically for animals, NOT TCP.

Spots and pimples:

Apply a little TCP onto a clean cotton wool pad and dab onto the affected area every few hours. It can be effective, but I once had a molluscum virus and the TCP didn't really help, as this is a particularly nasty virus, so it really depends on the underlying cause of the spot or rash, which you really need to think about carefully before applying TCP, as some rashes, such as eczema would actually get worse if you put undiluted TCP on them.

A versatile product

TCP can also be used similar to Dettol liquid, as a regular disinfectant for cleansing household surfaces, but I personally would not really try this, as the smell is so strong, and would really overpower the room and linger in the air. I do remember when I was a child that there was always a handy bottle of this in the bathroom, and if I ever vomited in the night, my mom would encourage me to rinse my mouth out in very dilute TCP to freshen my mouth and get rid of the taste of the sick, although replacing it with the flavour of TCP wasn't much of an improvement! We also used it as a mouth rinse when we lost teeth as kids.

As you can see, TCP is a handy, versatile and reasonably priced antiseptic liquid that can help give you peace of mind that you are "covered" for many minor accidents and incidents that occur within the home. The bottles come in a handy range of sizes to suit the home medicine cupboard or even your travel bag as a useful holiday standby first aid product.

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  • VampirePrincessLizzy published 17/01/2011
    Handy stuff ;o)
  • JAVER1967 published 15/01/2011
    Excellent review
  • Alyson29 published 15/01/2011
    I made the costly mistake of dropping a bottle of this into my bathroom sink many years ago, which caused a rather large crack! However, the bottle stayed intact! x
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