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TORQ Energy Drink Natural

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TORQ energy is made from an ingredient called maltodextrin often referred to as a glucose polymer. A glucose polymer's molecular profile optimises the...

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Product Information : TORQ Energy Drink Natural

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TORQ energy is made from an ingredient called maltodextrin often referred to as a glucose polymer. A glucose polymer's molecular profile optimises the long-term energy providing properties of complex carbohydrates without the need to consume bulky starch-rich foods. These bulky foods take a longer time to digest because they contain fibre an important but metabolically useless nutrient. They also fill and bloat your stomach making movement and sport in particular more difficult. TORQ energy when diluted with the correct amount of water delivers a sustained supply of glucose to the working muscle. This product is recommended as a supplement to your regular diet and shouldn't be used to replace healthy foods. Keep eating carbohydrate in the form of rice pasta pulses cereals and potatoes as the fibre is important for your digestive system and these foods do contain protein and vitamin/mineral traces. When should I use TORQ energy? · As a supplement to your regular nutrition during heavy training/racing periods: Sometimes it is just impossible to get enough calories from a regular diet to fuel your performance. 4 level scoops of TORQ energy dissolved in 750ml of water is equivalent in energy to a medium sized bowl of pasta. TORQ energy can also be added to all sorts of regular food. Sprinkle TORQ energy onto your breakfast cereal or add to your favourite sweet or savoury recipes. You are unlikely to notice that it has been added; yet it will enhance the carbohydrate content of the food significantly. If you use TORQ energy in this way please ensure that you drink plenty of extra water as this is necessary for effective glycogen storage. · While you are exercising: It is very unlikely that you will replace all of the energy you are using unless you are riding particularly slowly but research has proven that regular intake of a glucose polymer whilst exercising will delay the onset of fatigue. Aim to consume at least 60g (4 level scoops) of TORQ energy per hour whilst exercising. · Within 15 minutes of finishing exercise: This is the best time to get carbohydrate into your system (while enzyme activity is elevated) and solid food isn't always appealing at this time. For optimal recovery aim to consume 1gram of TORQ energy per kilogram body weight or between 60 and 80g (4-5 level scoops) immediately after exercise and repeat this procedure every 2 hours for the next 4-6 hours. · For carbohydrate loading: Research has shown that if you elevate your carbohydrate intake for the days leading up to an event you will super-charge your muscles with glycogen enhancing your performance and extending time to exhaustion. There are a variety of carbohydrate loading methods but as a guide aim to consume 8-10g of carbohydrate per kg bodyweight per day for the 3 days leading up to the important event. During this time every effort should be made to keep fat intake as low as possible and exercise volume should be light. Please note that these figures represent the recommended amount of total carbohydrate so use TORQ energy to help you achieve these levels. · As a method of weight control: If you use TORQ energy in combination with a reduced dietary intake of fat you will replace fat calories with carbohydrate ones. This means that you will be able to train harder and for longer speeding-up the fat-loss process as well as boosting your fitness. Be warned however that over-consumption of TORQ energy without adjustments to your dietary and exercise regimens may cause weight gain. For successful fat loss you should aim to work at a slight negative energy balance meaning that you should consume marginally less calories than you're using whilst ensuring that your mix of calories leans heavily in favour of carbohydrate over fat. USAGE INSTRUCTIONS TORQ energy is completely soluble in water and mixes easily. For best results add the polymer to water and mix thoroughly until clear. If mixing in a sports drink bottle half fill bottle with water add appropriate measure of TORQ energy and then replace lid and shake well before topping up with water. Add squash or fruit juice to flavour or leave alone for a neutral taste. · General fuelling and re-hydration: Mix 4 level scoops (65grams) of TORQ energy with 750ml of water. Aim to consume at least 750ml (a large bottle) of this 9% carbohydrate solution per hour. · Fuelling and re-hydration in hot/humid conditions: Mix 3 level scoops (50grams) of TORQ energy with 750ml of water. Aim to consume in excess of 1000ml of this 6% carbohydrate solution per hour. It is not unusual for the human body to lose 2-3litres of fluid per hour under these environmental conditions. · Fuelling and re-hydration in cooler weather: You may wish to experiment with slightly higher concentrations of solution when dehydration is less of an issue. 6 scoops (100grams) of TORQ energy mixed with 750ml of water represents a 13% carbohydrate solution which will provide adequate energy with a reduced hourly fluid intake. Aim to consume somewhere in the region of 500ml of this solution per hour.

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Long Name: Energy Drink Natural

Type: Energy Drink

Flavours: Lemon; Lemon/Lime; Orange; Grapefruit

Manufacturer: TORQ

Type for Subname: Sport & Energy


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