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published 14/03/2011 | sinsofasolarempire
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"I insist you read this before making your choice."

Picture outside my last house, the majority of housing in Teesside looks like this.

Picture outside my last house, the majority of housing in Teesside looks like this.

Now then, just to summarize before I begin, my school was the school of social sciences and law. Not computing / media / music etc. So I'm writing from my own personal experiences being at Teesside university. I'm currently in my second year and I intend to leave the moment ive completed it.

Excuse the amazing mistakes in this piece of text, Im just writing as I go, this is in no way polished, but its all there.

ACCOMODATION AND LOCALS - Dear god no! Is how I sum up the accommodation situation in Middlesbrough. There are very few university places for accommodation at Teesside, so like many others I began my second year in private housing. From the onset it was abit of a disaster. Driving through Middlesbrough to arrive in this red brick council estate was the first hint that life in the area was not going to a pleasant experience. My house, like the hundreds of others in the area, didn't look as though it had been renovated since the 1950's. It was small, dark, depressing, cold and horrible to be in. If there was ever a problem

(for example, when I moved in, alot of the light fittings were broken, the oven was from the 80's and was very difficult to light, the appliances were all shot and the actual structure of the house was questionable)

then your supposed to phone your landlord who would turn up and fix it. Despite my landlord organising countless house inspections, problems within the house were never fixed. They still insisted on charging an unusually high price, for what felt like third world conditions to live in. Of course at this time, electricity and gas were not included. Long story short, the house was a cold, moral sapping place to live in. Im in my second year now and im in a new house with a different landlord....exactly the same thing. Only im further back in the estate and its about 10 times rougher. Infact, about 35 minutes ago, some baghead chavs that shoot up in the house across the street were throwing bottles at my house and the house next to me. Once again, its the norm...no one found it horrible. You can beat their ass into the dirt, but their are thousands of them, in the end, you just give up and sigh a lot.

The local area is the kind of thing nightmares are made of (ha) You ever watched Shameless? A classy place in comparison to the majority of the Teesside area. After 6 weeks of living in my house, my next door neighbours, who at the time were Somalian's squatting there, were dealing drugs out of the house. For circumstances I cant explain, one of the locals decided at 3am to literally smash his way into the house, utterly break up the place, cutting himself to pieces in the process, and leave. I could see it out of my window (The blood on the kitchen surfaces, smashed through windows and such) so I phoned the coppers. They arrived and didn't seem phased by this at all. I went outside to see if any others were concerned by this but the locals didn't care in the slightest, as though it was a common occurrence.

The locals in the area, and throughout Teesside are just ....awful. The amount of run down chav alcoholics, chavs EVERYWHERE, abuse, violence and drugs was mind numbing. It was a completely dried up gene pool. In comparison to cities such as Leeds / Manchester / Birmingham, where new people arrive everyday, its large, cosmopolitan, employment options.....this place is literally the opposite. The people look as though they've given up on life, a sort of glazed look in their eye. Its consistently grey and the buildings, and I do mean ALL the buildings, are that horrible 1960's architecture. The sort of.....grey dirty concrete nuclear shelter kind of look. There's no where you can get away from the area. No quiet green spots where you can relax in the sun. There's nothing like that.

The only new blood in the area are the students. So this generation after generation of run down chavs dominate the area. Please, check the pictures to see what almost every backstreet of the houses look like. (You think surely not every street, but ive had a few friends who live in the area, I have seen them, and everyone street ive seen is exactly like this, with a few being worse)

Of course the university wont show you pictures like that, because its trying so hard to not reveal what an unbelievable shite hole the area is. Every picture is all green and sunny. The only bit of grass in the area is the 25 feet squared lump of turf dead centre in the campus and believe me, its very rarely sunny. (2 weeks out the academic year normally)

Ive found the nightlife to be mostly negative. There are some great nights, like The Crown on a Thursday night that play some decent music, but asside from that, the majority of the clubs are just for chavs on the weekend. A small clattering of run down industrial buildings, loosely converted into drinking pits. If your reading this and your used to clubs in large cities (Manchester / Leeds / London / etc) then you'l laugh when you see them, then youl cry, then youl become depressed knowing that's your only source of entertainment.

And it really is...theres very little to do. In the end you understand why the locals drink themselves to death in record numbers. The employment situation is dire (If your lucky enough to have a part time job in a cornershop, your considered a lucky mofo) The resturaunts in the area are wonderful! assuming you enjoy sitting down to a lovely Mcdonalds or Burger King whilst the chav on the table next to you talks about "Doin is bird" Really... the situation is quite terrible.

I could go on for hours about the local area. I honestly cant think of one redeeming aspect (unless you can say "Well at least your not on the streets of Baghdad" and hey, if that's your attitude, good on ya!)

I can only speak about the university itself through what ive experienced and my course (the school of social sciences and law) The first year was rather ....interesting. Alot of the tutors looked as though they really couldnt be bothered teaching. There were certainly exceptions, such as tutors that were very skilled at teaching and it was very enjoyable, but this was not the norm. Unfortunatly, my school got all the god awful old buildings that were all designed and built in the 1960's (concrete fallout shelters).

(Though i will say this, some of the courses their have beautiful buildings, just not mine)

On my course, 90% of the students were born and raised in the local area. To me, it was more like a regional college than a university. Those on my course that weren't from the area were from places such as Afghanistan and China

(Honestly, you attempt to start a friendship with a person that can barely speak english and has no desire of knowing you in anway, i'd be impressed if you could).

When your in a room full of people that have all been to college / school together, live with their parents and have their own social circles, making friends is abit of a nightmare. Naturally, you wont be too interested in making friends if you have your childhood friends about 5 miles away, your own friend groups and you live at home with your parents. University isn't an 'experience' for them, its just another day at high school. That being said, I did breach one of these groups and have made some great friends doing so. Its just not on tier with other universities, where 90% of the students have travelled far from home to be there.

So far im painting Teesside university as a hellish place, well yes it has its many downs, enough to comfortable influence my decision to leave (And many others) Some are more resilient and don't really know what life is like outside an area that isn't a total shit hole so they hold up pretty well. I on the other hand enjoy my peace, greenery and such. It has its positive sides, and if your doing the right course then your certainly set in terms of academia. Some of the courses that the university does are supposed to be great.

I would NOT recommend you come to Teesside to study sociology / politics / criminology or any course that the School of Social Scienes and Law has jurisdiction over. Just don't if your reading this, trust me. If your doing forensics / computing / music / media and such, then hells yeah, def do it. I have friends doing those courses and it sounds bad ass.

I guess its unfair to judge the university by the surroundings of the area. But at the same time this will be your one shot to have a great university experience. I havent had it, along with almost all of my friends here. I really recommend you travel up to the area and see for yourself. I don't mean do a campus tour ha, where they show you all the nice parts of the uni. I mean being smart, travelling up to the area and really looking around. Then deciding for yourself.

I'm just afraid to say the positive aspects of the university don't outweigh the negative aspects, at least in my opinion. I have alot more to say on the matter, however very little of it is positive and I feel ive bashed the university and the area pretty hard. If you do decide to go to Teesside after reading this, I wish you the best of luck. Oh... and if you do, please try and avoid private accommodation. I recommend you sort it out yourself after having a few extensive tours of the area that landlords take you on...but don't hold your breath.

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  • BazzaBoyT published 15/03/2011
    Another superb review :) well done E from me
  • RICHADA published 14/03/2011
    Hello and a very warm welcome to Ciao! Not polished or not, this was a superb review and a real eye-opener, not only of university life, but of living conditions in Teeside! I just hope that there aren't too many Teeside locals here on this site! R.
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