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published 29/12/2010 | x-stcy-x
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Pro Free, makes funny noises and copies what you say
Cons Is not for adults
very helpful
Value for Money

"~Fun Ap For Children~"

Picking up what you are saying

Picking up what you are saying


Talking Tom Cat is an application for your mobile. It features a grey animated cat, which does a few different things, to ‘entertain you’.

Speak To Him

You can speak to the cat and he will put his hand behind his ear as if he is listening to you, and then he will repeat what you have said in a high pitched voice.
Pet And Stroke Him

You can stroke the cat on his head and body by simply stroking your finger over your screen. He cat will close his eyes and purr whilst you stroke him.

Poke Him

If you tap the cat anywhere on his body, this acts as if you are hitting him, which make slapping noises, and the cat will make ‘ow’, ‘urgh’, ‘argh’ sounds and hold his body where he is hurt. If you hit him long enough, you will knock him do the floor.
Pull His Tail

If you tap his tail, he will say ‘ow’ and swipe his tail away from you with an angry look on his face and his arms folded, to show you that he is not happy.

Leave Him Alone

If you leave him alone for a minute or so, he will do a big yawn or sneeze. His tends to happen when you leave I on and forget to turn the application off.

There are a couple of little buttons at the side of he screen when the application is open, which lets you do a few other things when pressed, these are :

Give Him A Drink

A small cup shaped button enables you o give he cat a glass of milk, which he really enjoys, as you can ell by he big ‘ummm’ sound he makes after drinking it all.

A small paw shaped button, when pressed, the cat with walk up to he screen and scratch it with his paw, leaving scratch marks on your mobile phone screen. He sound of his is exactly he same sound of nails against a blackboard, which some people can’t sand, but this sound has never ever bothered me.


A video camera shaped button enables you to record 30 seconds of video of you doing or saying anything to him, which you can upload to YouTube, Facebook or even send to somebody via email. It starts to record as soon as you press it, once the 30 seconds are over; a screen automatically comes up giving you options of what to do. If you want to upload it to YouTube or Facebook, all you need to do is have your website log in details, log in and it will upload to the site. If you want to send it by email, you simply press this option and you will be taken to your emails to send it to who you like. The uploads don’t take too long and are really simple to do, not like he old phones where you had to root through your recordings and upload via USB cable. Even people not clued up on technology can use this upload feature.


Released: July 2010, and updated 21st December 2010.

Current version: 1.5.1

File size: 19.8mb

Language: English

Product Rating: On average, this application is rated 4.5 on the android website and the iphone applications website.

It is made by Outfit7 Ltd, whose website is where you can download the application to your phone.

Or, you can download via itunes, or if you are using an android phone, just search it on he android aps and you will easily find it, that’s how I downloaded mine.

Outfit7 have rated it 9+ due to ‘mild fantasy violence’, which is obviously the poking of the cat. I believe this is a strict age limit, but hey, if you are the kind of person who thinks your child will be violent towards people because he enjoyed poking a cartoon cat when he was 6, then follow this guideline! I would say that it is a bit high of an age though!

It says on here iphone application, but I is also for android phones as well, which are the latest phones being released such as the Xperia which is my phone. But I am sure you will know if your phone is an android phone!

You can also get Talking Robot, Talking Santa, Talking Ostrich, Talking Dinosaur, Talking Hedgehog, Talking Hippo and Talking Bird! So far, only he Ostrich and Santa are free applications, he others are around 68p to buy.


I got it simply because my Boyfriends uncle had it on his phone, who put it on to entertain my 2 year old Daughter, who loved it. Whenever we went round she would shout ‘CAT!’ and point to his phone. She had started asking for the cat and bringing us our mobiles at home, so in the end I downloaded it myself. Now I am asked everyday for the cat!

In my opinion, I don’t see why an adult would get this game for himself or herself. It is a very simple and childlike game, which is like most Iphone or Android aps nowadays anyway. A lot are silly little things that you wonder why did you waste a £1 on it? But, this, like many aps is free, which is great.

I would definitely recommend to people with children, as my Daughter loves it. She will spend hours laughing at the cat, who laughs back at her, so she laughs at him because she finds it funny that he did a high pitched laugh, which then starts the whole circle again. She loves all the noises the cat makes, she will tap the screen with her finger over and over just to hear him say 'ow'. Definitely a game to entertain your child for hours! It also keeps her from doing other stuff on my phone like ringing and texting people. I download a lot of applications on my phone just for her and this is her favourite so far!

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  • jjcross published 17/01/2011
    Heard it.. its funny!
  • kiran8 published 16/01/2011
    Sounds good ! Great review ...
  • bluejules published 07/01/2011
    Sounds like a good app for children :) x
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