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published 10/05/2008 | johnny040676
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"Talk Fine But Surfs Not Up!!"

We have been with Talk Talk for about twelve months now and to be honest as a whole they have been ok really after a really bad start when I nearly told them to just disconnect me and put me back to AOL, however I will be starting a new broadband contract soon, I have decided, and it will not be with Talk Talk, the following should show why.

The Reason We Changed To Talk Talk

As I said we started up with Talk Talk about twelve months ago, before we were with BT and AOL, we were paying about £10.50 a month BT line rental and I think it was £17.99 a month for AOL 1 meg, also this was going out as two seperate payments.

On changing to Talk Talk we would get line rental and up to 8 meg broadband for £19.99 a month and it would go out as one payment. Also my mum and dad were in the process of changing to them so we would get free phone calls to them in to the bargain. This all looked like a good deal to us and we decided to sign up and also ordered the Talk Talk modem for £29.95 as they recomended as our modem was quite old.

Talk Talk said they would organise the switch from BT and we would get a welcome pack with our modem in plenty of time before we went live and the switch over would be almost seamless. Brilliant, we thought, Talk Talk sound like they are going to be a really good company and one to stick with.

What Actually Happened

A couple of weeks later we recieved a welcome pack from Talk Talk with a driver CD and a date when we go live with them, this was about two weeks away so we put it to one side and waited for the modem to arrive. With a couple of days to go we still hadn't recieved the modem so we rang up and were told they were out of stock, and then our computer packed up!

We went out and bought a new computer the following weekend, which was then after our live date with Talk Talk, we got home set the new PC up plugged in the AOL modem, as we hadn't yet cancelled AOL, but the internet wouldn't work. We tried all - sorts of things and in the end rang AOL to be told Talk Talk had cancelled our subscription with them about a week ago which was actually before we were due to go live with them and we still hadn't recieved the modem.

So I rang Talk Talk to find out what was happening and was told they always cancel your previous broadband supplier (news to us!!) and our modem had been posted to us and to use our old one in the meantime. However I then found out that my old modem was not compatible with Windows Vista which I had on my new computer so I would have to wait for the Talk Talk modem.

A week later still no sign of the modem despite many phone calls and assurances that it had been posted, but my dad had recieved his and had to wait a lot longer to go live for some reason so offered me his to get online with and then I would give him mine when it arrived. So I can finally get back online after about two weeks of withdrawal, I get the cd from Talk Talk and put it in only to find none of it will work two more days of messing about trying the cd again and ringing Talk Talk before my dad finds out from someone you do not need the cd they send you with Vista and there is a completely different way of setting it up and he gets me instructions.

So eventually nearly twenty days off line, which I have paid Talk Talk for, and I am back on - but still no sign of the modem despite more calls to them and being told you should have it by now. So I go on ebay and find you can pick up the same Talk Talk modem they sell for £29.95 for £12.95 so I order one get it in two days and give it to dad - sorted!! - or so I thought.

The Brodband Service

When I eventually got it up and running, I rang Talk Talk again and asked for some discount as I had been offline so long and was told you pay for the phone line and the broadband is free so I hadn't paid any thing for it!! I play a lot of online games and never ever had a problem with AOL, however on switching to Talk Talk I found that when playing games the internet would disconnect mid game meaning I lost everything for that game, and this could happen as many times as six times per hour every ten minutes, no exageration I was all ready to ring up and cancel and go back to AOL when a mate of mine who knows about computers told me to try using Firefox as it might be a problem with internet explorer. So I downloaded it and tried it out and there were no problems at all, I also found that I preferred Firefox to Internet Explorer so I decided to just carry on with them rather than have to mess about changing over again.

I must say we had absolutely no problems with the phone line it changed over seamlessly as they had promised, I never cancelled the order for the modem and it never came but also I was never charged for it.

We had a slight problem with the bill though, when it first came out of our bank it was on the 12th of the month and we pay all our direct debits on the 1st of each month as my wife gets payed on the last working day of each month so by the 2nd everything has gone out and she knows where she is for the month. So she rang to change the direct debit date and was told this was impossible and the only way to have it go out on the 1st was to cancel and re - start a contract on a certain date which would then make the dirct debit come out on the 1st. We thought this was crazy as every other direct debit we have allow you to pick your date.

A Year With Talk Talk

I have to say that arter the awfull start once we finally got set up and online we have had very few problems. I use Firefox all the time now but my wife prefers Internet Explorer and she still gets the odd disconnect now and again while browsing but I don't seem to with Firefox. The service has gone down from time to time but seems to get fixed within 12 hours at the worst. We have had no problems with phone and the download speed is much faster than we used to have with AOL and its much cheaper also. I must just say though that over the last couple of weeks there have been 4 days when we have had problems getting online and this has lasted for about half an hour each time. Also at certain times of the day accessing web pages is painfully slow and I never had this problem with AOL.


All in all Talk Talk's broadband service has been ok for the price and we have no complaints about the phone line. As I say the monthly price is very reasonable however we are getting to the end of our contract and I think because of the disconnects and the terrible customer service added to the slow transfer of data at certain times of day we are going to change providers again soon, probably to Virgin so as to get the offer of the television channel also, and hopefully this will be a better experience than this time last year!!!!

For recomend to potential customer I have put no but I must say that for the money they are not all that bad and to be honest my dad has had no problems with them, and if you don't have any problems so don't have to ring them you might find them ok.

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  • obscuredbykep published 04/05/2009
    Great review!
  • redeyes22 published 05/03/2009
    great review aggy x x x x
  • bipolarmo published 26/01/2009
    Thanks for that. That's very helpful info as we are with AOL and looking for a cheaper option. probably won't be Talk Talk after reading your review ;o) Coincidentally, I use Firefox and my missus uses IE. No connection probs but she prefers it and it also means we both have our own homepages.
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