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Tales of Us - Goldfrapp

1 CD(s) - Electronic - Label: Mute - Distributor: PIAS UK/Arvato Services - Released: 09/09/2013 - 5099961576025

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Review of "Tales of Us - Goldfrapp"

published 16/09/2013 | taz123456
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Tales of Us - Goldfrapp


Goldfrapp consists of two members Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory and make up a musical duo. Alison is the lead singer out of the duo and Will is an expert in producing the electronic instrumental sounds that Goldfrapp are famous for. They debuted their first album Felt Mountains back in 2000, but it wasn’t until their third album Supernature until they reached worldwide success thanks to the unique dance electro music and unique vocal leads.

The newest album released 6th September 2013 titled Tales of Us is an album that I got as a gift from a friend. I am a fan of Goldfrapp, so I was keen to give this album a listen and see what new experimental sounds Goldfrapp could introduce in 2013.



The song has a nice soft sound to it that quietly but effectively allows the track to flow. The song is a slow tempo track that nicely combines the background sounds of piano chords and violin strings, however for me the vocals of Alison makes this track come alive. The vocals are sang softly and angelically which had a nice soothing effect on me, and is a good track to listen to while unwinding before bed. The track does also have electro piano chords which is what goldfrapp are famous for, however the electro sounds slowly build up and are not over bearing, and instead add an extra dimension to the track.

The lyrics are well written and are sung almost like a whisper throughout the track. The lyrics in my interpretation tells a story of being afraid of the unexpected, not knowing what tomorrow may hold and whether the day will make you run for your life or allow you to sit back and breathe. The lyrics do have many connotations and can be interpreted differently and that’s one thing I admire about this song is the ability to tell different stories depending on perspective. The lyrics are unique and are not just plain boring unforgettable words that many modern songs seem to hold, this track tells a unique story and makes you think in the process while taking you on a calm journey.

‘Heard a shout of someone calling,
Strange and darkness.
People lack all feelings
Over the city tonight.
Hanging by behind the trees of,
Blood red mornings.
Watching all this waiting for you
Dread in my head.
Where the wind sings by the river
Laughing, broken.
Hair swept out into the water,
Ripples of black.’

This is nice start to the album that has a slow tempo feel that has helped me unwind and relax after a busy day at work, but it is a song that I would get bored of quite quickly after a few listens. Therefore I would rate this track 5/10.


Acoustic guitar sounds begins the track and is effortlessly play throughout the track. The production is very simple with very few instruments heard in the song, with just the piano and acoustic guitar sounds making up most of the track. The vocals kick in fairly quickly and have the same sort of feel as the first track, it is low tempo chill out track that also has a haunting effect. The vocals are sang well, with Alison again whispering the words into the ears, although low range vocals they still manage to be somewhat catchy and memorable.

The lyrics are but a few, but still manages to fill the 4 minute track well and I didn’t feel the lyrics were repetitive even though the track only had two or three very short verses. The song tells a story of a girl named Annabel who’s seems to be trapped in life of lies. It’s like she has two personalities but has to hide one of them and only gets to see or be her true self when she dreams at night.

‘When you dream you only dream your Annabel.
All the secrets there inside you Annabel.

Down beneath an emerald sky sing Annabel.
Nothing that they did will stop you Annabel.

Land of the lines, tangled there in porcelain.
Under the stars you'll begin.

When you dream you only dream your Annabel.
Sleep reminds you takes you there, oh Annabel.

Gentle whisper, endless winters, Annabel.
Why've they could have let you be both Annabel.

Land of the lines, of the years below still lies.
You are the truth they denied.
Run like the sea, tangled there in porcelain.
Under the stars you begin.

Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh ah
(Only a boy under that)

Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh ah
(Only a boy da da da)’

This is a nice track that has a low tempo haunting feel and is something I could listen to at night to help me unwind, but again I found myself getting bored of it after a few listens.

Track rating 6/10


This song for me brings the album more alive and picks it up a notch. The song has nice mix of violin sounds and piano sounds. It is still a low tempo track but manages to bring the album to life with the use of instrument sounds that gradually build the track up into a faster paced track. The track is by no means a dance track that I have come to know Goldfrapp for, and makes me think the whole album is going to be an album filled with slow chill out low tempo sounding tracks.

The vocals by Alison show case her talent better in this track with her harmonising sounding on key and a good change from her whispering sounds. The song lyrics are well written and describes someone who can not help but give into his or her desires despite making a little effort to resist.

‘Pull up the blinds
Open the door wide
Feel the cold arrive
In my bones

You, me and more
We bumped and crashed in dirty snow
Up to our sin, we might as well
Melt into Sunday’

I would give this track a 5/10 as it I nice enough track that allows goldfrapp to showcase some more variety in the lead singers vocals, however it is a track I got bored of quite quickly.


This track is my favourite track on the album and has more of a funky feel to it. It has a drum beat that plays in the background against bass sounds. The electro beat makes the track kick into overdrive which is helped along with the harmonising vocals of the lead. The music is well produced and arranged and makes for great sounding faster tempo song which I was more than happy to discover as I was getting a bit bored of the slow tempo whispering tracks. I like how the track builds the tempo up gradually and allows me as a listener to really get into the feel and rhythm of the track.

The chorus is catchy and had me singing along after the first listen, and I would say this a great sounding track that I like to play in the car while driving at night down the motorway.

Rating: 8/10


1. "Jo" Rating 5/10 Length 4.38.

2. . "Annabel" Rating- 6/10 Length 4:01

3. "Drew" Rating – 5/10, Length 4:46

4. "Ulla" Rating – 4/10 Length 3:49

5. "Alvar" Rating 6/10 Length 5:37

6. "Thea" Rating 8/10 length 4:50

7. "Simone" Rating 4/10 Length 4:18

8. "Stranger" Rating 3/10 Length 4:12

9. "Laurel" Rating 6/10 Length 4:10

10. "Clay" Rating 2/10 Length 4:20


Although initially I thought the songs were nice and easy listening, I did however get bored of the songs very quickly. The album in my opinion has too many slow tempo tracks and it would have been good to have had included a more varied range of songs with dance-electro sounds that I have known them to produce. I still would listen to this occasionally but only when I am finding it hard to sleep or unwinding time, Therefore I would rate this album a mediocre 4/10.

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