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published 14/04/2017 | stacie17
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About me :
Wow! I got a Diamond! So happy, it only took 10 years worth of reviews! :D
Pro The view! Location! Luxury!
Cons That I dont live here!
Value for Money
Quality of Rooms
Standard of Service
Quality of Food & Drink

"Honeymoon Part 1- Taj Dubai!"

Taj Dubai, Dubai

Taj Dubai, Dubai

It took a long time for us to decide where we wanted to go on honeymoon with so many countries we want to visit! We looked at Thailand, Mexico, Maldives, Vietnam, Bahamas etc etc. In the end we decided to combine 2 countries that we both wanted to visit, Dubai and Bali.

After deciding where to go, next was what hotels to stay in! I left this up to Mr B!
After a LOT of research he finally decided on Taj Dubai.
Taj Dubai

About the company-
Taj Dubai is a worldwide company, they have hotels in all areas of the world including India,  New York, London, Sri Lanka, Maldives and many more. They are all Indian themed hotels, with each one being rated 5*.  This hotel in particular was rated #10 out of 550 hotels on tripadvisor, so it had a lot to live up to!

We travelled as a couple (hence honeymoon!) aged 29/30, during the beginning of April 2017.  We booked this hotel direct through the hotel website in November 2016.
There are different room options- Standard room, City view room, Club room, residential suites.
We chose the Club Room with the Burj Khalifa view. The price for this was around £1000 for 3 nights, Bed and breakfast.
As this was a club room this also included access to the Club Lounge. This lounge included-

- complimentary snacks and nibbles throughout the day.
- complimentary alcholic/non alcoholic drinks. (No cocktails though! Boo!) during 6.30pm- 8pm only
- complimentary afternoon tea
- 1 item of clothing pressed each day.

First impressions

We arrived in Dubai on an early morning flight from Manchester. We jumped in a taxi and headed straight to the hotel. The taxi from the airport cost around £10-12.

If you have ever been to Dubai, you will know that it is full of high rise buildings, our hotel was of course one of these. We pulled up to the hotel and were greeted by some lovely porters who quickly took our suitcases and welcomed us in to the hotel. There were 3 reception desks which were occupied. So we were asked to take a seat in the lovely lobby area. It was at this point that we looked around. Everywhere was white, with a lovely seating area, and a huge chandelier. Further down the corridor were glass cases housing a range of different Indian themed ornaments. As we sat down we were greeted by another member of staff who was handing out complimentary drinks, this was a rose and mint soft drink, which was very nice! After a few minutes we were then led to one of the reception desks.

=Check In===

People always say that it is first impressions which count, and the interior of the hotel had lived up to its 5* rating. The receptionist however...we sat down and she got straight into it! No polite chit chat, just asked for our passports straight away. She then asked for a credit card which she could take and hold £500 on for anything we might spend in the hotel. I did think that £500 was steep! Anyway, we dont have a credit card so asked if we could use a debit card instead. At this point I think she was just being rude, and said "no only credit cards". She then said we could leave a £500 cash deposit which we could then use in the hotel for meals/room service and receive back whats left at the end. Again, we were not carrying £500 cash on us! It was as if we had exhausted all of her other options and then she said "you can pay for your things as you go". Finally, even if we had a credit card or £500 cash, paying as we go would be our best option anyway! So that was finally sorted.
So we sat waiting to hear about the rest of the information about the hotel...she told us that our room was not ready yet. This was fine as by about this time it was 10am and check in was not until 3pm.  She offered us a cup of tea and said we could have some breakfast if we wished. We both declined as we were feeling tired and just wanted a sit down and rest.  She then said that she would come find us when our room was ready. And that was it. No information about any facilities in the hotel, no directions as to where we were supposed to go and wait. Mr B then asked where our suitcases were as we wanted to get a few bits out while we waited. She said that we could use the spa. She told the porter to take us and our suitcases up to the spa. And then she left.
The porter meanwhile was very friendly and asked how we were etc. He then said he would come back for our luggage once we had finished. We headed into the spa, got changed and then headed out to the pool area. The lady on the spa desk was also very friendly. She told us where the sun and shade would be and asked where we would prefer to be. She got us two towels and 2 cold bottles of water. She then said if we needed anything she would be there.
It turned around 11.30am and we saw the receptionist heading over to us. She gave us our room keys and said our room was ready. And then she left.

So we headed off to explore our room!

Mr B says- "Ok"

Im going to give this receptionist the benefit of the doubt and just presume that she was having a bad day. But a smile does go a long way!

The Club Room

We were on the 25th floor, so we headed into the lift. When we reached our floor. It was a lovely hallway with pictures on the walls and some ornaments. To enter the room you had to  scan your key card over the electronic pad. 

As you walk in the room, on the left was the entry way, this had a shelf, coat hangers, ironing board and drawers. In one drawer was the iron and another the safe. The safe was free and simple to use.  Walking further into the room there was another door on the left. Walking through this leads you to the bathroom.

The Bathroom

Usually i wouldnt do a separate subheading for a bathroom but I think this one deserves it! In the bathroom and to the left was another door, opening this lead you into a walk-in shower, with both a shower head and a large rainshower. It also had some small shelves in there filled with Molton Brown products.
Through the next door was the toilet and bidet. Important to say that it was all very clean with plenty of toilet roll!
 In the main part of the bathroom was 2 sinks, with more complimentary prouducts, soaps, razors, toothbrushes, bottled water etc. And then the main attraction of the bathroom- the bath! With a large window which looks out onto the amazing view!
This really was a fantastic bathroom and we couldnt ask for more from a bathroom! It was thoroughly cleaned each day with plenty of towels, face cloths. There was also 2 dressing gowns hanging up.

I do love a good bathroom!

Ok back to the rest of the room!

As you walk past the room, there is a large cupboard. This is the mini-bar! It was stocked with drinks, nibbles, snacks etc. And the bar menu with all of the prices on. Dubai is an expensive city so things like this are also going to be expensive.  We didnt use anything out of the mini bar. But the good thing about this was that there was space for your own products to go. Such as the cheesecake that we bought back to the hotel after visiting the cheesecake factory!

Further we go into the room. On the left is the huge bed, with a range of coloured pillows on. A futon at the end of the bed. 2 bedside cabinets. To the right there is a large flatscreen TV. Walking a little further past the bed and on the left there is a sofa with a small table alongside it. And to the right is a large mirror and shelving unit with a large comfy chair. There was also a digital photo frame which told you all of the different restaurants and times you could visit them! I think this was a super idea!

So then the next and final feature of this room. I have definitely saved the best til last! It even beats the bathtub!

The View

The phrase "a picture can tell a thousand words" has never been more apt. And i could easily write a thousand words on it..or you could look at my photographs and see for yourself! One word- Spectacular!

*For your information- The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world! Situated next to this is Dubai Mall, the biggest mall in the world! To the front of the mall is the fountain display and yes you guessed it the biggest (well  almost! The 2nd!) But I think it is the best fountain show in the world!

And all this was the view from our floor to ceiling window! Amazing!
Extra Room Info

- There was plenty of plug sockets (UK sockets) and in convenient locations!
- There was a hairdryer in the room.
- The bed was very comfortable!
- All of the light switches were electronic switches. (Very easy to use!)
- A newspaper was left hanging on the door each day.
- The TV had a range of channels- from camel racing to Eastenders!

After we had been out for the evening, we came back to our room to find a bowl of fruit and 2 cupcakes, with the words happy honeymoon on. And the bed all covered in rose petals! I think that it is these personal touches that turns a 4* hotel into a 5* hotel.

Mr B says- "Amazing!" "Amazing view!"

Pool Area

We first saw the pool area when we arrived. There were plenty of sunbeds available and we put this down to it still being early in the morning. On our second and further visits to the pool area it was lovely to see that there were still plenty of sunbeds available throughout the day.

The pool area is situated on two levels. On the main area is the swimming pool, the bar, a large chess game, plenty of sunbeds and a seating area.  The sunbeds are all very comfortable and there are single beds and double beds available. Some with umbrellas, some with curtains. 

The pool is not the biggest pool I have been in nor the smallest. It is not deep and at 5"1 (and a bit more) I could stand up in it throughout. The deepest it got for me was up to my shoulders. This does make it hard to swim in though, so if you are after doing 50 lengths each morning this hotel may not be for you! There is also a swim up bar, although we never saw anyone using this! I think the main purpose of this pool is to cool off after baking in the sun!

The bar serves a range of drinks from 11am, it is also possible to order food from here, we saw pizzas and burgers being ordered, but we didnt order anything from here ourselves.  The pool attendants are very friendly and quickly hand out your towels to you and some complimentary bottles of water. They even came round one day with cold face cloths!

Down some stairs leads you to the next level of the pool area. Here you will find plenty more sunbeds and seating areas, along with a lagoon style water area. This was somewhere to sit and put your feet into the water whilst watching the water fall from the pool above. It was a lovely area to sunbathe.  From this area you can also have another fantastic view of the Burj Khalifa.  It is important to remember that as Dubai is surrounded by tall buildings, the sun is not out all day. However we did well to find a good spot where the sun would be out until 2.30pm! It was actually a god send when it went behind the buildings!

Mr B says- "Nice and relaxed"


The hotel had 4 different restaurants. These were-
-The Eloquent Elephant
- Bombay Brasserie
- Tree house
(You could also order snacks from around the pool area, we never used this but did see people having burgers and pizza).
The Eloquent Elephant

We came here on our first day for lunch. Mr B had previously read lots of good reviews about this one so we decided to try it. It is located  on the ground floor of the hotel, you walk to the opposite end of the lobby area, past the function room and then there was a board with all of the different opening times. It generally opended at 3pm apart from a Saturday which was 12pm.

As you walk through the door it might seem like you have gone the wrong way as the first things you see are the kitchen area and the till. Fear not, and keep walking as you soon see the bar and tables.  It has a very relaxed atmosphere, very grey with fashionable lightbulb lighting. There was no views from this one so all the windows are covered. It seemed to me to be a fashionable chilled out place. There was only a couple of people in here at the time so we had plenty of seats s
to choose from. We sat around the corner, so Mr B could see the large flat screen TV which shows "All Live Sporting Events" (but not the Grand National!).

The waitor was very friendly and came over with our drinks and food menus. He also told us that the special was a roast beef dinner! There were drinks offers on from 3pm-7pm, and with Dubai being an expensive country we were pleased to see this! A pint of beer cost around £6.50 in happy hour and would usually be £11! So definately make the most of happy hours! Mr B did say it was a lovely pint though!

The food menu wasnt a massive selection of food but there was enough of a choice.  It was mainly English dishes here such as Sausage and Mash (warning it contains pork!), Fish and Chips, Roast dinners etc. I opted for the Sausage and Mash and Mr B went for the Burger.  They were both delicious! There were 3 sausages on the smoothest mash! A little veg and the nicest onion gravy! Mr B really enjoyed his burger which had cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on. It was a very generous size!
We both really enjoyed our meals and the laid back style to this restuarant! We visited this restuarant again on our last night and had a late lunch.  I went for the fish and chips, again delicious! And Mr B went for a different burger which had Bacon, cheese and onion rings on! He again very much enjoyed this! If you are planning a trip to this hotel i would definately recommend a visit here!
Bombay Brasserie

We visited here for our evening meal one night. This was a traditional Indian restuarant.  We hadnt reserved a table but there were some free. The ones with a view of the Burj Khalifa were all taken, no suprises there! There was also seats around the cooking  station, and another quieter area. We sat in the quieter area. The decor of this restuarant was all very traditional which I loved. I sometimes think that some places try to mix the modern with traditional and it doesnt work, so keeping it all traditional definately worked.
The staff here were again very friendly and couldnt do enough to help you. I ordered a Chicken Tikka Masala and the waitor asked if I wanted it spicy. I said a little bit and when it came it was just perfect! The food, drinks and service here was fantastic and it is also a place I would definately recommend!


As we went bed and breakfast this is where breakfast is served. There are seating options both inside and outside, during our stay we sat in both, so if you have the chance definitely  sit outside, it has gorgeous views.  It is a standard hotel style buffet breakfast with lots of choice! Cereals, croissants, inidian foods, pancakes etc. There is also a menu on the table where you can order eggs to be cooked how you like them, we ordered the fried eggs. The food again was lovely, the service quick and friendly, and the interoir was nice. We went for breakfast about 9am and it was busy but we didnt have to wait for a table.

I always like the idea of going bed and breakfasts as its one meal you dont have to think about. It was a lovely kick start to the day!
This restuarant also served evening meals, we didnt eat here at an evening but you did have to walk though here to get to the Treehouse bar, on both occasions we walked through it was quiet.


This is one of the more picturesque bars in this hotel. Set on the 3rd floor, outside, overlooking Dubai at night, amazing cocktails, soft music in the background. Perfect. Need I say more? (I probably dont...but I will!)
There was plenty of seating options here, or you could stand at the bar. This seemed to be a bar that people would visit who were not staying in the hotel and I can see why they like to come here! I think that before I came to Dubai this is what I imagined! And it lived upto its expectations! We didnt eat in this bar but there was a food menu, again not a large menu but enough. 
If out of the 3 restaurants you can only visit one, then I would say go for this one!

Mr B says- "Good Food"

The Club Lounge

As we had booked a club room we had access to the club lounge. This was a lounge dedicated only to Club guests. It was situated on the 24th floor. As we walked in we were greeted by some lovely staff members who showed us around and told us what we could find.  There was lots of seating areas, some complimentary nibbles and snacks, and floor to ceiling windows of the amazing views of Dubai fountains and the Burj Khalifa. During the day there was a complimentary afternoon tea and during the times 6.30pm-8pm there were complimentary alcoholic drinks. No suprises as to what times we went there! There was some branded spirits, beers and wines. The staff in here were very friendly and very knowledgeable about Dubai and the history of Dubai, this was lovely to hear about.  Each night we sat by the window and watched the fountains, it was a beautiful setting. If we were going to stay at this hotel again we would opt for this option as it all adds to your luxury Dubai trip.

Mr B says- "nice"


One of the deciding factors when booking this hotel was the location. Did we want to be near the beach? Or nearer the Mall? It was a hard choice! But Im glad to say I am pretty sure we made the right one!

This hotel was about 20minutes from the airport. (The beach ones would have been about 40minutes).

This hotel offered a free shuttle bus to Dubai Mall, it ran on the hour from 11am through to 8pm. The return journey was then at 12.15 each hour with the last one being 8.45pm.  It was based on a first come, gets on, situation. When we used it there was still a few seats empty. It only took around 5minutes to get there. It was ideal. Its also important to say that there are many taxis waiting outside the hotel for you so this could also be another option. We got a taxi back from the mall to the hotel and it only cost us around £3.

I love a beach, which is why choosing this hotel which was not near a beach was hard! However we asked at reception where the nearest beach was. The closest was Kite Beach. Around 20minutes away. And there was Jameira public beach, around 35minutes away.  Apparently at the Jameira beach there are plenty of restaurants, sunbeds, towels, umbrellas etc. Where at Kite beach you take your own things. We opted for Kite beach. We stayed here for a couple of hours, walked down to the Burj al arab (7*hotel), quick dip in the sea, dried off, quick drink and back in the taxi. The reason why I think we made the best decision with our hotel is because it is sooo hot at the beach! We couldnt last any longer than what we were there for! There seems to be plenty more things to do if you stay nearer the city centre than nearer the beach. And with a taxi only costing around £10 to the beach, our one trip was more than enough!

Mr B says- "very good location"
Check Out

So it was our time to leave! 3 amazing nights in Dubai! We had an early flight to catch so needed a taxi for 5.30am, we checked at reception and they said that there would be taxis available. They said that if we rang down a few minutes before they would have one ready and waiting for us to get in! They also said when we rang they would send someone for our luggage but we could easily manage this ourselves. As soon as we got down the lift they quickly took our luggage off us, got a taxi ready, and loaded our cases! All we had to do then was hand in our room key! And because we had paid for everything as we went we had no bills or anything to pay! So in the taxi and back to the airport!

Mr B says- "Quick and efficent" (He actually said "fast and easy" but I thought that one needed re-wording!)

I could not recommend this hotel enough! Everything was perfect and we had an amazing stay! We only wished we had stayed longer! Dubai is a fantastic city with plenty to see and do! This hotel added to the luxury of our stay and was well worth the money we spent, it was our honeymoon afterall! If you plan to come to Dubai I would say save up as much money as you can, as you want to be able to enjoy
your stay without thinking about your "credit card" bill when you get home!
We were sad to leave this hotel, but knowing that our next flight was to Bali, for part 2 of our honeymoon definately made it easier!

Mr B says- "5*"

*We have worked out the currency conversion as best as we could! We actually thought we had spent a lot more money than we did! This now means we have money left over for another trip to Dubai!*

*What better way to spend 9hours on a flight to Bali by writing a review of a Dubai hotel!*

P.S I will be adding more photographs once I get home! As they are on my camera! But you really only need to see the view and the bath tub anyway!

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