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published 15/07/2005 | lizrow
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" Just Accomodation"

This is the coridoor

This is the coridoor

Teesside Uni is situated in Middlesbrough, England and is fast becoming a well known uni for its exceptional courses in forensics and IT. I have been going to this university for one year now, just finishing my first year.. and what a year it has been! Because there is just too many departments to comment on what I will do is tell you each department in seperate reviews. This review is about the accomodation service. Hope this is OK.

~ Accommodation ~

..Is There Room For One More?

Simple answer is.. NO!! There is altogether four managed residences with 737 places. There are 600 places in uni managed residences. They are called king Edwards halls, woodlands halls, parkside halls and parkside houses. I stayed at woodlands. When I say that there is no room I really mean that there is hardly any room for the amount of students there are. This is seriously a small number in comparison to other universities and when you think there is over 300 students just on my one course, there really isn't enough space. Middlesex for example have 12 halls and 2090 spaces! And that isn't even a popular uni from what I have heard.

..What do the halls look like?

Woodlands is the most expensive halls for the simple fact that you get en suite. The block is facing the Astroturf and looks onto what has been nicknamed (and I'm really sorry if this is offensive but it's just a nickname) "asian alley". It is called so because there is not one white person lives down it and is primarily a refugee housing estate.

In woodlands you will expect to find 5 other house mates on your corridor, of which there are 6 corridors. The corridor you live on has a kitchen at the end with two cookers, 2 sinks and a cupboard and draw each. Downstairs there is a common room, just about big enough to fit all 36 residents in. The common room is a bit of a joke. Described on the welcome package it said there will seating for everyone, a cupboard for games and the like and adequate space. What we were confronted with when we got there was 10 plastic chairs you get in school, a side board cupboard and lino flooring. I was expecting sofas, a carpet and at least curtains on the windows but instead we got bars.. Nice.

In your room you will get a shelf above a desk, a plastic chair, a set of draws with 3 draws in it, a wardrobe and a single bed. The en suite has a shower, a toilet and a sink.. the basics! It comes with curtains for the shower and your double glazed window. If you live on the bottom floor there is bars on every window so that the scallie children can't get in. They were introduced a few years ago when crime just soared and students were findign they couldn't get insurance because of inadequate security.

The other halls are pretty much the same only you are living in shared rooms usually and you won't have en suite so you will be sharing with 7 other people at least.

..Is there IT facilities?

When I lived there there was a junction box. But it didn't work. Apparently though as of 2005 there will be free access to the uni's web site and facilities but we didn't get much from them as to whether there was going to be gthe ability to access the actual net. What we had to do was pay to have a phone box installed and buy net work cards for all our machines. This way we could all access the net and split it with 8 people. The total bill each month was £6 each, not too bad.

.. Where are the halls situated?

Park side halls and flats are right next to and looking onto the school of health and the big park behind it. Next door to the halls is a building site where a new apartment block for old ladies and gentlemen to come to when they have retired. So as you can expect, during the day it is really noisy.

King Edwardes in almost touching the lips of the town centre and is across the street from 7 different piza shops!! When you are walking through campus you can see the halls, it is by the union and across the way from the tallest building in the university; the Middlesbrough Tower.

Woodlands halls, as mentioned before, is situated next door to the refugee area where there is not a single white person living there, unless they are a council rehomed person, usually drug addicts. If you go to http://spaces.msn.com/members/lilmissrowlands you can read up on some of the drugs raids and arrests, car chases and robberies I have witnessed from my bedroom window! Speaking of which..

..Is there security?

Yes.. but yet noo..There are about 10 cameras all pointed at the woodlands halls and a 2 minture walk away is the security office. Personally I thought security was almost pointless because of several reasons. a) when we phoned them to tell them there was 2 dodgy people snooping in the student car park they said "o yeah, we can see them". I hung up the phone and the second I did, they broke into my flatmates car and drove off. Security didn't budge. They watched it happen, the got phone calls from all of us telling them what had happend and asking them what to do and in a nice, calm relaxed voice they said.. "yeah we saw them, it's all on tape love just phone the police.". Ok yeah .. cheers! Could of come and stopped them before the drove off, smashed the car up and mugged a pensioner! Nice one lads! There were hundreds more incidents like it, including mine and Daniel's car but there are just too many to go into to.

..What are the accomodation officers like?

Crap. I'm sorry but they are just appaling. The head accomdation officer was almost arrested from her office because she refused to talk to one of my friends solicitors. Yes that's right, my friend has had to go into legal action in order to sort out his accomodation because the contract was so biased towards the uni that it is illegal. The contract states that if you move out at any stage before the contract is up you will still be liable to pay full rent. This is just a joke seen as every other uni contract has a first term drop out scheme where if you are unhappy with halls you can leave. They refused to accept this. She also said that if my friend could find someone else to fill his room, and it has to be a boy, then he could stop paying rent. Accomodation promised him that if there was someone available then they would go straight into his room. They lied and put someone else in an empty room on the bottom floor and when confronted with this, they denied it point blank! She has no ground whatso ever, there were over 20 witnesses. So because of all of this and the fact that she refused to speak to his solicitor, also against the law, the police who trained in the same building as her office, were forced to go and arrest her. Stupid woman.

As for the people who are working for accomodation and go and fix all the problems there are with halls, they might as well not bother! They too broke the law when the turned off our air vents because they were making too much noise! Rather than go and fix the problem they simply turned it off and put the residents health at risk. They also take a good week if not more to fix a reported problem.

The cleaning staff are also a joke. We lived in a no smoking block so what did the cleaners do?? Smoked in our common room!! They were supposed to mop all the stairs and the kitchens and hoover where there was carpet. They did non of this. They were also supposed to take out bin bags and put them in the skip but instead what they did was take them out and leave them at the bottom of the stairs or outside the door. As was progressed through the year there reports of mice and rats in the halls kitchens and bedrooms, a direct result of cleaning staff not doing there jobs properly.

..Would you do it again?

Errrr. NO!! Woodlands halls itself is a big sham. I hated my halls because the bed I had was stained, the carpets were thinner than paper and also stained, the room was tiny, absolutely tiny. The furniture is a throw back from the 70's and when I say throw back I mean someone from the 70's picked it up and threw it away because it was so god damn awful! And the en suite.. my god did I have some problems.

For example, a first timer away from home and I am confronted with 3 major problems. 1) my toilet is leaking raw sewage ot just from me but from my next door neighbour! This took a week for accomodation to repair and grossed me out so much that I refused to go in there and had to use public toilets, not good. 2) the shower pipes had never been cleaned so there was a good years at least worth of hair and gunk which i had to fish out all by myself but it was so clogged further down that if you were in the shower for more than 10 minutes the tray would over flow. This agin took accomodation a week to fix. And 3) the cooker in the kitchen was a bit dodgy. To start off with the door to the door was hanging on my A.. A single hinge! and there was a really strange noise coming from the back of it when ever it was switched on. Although reported to accomodation this was never fixed.

..Final Thoughts?

Yeah I have some. All said and done I loved the people I lived with and are living with now (very far away from halls!). They made everything so much more bearable and we made a joke out of the fact we were constantly being robbed, our cars stolen TWICE!, our phones stolen out of our hands and our windows smashed. It all added to the drama of living there and I supposed the memories and lessons (i.e. don't come to the boro!). And it also makes amusing stories to tell you friends who are back in the safe comfort of home town! Because I haven't lived in the other houses I can't say too much their experiences, they probably had a better time because they weren't on the side that has to be constantly under 24 hour security.. not that they are any good!

Sorry to all of those who were reading this in the hope they were going to hear nice things! But unfortunatly I honestly, truely can't think of one thing! If you have already applied don't panic, I'm sure now I have prepared you you will know to keep your phones on you bags whilst walking around campus and your car very very secure. O and keep security on speed dial.. it will come in handy!

If there is anything I have left out that you wanted to know, let me know and I will update it for you. Thanks for reading!

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  • amz84 published 28/10/2005
    great review!!! halls are scary!! xx
  • Tadders published 18/10/2005
    So not so great on the old accommodation thang then???
  • flyin_winger2 published 04/10/2005
    The beds are far too small!!!!! :)
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