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Taming the Tiger - Tony Anthony

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Review of "Taming the Tiger - Tony Anthony"

published 29/08/2012 | dynamicnurse
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"I Don't Need Taming."

This book is called Taming the Tiger, and is a supposed real life account of its author Tony Anthony. Published by Authentic in 2004, it has been reprinted on numerous occasions over the years until its most recent in this form in 2008. I cannot comment on its RRP, as I bought it in a charity shop for about £1 and there is no price actually printed on the outer back cover (or anywhere else in the book for that matter) and so therefore I can only assume that this is so that the retailer can sell it for their own price. It is a Christian book, but these days many non-Christian book sellers and other such retailers are selling many religious lines in them now.

The book has got 245 pages, and it is split in to sixteen chapters with an introduction and an after thought. Any Bible passages are taken from the New International Version of the Bible, as is said at the front of the book. Its ISBN number by the way, is 978-1-86024-706-4.

And now that the boring bit is done, I can get on a little bit more about the actual item in question! Tony Anthony was born in London to a Chinese mother (who was also born in China but moved to the UK) and an Italian father (but who was actually born and raised in the UK to Italian parents), and was an only child. His mother came from quite a highly respected yet highly revered Chinese family, and her son was the first male to be born on her side of the family since her father which was important as we shall soon see.

But as both sides of his parents family didn’t really agree with their respective children’s choice of marriage partner, they didn’t really have much to do with them. However, owing to the already point that Tony was the next blood male on the Chinese side - he was the next one to be taught in the ways of his Grandfather’s Kung Fu legacy in order to keep it going.

At the age of four, he got taken from his parents family home in London with a complete stranger; forced on to an aeroplane, and then taken to China to meet a family he had never met and to speak a language that he didn’t know in order to be taught something that he was then expected to preserve and pass on to the next generation of men in his Chinese family.

As the book goes on, Tony tells us of his on-going work in learning the rituals and ways of Kung Fu and the competitions that he then takes part in; the work that he then leads on to doing in close protection which ultimately ends him in jail in the Greek part of Cyprus; how he becomes a Christian whilst in there, and then his complete life changing when he gets out through finding a girlfriend who is now his wife; becoming a father, and continuing to support the men he knew on the inside who also became Christians but who were serving longer or even life sentences.

As I was reading this book, I was not only really amazed at what this man had done or gone through but also shocked at some of the things that were being described - the beatings he got from his Grandfather and ultimately gave to other people; the amount of stress he put his own body under in competitions (even to the point in one where he had to get burnt all over his arms in order to complete one of the levels).

Yet as I carried on reading (and this is especially true of the last point that I have just made about him getting burnt) was that even though he had mentioned this as being quite a big part of his life before he became a Christian - there was no other mention at all about it, not even from any of the people who had known him beforehand. I looked in to it on the Internet, and there were numerous claims that he had made this all up, as although he said that he had been severely burnt to the point that he could even smell his skin being cooked as it were - he received no lasting and permanent damage to his skin, which as someone who has spent a number of years working in health care would have to say that even after years of skin grafts and so on even then would you not be fully healed or have perfect skin.

I saw Tony Anthony actually come and speak in the Guildhall in Plymouth some years ago, and if that was me that had been burnt and had been supposedly not scarred one bit - then I would have shown off my arms and any other parts of my body (within reason), so that people would in some way be able to believe my claims. Of course they wouldn’t know if I had been telling the truth about being burnt at all, but that would be for me to deal with.

What I also found out is that there was a man who Tony Anthony was describing in the course of his book, who used to visit people in the prison that he was in out in Cyprus and preach the gospel to them (along with a small team of other people too so that they could talk to lots of the prisoners over a period of time). Yet also on the Internet there is nothing about this man or the church that he claims to be a part of in Cyprus and also where he came from in Ireland, apart from yet again other people saying that this man didn’t exist at all - unless he and all of the other people who were visiting the jail were angels.

And so as I am sure you will agree me therefore, that due to these supposed claims I am now starting to think that perhaps a lot of what he said in his book has been made up. Especially the amount of detail that he goes in to in terms of all of the various conversations that he had with people over a number of years, right the way from his childhood up until when the book was published - and he has got to be around the forty mark now.

I would therefore recommend this as a book of fiction to you, as opposed to a work of non-fiction as I still don’t quite know yet if this is a bona fide tale of what actually happened to him - or whether he is trying to win people over to his side, so that he can then get them to send loads of money to the evangelism charity that he now runs.

Thanks for reading!

Update on Saturday 7th December 2013.

In the last 12 months, it has been the subject of a national investigation owing to many of the things that were raised during the course of this book. Many things such as the dates that were in the book about when he was born or when he moved don't really tie in with many of the events he described and what else had been happening in the world at that time.

There are also many of the people that he described can also never be backed up, or the names can be - just not in his own particular context though. It seems to me that Tony Anthony got his hands on a few names of people and what they were involved with, and used them as his own contacts - many of whom have refused to comment on this, ever since it all came to light because of the lies that have been created.

And yes, even the church that he says that he became connected with at the end of his book have refused to have anything to do with him!

My advice? Leave well clear - unless you enjoy reading works of fiction and lies.

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Comments on this review

  • torr published 29/08/2012
    Hmm, one certainly suspects fiction.
  • Gendibal published 29/08/2012
    Must admit that I'd taken Tony Anthony on face value before this ... might still have a look at the book, but like you suggest as a work of fiction, or at least selective truth. Great op
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