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published 10/10/2015 | bettyboo47
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Pro works silently, helps to make your laptop more efficient and extends it's life.
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Targus Laptop Cooling Pad

Targus Laptop Cooling Pad

I live and die in front of my laptop. Considering I have only had her since last Christmas, it is unbelievable quite how attached I am to her. She starts work first thing in the morning with a little gentle review reading and some good wake up music, and I regularly fall asleep with her showing me a variety of catch up TV while sitting on my bedside cabinet. Or preferably propped on the pillow next to me if I can get away with it. And I am often found on a weekend morning, writing reviews or reading other people's work while sitting in bed with my lovely laptop propped on my knees and a cup of tea in my hand.

Indeed my poor purple laptop has to put up with a lot and gets charged at least twice a day in order to fulfil her obligations. She does of course get to go to sleep occasionally, I mean I have to, inconveniently, go out to work once in a while, or take a shower, or eat tea but all these are just mere annoyances to my cyber addiction, and though I do switch my laptop off sometimes, I don't think I have once allowed her to run out of pixie juice in the 10 months that I have owned her.

Does my laptop like all this attention? Of course she does, but she does tend to get a bit hot and bothered sometimes with all the stress I put her through. I mean some of the things I write (or read) would make a grown woman blush, so imagine the effect on a young and impressionable laptop.

To help her out in her distress, I needed a solution that would keep her cool, calm and collected and able to cope with any situation that I land the poor girl in.... Targus Laptop Cooling Pad to the rescue.
What is it?

The Targus cooling pad is a base on which to stand an overheated or overworked laptop, which will not only elevate it to a more comfortable and convenient height and angle, but also aerate and cool the said laptop allowing it to work more quickly and efficiently and, hopefully, prolonging it's life.

What does it look like?

The cooling pad is more of a stand than a pad. It is made of a rigid plastic sheet, marginally wider than a laptop, doubled round on itself to form a hollow slope, so that when you look at it sideways it has the shape of an aircraft wing in cross section. When placed in a flat surface it slopes gently towards you rather like an old fashioned school desk.

The majority of the sloping surface is taken up by an smooth inset panel cut with a pattern of hundreds of small holes, and behind this panel are two discrete fans which are of course the cooling part of this pad/stand.

The whole pad is covered with non-slip type of matt black fabric that feels a bit like a thin layer of memory foam, with the light grey plastic of the structure forming a smart edge along either side. The inset holed panel is made of satin black plastic and has four raised rubber “feet” to support whichever size or make of laptop is placed upon it.

It's overall size is 12” (30cm) x 15” (38cm). The height ranges from 0.75” (2cm) at the front to 2” (5cm) at the back giving the gentle slope on which the keyboard sits, and it is supposedly suitable for 15” to 17” laptops.

How does it Work?

A 2ft (60cm) long cable snakes out of the back of the stand with a USB plug that can be inserted into any of your laptop's USB outlets. It then steals a minute amount of your laptop's pixie juice to run the two fans that gently waft air all over the underside of your precious laptop, keeping it cool and helping prolong the battery life apparently.

The fans are all but silent, creating just a gentle susurration and the soft breeze they generate is hard ( but not impossible) to detect if I hold my hand just two foot above the pad when it is unadorned by my laptop.

Price & Availability

We were actually lucky enough to pick our cooling pad up a few years ago in a mixed auction lot for which we probably paid two or three quid. It has been stuck in a cupboard since then until Hubby suddenly remembered it's existence and came to my rescue.
The rest of you unlucky people may be stuck with paying the full price which is currently £19.09 at Amazon, £19.99 from Argos, or £22.09 at Ebay and I am sure many other places.
My Opinion

Overall I am very happy with this laptop pad. It appears to be strongly made and durable although I have not tried to stand on it or anything, and it certainly keeps my laptop cool in no matter what situation she finds herself. The added height it gives to her is quite nice for when I am typing literally on my lap or for when she is perched on the coffee table in my living room, putting both the keyboard and the screen at a more ergonomic height and hopefully helping my posture.

The slope it gives to the keyboard felt unusual at first, but once I got used to it, it is quite pleasant and comfortable, although I have to push my screen back at more of an angle to be comfortable to view, but this again keeps my back straighter. The fans are so quiet that I cannot even notice them if there is something else going on in the room, though I suppose if I was the type of person who likes to work in silence I may become aware of them on the periphery of my hearing.

My laptop, which is 15”, sits on this like she was made for it, with no spare capacity on either side, but an inch of two to spare at the front of back. A larger laptop may over hang either side just a tad, I think. The rubber feet hold her solidly with no slippage, and if I wish to change position or carry her upstairs, I pick up the laptop and stand as a whole by wrapping my fingers inside the stand, thumbs over the keyboard and the two stay stuck together like star-crossed lovers.

So is my wonderful purple laptop cool and content? She is, of course, ecstatically happy with her new best friend and companion. He helps her to stay unruffled, composed and in control in the trickiest of situations and I can take her to bed without worrying that I will wake up in the centre of a mattress fireball! Now I just have to find a way of getting rid of Hubby.........

© bettyboo47

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    Good review
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    Ah yes, we have one of these somewhere. I keep forgetting about it - but this reminds me it is quite effective.
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