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Do you know what those stone mushrooms are for?

19.08.2017 (04.12.2017) Review of Seeking Salvage

"I have a thing about these storage auctions and pawn shop style reclamation reality shows. It started with the original and the best, Storage Hunters on Dave and then Pawn Shop on ITV4, and moved swiftly onto Storage Wars (and its various spin offs) and t ..."

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Preparing for Ultra HD with Sky Q

14.08.2017 Review of Sky Q

"==Sky Q Box== The most advanced box yet, it even looks better than every before. More slim line and nowhere near as bulky as they have been in the past. ==Sky Q Mini Boxes== You can watch two of these at a time in different rooms, continuing to watch re ..."

Read full review by Caz87

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Why does the annoying ginger git get £2.2 million??

31.07.2017 (01.08.2017) Review of BBC - TV Licence

"...Let me start out by stating exceptionally clearly that I object to the BBC License Fee being mandatory because you have a TV or a computer that can stream TV in the house. We have a TV and over the last twelve months, we have probably watched about ten ho ..."

Read full review by Secre

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20.07.2017 Review of BBC - TV Licence

"...Various events trigger me to vent my spleen immediately here on Ciao on subjects that concern, infuriate, or even on occasion amuse me. The publishing of the BBC salaries yesterday was just one such event that has actually left me incandescent with rage. ..."

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