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published 03/07/2004 | sarahpervin
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"Its good to talk!"

Talktalk is the new home phone company from the carphone warehouse, it was set up last year and their aim is to let you talk for free and undercut BT! I was very skeptical at first and assumed the process would be a hassle as there are so many home phone companies out there. I thought there would be prefix numbers and problems with the line. Anyway to cut a long story short I received an incentive to sign up (i.e. I got paid!) so never one to turn down the chance for cash I joined as soon as I could.

What is talktalk?
When you sign up for talktalk they basically take over your BT landline, they use a carrier pre selection which allows them to become the main service provider for this line. You do not need to change your number or install a box or use a pre fix number you just carry on using the phone as normal, the only difference is you pay talktalk for the calls and hopefully save money. To use talktalk you must have a BT landline and you still have to pay your line rental to BT, which is about £9.00.

What are the different options?
Talk 1-
You get free calls to all other talktalk customers
Costs 5p for calls up to 70minutes at the evening and weekends to both local and national numbers
There is no monthly charge

Talk 2-
You get free calls to all other talktalk customers
Free local and national calls for up to 70 mins at evenings and weekends (you can put the phone down and redial after the 70 mins so it’s still free)
Costs £4.99 per month

Talk 3-
You get free calls to all other talktalk customers
Free to call any UK landline at any time
Costs £12.99 per month

For all the above packages you get access to a calling circle (equivalent to BT’s friends and family)
This will give you 10% discount on 3 mobiles, 10% discount on one international number, 33% discount on an 0845 number (this could be your internet if you use dial up) 9 landline numbers also get 10% discount plus you can also choose a prime number and this gets an extra 5% discount and it can be a mobile if you like. All of the above undercut BT, even if it’s just slightly.

The sign up process
You can sign up via 3 ways, visit the carphone warehouse, call the Tel number below or register on-line. I registered on line and was so surprised how simple it was, I actually thought I had missed a page out or something! You literally choose your talk plan fill in your personal details give them your BT number and direct debit details and bobs your uncle! You can monitor your progress on line as it takes around 10 days to activate your line. You will get an e-mail and confirmation in writing. You should also get a letter from BT confirming the changeover date.

Managing your account online
You can register online to view your bill and set up your calling circle. You can also view your recent call charges so you have an idea what you next bill will be.

The bill
The bill you receive is very straightforward and easy to understand. On the first page you get details of the charges for the talk plan and a summary of call costs, plus details of when the payment will be taken from your nominated account. The following pages will include a full itemised list of your calls this is free of charge and is handy to check who’s been calling those premium rate numbers (I normally blame the dog!).

Good points
So far I have definitely noticed a difference in my call charges, I have only had one bill for a months worth of calls and this come to £42.55 now normally my BT quarterly bill is on average 200 pounds so I will at least have saved £50! I also like the fact you get billed monthly cause there is nothing worse than a BT quarterly bill dropping through your letter box especially the amount I use the phone!!! Talktalk also claim that if you don’t save money they will give you £1000, how they prove this I don’t know and there is got to be a get out clause somewhere!!!

Although your calls aren't with BT anymore you can still use their facilities like call waiting, 1471, 1571 and the line is perfect I have not really noticed a change at all since being with talktalk.

Another good point is their customer service is excellent. I have called them a couple of times to test them out and have got straight through and they are very friendly and helpful.

They don’t offer a monthly payment plan like BT do so you haven’t got the security of knowing exactly how much you will pay each month. Also at the minute they are experiencing slight problems with the exchange which means that if you call a mobile from your landline the call is withheld, I know its only a minor thing but to start with my boyfriend wouldn’t answer my call cause he won’t take private number calls but there is a number you can put in before the mobile number and this will route you back through BT but BT will charge you and not talktalk.

The other main downside is you have to pay two bills, one to BT and one to talktalk but if you save money its got to be worth it!

Contact details
The website is the telephone number is 08000 855 900. If you are interested in joining drop your e-mail address in my GB and I will send you a recommendation voucher with a direct link in it plus we BOTH get a tenner if you sign up (well its worth a try isn’t it?!?! LOL!)

Added bonus – 1 million talktalk customers will get free BB vote phone calls saving 25p per call each week during BB! There is a special number to call which is on the website, so hurry up not only will you get a tenner but free BB votes as well, can’t be bad (big hints here so I get a tenner!! LOL!)

Thanks loads for reading all feedback welcome!

Sarah xx

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  • jezphotos published 12/07/2010
    Is this an advert or a review? I am surprised that Ciao have allowed it as it is clearly the former!
  • SRowlands published 03/08/2004
    A great review. I'm just wondering IF everyone in the country joined talk talk, how would they make a profit ?? (Free calls and all that !).
  • mdstone published 20/07/2004
    Great review, I only heard of these since Big Brother advertised them but i'm sure they've been out a while.
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