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The what? I bet if I said the two words 'Tangle Teezer' you would frown at me and wonder what an earth I was on about wouldn't you? Well this product shock horror is not from Lush, it is infact a product which was featured on Dragons Den in November 2007 and is a new revolutionary hair brush/comb ... Read review

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Tangle Teezer Kopfmassage Bokoma

Tangle Teezer Kopfmassage Bokoma

Kopfmassage Bokoma

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amazon marketplace health and beauty
Postage & Packaging:  £5.85
Availability:  Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days...

Myss Tangle Teezer

Myss Tangle Teezer

This brush is used to detangle hair extension and is specially designed to minimise ... more

pulling which can damage to the hair.

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amazon marketplace health and beauty
Postage & Packaging:  £3.99
Availability:  Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days...

Tangle Teezer Original

Tangle Teezer Original

tangle teezer original tangle teezer the original professional detangling hairbrush is ... more

loved by hair dressers and used in professional
hair salons this professional detangling hairbrush
is ideal for for all types of hair wet or dry
detangle without pulling please be wary of
inferior copies as these will not give the same
results tangle teezer colour description compact
styler colour description black all black pink
pink back black brush pink all pink gold gold back
black brush purple purple back

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Postage & Packaging:  £2.80
Availability:  available

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I want to Teeze you with my Tangle! Review with images

AdvantagesGreat invention, easy to use, works brilliantly, innovative, it comes in Pink, I love it


"...difficult hair. The inventor of Tangle Teezer Shaun Pulfrey, known as Shaun P and he is known in the world of hairdressing and he was given a hard time by the Dragons on Dragons Den. Shaun had come up with the concept of Tangle Teezer and had used his own money to produce some of the products himself and only went onto the show when a work colleague convinced him it was a good idea. Now a year on, Shaun who never gave up on his idea has made ..." Read review

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Don't give this the brush off Review with images

AdvantagesSlides through hair like a hot knife through butter

DisadvantagesMight be a little more expensive than you're prepared to pay

"...Purchase=== Therefore knowing that the Tangle Teezer was designed to smooth knotted hair and prevent breakage, I had nothing to lose, except more hair :) and decided to give this a go. I purchased mine from eBay at a cost of £9 plus free post and packaging. These are also available from Boots, Mothercare and many other high street retailers for around £11.99. Wanting to be a little different to the usual black, gold, purple, and pink colours, ..." Read review

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British Hair Waves

AdvantagesPain free combing

DisadvantagesQuestionable durability of product and does leave hair more matted

"...The product== We bought the original Tangle Teezer in pink (extra marks from a 5 year old girl for that!) and essentially it is a kidney-shaped piece of pink plastic approximately 4 inches by 2 inches which is helpfully moulded to fit the shape of your grip. On the reverse side are two sizes of thin bendable teeth alternating in short and long. The long being probably 2cm long and the short being 1cm. They will easily depress when pressed against ..." Read review

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Teezing out those terrible tangles!

Advantagesgreat product tht really works


"...'well you haven't tried the tangle teezer then?' I had never heard of this but apparently it is an innovative little design designed to make brushing easier that was rejected by the entreprenaurs on Dragons' Den! It's a flat little plastic device that looks a little bit like a cross between a scrubbing brush and a hairbrush. It is covered in many plastic bristles that are of two different lengths. When you run it across your hand you can feel ..." Read review

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It can tease but it doesn't please Review with images

Advantagesworks ok on wet hair, lasts well

Disadvantagesnot good on dry hair, no handle, has discoloured

"...I first heard of the Tangle Teezer, a product they seemed to promote quite heavily when it was first released. At the time I didnít realise that the product had debuted on Dragonís Den, where itís inventor, Shaun P, had been turned down by all four dragons. ==What is it?== The idea of the Tangle Teezer is simple. It is a brush designed to detangle the hair without tugging or pulling. It will work on either wet or dry hair. When I bought it only ..." Read review

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A revolutionary hair care innovation! The Tangle Teezer is an exciting award winning innovation!Winner of Frizz Magazine's Dream Factory Innovation of the Year 2007The Tangle Teezer is a unique hair care tool that banishes tangles and knots on contact. This cult product prevents hair breakage. splitting. and damage to the hair. The brainchild of celebrity colourist Shaun P. with 30 years of experience at his fingertips. Tangle Teezer is unlike anything else currently available. Tangle Teezer's unrivalled ability to de-tangle wet or dry hair quickly and painlessly makes it an absolute must for all tangle-prone hair. Ideal for. . All hair types prone to tangle Hair extensions Wigs Hair pieces and clip-ins Black hair. wefts and weaves Problematic children!

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Long Name Tangle Teezer
Type Hair Tool Accessory
Manufacturer Tangle Teezer


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