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This company, TalkMobile is disgraceful. I’ve had problems throughout the year and I am here to talk about my experience with Talk Mobile.

I am from the U.S. that lived in Birmingham, U.K. for one year, from March 2011 to March 2012. I bought a 20 quid a month, one year plan from Car Phone Warehouse in the Bull Ring because it was perfect for the time period I was there and they even threw in a free android to seal the deal. At the beginning, I had few problems where the internet would just stop working on my phone. I had to contact customer service more than ten or eleven times (I am a very patient man) to get the correct credentials inputted for it to work and that was not even solid thus why I called so many times. Downloading the credentials NEVER worked. I went over to car phone warehouse to have The Geek Squad check out my phone. The rep got the internet to work but then after a few weeks I had to go back to the same guy for the same reason but this time did not get the internet to work. So he suggested I put in a work order at Car phone Warehouse. I had to go to the repair centre in the Bull Ring and have them ship out my phone. I had to pay a 50 quid deposit for me to use a crap phone in the mean time. I get my phone back repaired two weeks later and signed as in working order and everything erased on my phone. I had to ‘redownload’ all my apps and input all of my contacts, very annoying. Well, a few months later the internet stops working and I came to terms that no one will be able to fix this. This whole ordeal did not leave me bitter but it was beginning to push me towards the edge.

Moving forward, I had problems in the beginning of my contract where I was going over my allotted balance because I used my data plan while I was travelling in Europe. The data plan is obviously very expensive while roaming so I would go over 30 quid very easily every month. So I called in May to put a ‘stop’ limit if I went over ten quid in overages. Everything worked fine. After ten quid, my phone would stop working except to make calls.

It came time to where I was leaving the country back to the US so I called a month in advance to cancel my plan as per contract and warned a rep two and three months prior I was leaving the country as to avoid any complications. I called in January, February and March, for them to put a note in the system

This is where I feel where this cell phone company, Talk Mobile, became shady or dodgy, as the brits would say, and my ‘stop’ miraculously stopped working. I travelled over to Holland the last mouth of my visit and I come back to the US with a 60 quid cell phone bill. I called and ask why the ‘stop’ was not working. It worked in the past, so what was the problem?

I asked for credit back and I got the usual run around when it comes to getting credit back from any cell phone companies. I was transferred three times and finally lost my patience and asked for a supervisor. The supervisor ‘Jenn’ wanted to know the exact date I called so she can investigate who the rep I talked to about my ‘stop’ limit because she did not see it in any notes about a stop limit nor did she see any notes about my previous calls cancelling my phone plan.

First of all, I do not keep a planner full of notes of when I call a company to speak to a rep, companies should already have a log of that. I asked her to investigate this and she said the last time I called was in October. So I told her I called a handful of times in a one year period so start investigating from there. But she insisted that I give her an exact date. I kept saying, “In October.” She says, “I need an exact date to begin investigating.” I said “October, the last time I called.” Jenn did not give a response about investigating it and gave me the run around again. Then she says, “There are no notes put in since October.” That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Their reps have been lying to me this whole time. I do not like liars. I said, “Your reps have been lying to me then because every time I’ve called about something they told me they’ve put notes in your system.” She says, “Well, it looks like they failed to put notes.” So I told her, “So how is this my fault or problem?” Seriously, do I have to send my own notes to Car Phone Warehouse so next time they will be filed?

So after this argument ended, she states, “As per contract, the ‘stop’ doesn’t actually keep the cell phone from not working, it is just a ‘suggestive bar limit’, it doesn’t necessary cause the data plan to stop working.” So I say, “Well, it’s worked in the past so obviously that’s bogus.” ESPECIALLY when the rep had told me it puts a full stop to my data usage.

Sounds like a bunch words to avoid giving me back 50 quid in credit caused by their faulty system or a terrible representative whom have mistaken taken off my stop limit.

I do not believe ‘Jenn’ was even a supervisor as she would not give me her employee ID or last name for me to identify her. She said she ‘put it in the notes’ that she spoke to me about this problem and that it would be investigated. I told her I did not trust her to do that because she just admitted that her reps were not inputting notes into their system, including the ones about cancelling my phone plan three and two months prior to my departure. Do not trust their reps. Get everything by emailed to you first beofre hanging out or written down.

On another note, (get it, notes, because they don’t exist at Talk Mobile) I left the go back home to the U.S. with 15 days left on my contract. I kept my phone on airplane mode as to avoid any roaming charges. My Android phone begins to act up and restarts itself over and over preventing me from getting to my contacts or any of the functions of the phone. So I sent over the phone to my girlfriend to put in a repair order to Car Phone Warehouse. Well, I took the battery out, I took the SIM out and put them in an envelope to be put on a plane to the UK. I’ve heard stories of Talk Mobile charging customers without reason so I keep a very close eye on my bill at this time because of these allegations. Lo and behold, these allegations were very true. Within the five days of taking the battery and sim out, my phone being completely disassembled, sealed in a DHL envelope where no one can touch the contents, and with it being in the air flying overseas, I received 5 quid in charges. I can’t say I wasn’t surprised. This probably is one the biggest frauds this company is accused of committing and I’ve witnessed it.

AVOID this second rate company Talk Mobile and any of its affiliates.

I was very patient with this company and but I cannot trust Talk Mobile any longer. They’ve lost my confidence and business forever. The way the supervisor handled my situation was terrible. I felt like I was being scolded and punished for not documenting my calls to Talk Mobile.

Does Great Britain have any type of ‘Better Business Bureau’ where things like this can be investigated by non affiliates of conglomerations, or NGO’s?

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SpiderJamb 07.05.2012 21:39

Very well-written. I hope you get compensated in some way.

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