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Talksport are in a good place right now after surviving falling revenues. Their commercial rivals in the likes of Heart FM, Absolute and Capital Radio are not so healthy and the squeeze on advertising revenue in the recession is starting to hurt. The recent re-branding of local radios under ... Read review

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Not so white vantastic mate! Review with images

AdvantagesLive footy

DisadvantagesFootball tlak 24/7 in the summer

" to the BBC. But Talk Sport are on a different tack, throwing up a spinnaker to actually take on the BBC on all levels now as Rupert Murdoch's tie in with Sky gives them more financial clout and confidence, the purchase of 64 Premier League games to be covered on Talk Sport this season a sign they are very serious on competing BBC Sport to try and pull the audience away and get them listening to commercials instead of Alan Greens rants. They ..." Read review

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Community Level 5earningstuff


Women stick clear...

Advantagesgreat sports coverage and chat

Disadvantagesinternet radio sometime s-l-o-w

"...far between! Why I listen to talk sport? If you’ve been reading my most recent music opinions you’ll find me “reviewing” bands like Savage Garden and Sam Mumba. This is not normal for me because my musical tastes don’t necessarily encompass UK chart music. In fact I am so disillusioned with the UK chart scene that I have turned to other forms of radio stations, I tried 5 Live and while it is educationally entertaining ..." Read review

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Community Level 3oedipus


Not enough shots on target

AdvantagesWatt, Brazil, Boycott

DisadvantagesWhale, Dickin

"It is easy to knock Talk Sport, but it does offer a relief from the over-bearing Home Counties morass of Five Live. In its favour it has Tom Watt, ex-Eastenders and until recently a daily fixture on the air. He epitomises what it is to be a bloke without being a Lad - informed, passionate and able to engage in a debate rather than start a shouting match. replacing him now weekdays are Hawksby (sp) and Jacobs, clearly mining the seam struck by Danny ..." Read review

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Community Level 3murky5


Talk Sport. Talk,Sport and a whole lot moree

AdvantagesInteresting/can participate/wide ranging

DisadvantagesFootball holds too high a priority sometimes

"...have found myself attracted to Talk Sport. I think it has the right balance of Talk, Sport and News. It has a mixture of presenters, all of which I think do a good job. In the morning you have Alan Brazil and Mike Parry who are rapidly developing into a hard to beat double act. The thing I like about Alan Brazil in particular is that he is an ex footballer with an opinion rather than an opinionated ex footballer.Mike Parry on the other hand ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mjhenderson


The Human Zoo - un-turn-off-able

AdvantagesBest show - The Human Zoo

DisadvantagesOtherwise mainly football

"...found The Human Zoo on Talk Sport listening to the radio isn’t having the desired effect. The basic premise is that anyone can call and go straight to air without the calls being screened beforehand – so people are free to say or do whatever rather than stick to a topic, and like the audience the presenter, Tommy Boyd, also has no idea what will happen next. Many people take this opportunity not to talk but to perform a comedy routines ..." Read review

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