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Tales of Us - Goldfrapp

1 CD(s) - Electronic - Label: Mute - Distributor: PIAS UK/Arvato Services - Released: 09/09/2013 - 5099961576025

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Review of "Tales of Us - Goldfrapp"

published 16/09/2013 | kineticspade
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"Great voice but repetitive"

This is the sixth album released by the duo known as Goldfrapp the band consists of Alice Goldfrapp and Will Gregory. The duo formed in 1999 and have not been such a great success at the beginning but they gradually got higher chart hits with their albums, and after their first album Felt Mountain released in 2000, only debuted in at number 144, but then reached number 57 in the charts in 2001. they carried on making albums, and this one has come in the charts at number 4, which is a big improvement, but where do I think it should be?, well I will describe the album and what I think of it.

The songs

1) Jo - this song is a slow song, that is sung will such a beautiful voice, but yet when you listen to the lyrics they did not really make sense, to the title of the song.

Run, you better run,
You better run for your life.
Oh it rips through the sky.
Oh life figures on.
Jo, I know you will see.
Don't wait for a minute.

to me they did not make real good sense at all, I do like songs where the lyrics jump out and me and I can relate to them, but this song just did not do that for me.

2) Annabel - This is another song that is sung well, but yet another where the lyrics seem pretty meaningless.

When you dream you only dream your Annabel.
All the secrets there inside you Annabel.
Down beneath an emerald sky sing Annabel.
Nothing that they did will stop you Annabel.

Annabel always reminds me of that little doll that was so popular when I was young.

3) Drew - I am not too keen on her singing in this song, it sounds like she keeps running out of breath. Probably the way it is meant to be, but I thought it sounded rubbish.

Pull up the blinds
Open the door wide
Feel the cold arrive
In my bones

These lyrics, I found to be better, and people could relate to them more, but where they got the song title from, I have no idea.

4) Ulla - She sings this song so gentle and seems to be with more emotion that the other songs.

Swirling horses throw you high
Carried on their tales the tide
Sailing on the seven seas
Suns & seven winds were we blinded.

I found some of these lyrics made sense, but others just did not seem to go well with the other parts. I found this a little confusing, and not a son I could get into.

5) Alvar - This starts off, with more of a tempo to it, but still I was not a right big fan of this song.

I felt it come a blade of autumn alive
the amber shapes of sunset dance on the wall
I step outside no boat no sign of you there
in endlessness two world looking back at me now.

The lyrics were fine, but it is not a song that I could relate to myself, and see myself singing along to. But others may like it, and she does sing it very well.

6) Thea - If I have to pick a favorite off this album I would have to pick this song.

Across a starless sky
It cuts like tiny knives
Rain beating down
Rain beating down

The lyrics in this song, I do actually like, and the song I found is to be more upbeat, and gets me tapping along to. This is the only song on this album that has made me do that.

7) Simone - This is my second favorite on this album, not for the tune but I really like the lyrics to this song.

Hold me in your arms
Oh in the sense of you
when we're alone I'm free
Until the morning comes
Who are we.

The tune of this song could have been better, but the lyrics and the voice made up for that.

8) Stranger - This is probably the only song, where I can see why they have titled the song what they have.

Stranger, when you look at me.
Eyes strong as steel,
light as day.
Born a mystery.
You're the in between,
boy or girl.

Another well sung song, with lyrics that I feel most people could relate to, and this song is well worth a listen, but it does get a little boring.

9) Laurel - Another great voice, spoilt by rubbish lyrics and a not so good tune.

Looking for lights.
A golden light.
Red red hair,
And almond eyes.

These lyrics seem good, but this song is very repetative, and this verse is repeated several times, with a verse between them. Not one for me.

10) Clay - Another song I was not keen on, the lyrics are fine, but I find it is all in needing a good tune to go with the song too.

Words sail
Out into the wind
Their meaning
Taken by time
Your deep seeing eyes
Ancient stars.

I think with better music this song could have been much better.

My opinion

Normally on a review for music I will write a small piece on each song, but to be honest I have struggled on that part, as each song is very similar, and each are just as confusing. I mean I am trying to work out where they got the titles of most of their songs because they just do not gel right with the lyrics. Don’t get me wrong she has got a great voice, and it is nice to listen to, but I do think that the music, and songs needed mixing up a little bit more.

I do like the album, but I just think that her voice needs to have more variation in what she sings, as I just find it too repetitive. The songs are obviously all different as they have different words, but the tone and the music do not seem to change. I can not compare to what they have done before, as this is the first album of theirs I have owned. But I do think that more of a change in songs, they would fly to the top of the charts with the singing.

I am pretty undecided as to recommend this to buy, as I have listened to this album a few times now, and I do enjoy listening to it. But the repetition of the songs it can sometimes get a little boring. But her voice can just make you listen anyway, as it is just so good to listen to.

Its available to buy from Amazon for £8.99, but you maybe able to find it cheaper if you have time to shop around. To summarise A Decent album, with a voice that's too good for the songs, that's why I only award this 3 stars.

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  • cc2sg published 20/09/2013
    I could give a higher rating if you correct the spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Bollinger28 published 20/09/2013
    Good update. PS There's a spelling mistake in your review title - it should be repetitive :o)
  • basketofbuttons published 18/09/2013
    Re re rated for you - much better now x
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