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Taschen's London - Angelika Taschen

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Get the most out of London. From Dickensian charm to modern cool, London has it all - and this guide will help you find it.

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EAN 9783836511186
Type Non-Fiction
Genre Travel
Subgenre Travel and holiday
Title Taschen's London
Author Angelika Taschen
Publisher Taschen
All Authors Angelika Taschen, David Crookes, Christine Samuelian
ISBN 3836511185


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similar by Price (15 GBP to 19 GBP)
The funny parts are hilarious, some interesting cultural snippets
much unnecessary political stuff; unlikeable author (*)
Bar information not very useful (*)
A delightful way to timetravel,
Closely printed pages are not the easiest to read. (*)
Well laid out, lots of useful info and maps, good hotel and restaurant lists
More info on attractions would be helpful - price, opening hours, transport (*)
Excellent reproductions. Very informative
Rather large! (*)
similar by Genre (Travel and holiday)
Lots of ideas for all places and budgets
Only the briefest of introductions - you'll have to do more research elsewhere. (*)
Colourful, informative
Not comprehensive enough for some. (*)
Some amazingly different places to stay
Some you would have to pay me to stay in! (*)
Informative, educational & extremely useful.
It is quite heavy. (*)
An hilarious read
Found myself all alone and laughing out loud. (*)
Laugh out loud funny, captivating prose, a book with a beating heart
A mild suspicion that there's a little embellishment to some of the stories (*)
Fascinating, informative and entertaining history
None (*)
It's Bill Bryson, hilarious, excellently written, short stories
Some parts repeated from other books, can be irritating! (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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