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Tekken (DVD)

Namco's Tekken videogame comes to life from director Dwight H. Little (MURDER AT 1600) in this sci-fi action film for Crystal Sky Entertainment. The s...

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published 21/12/2013 | pmcds
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"Tekken it to an all new low"

Video game to movie: the true graveyard of movies. Rarely has a video game been made into a successful, and it's clear to see that Tekken is not likely to break this trend. Based on the fighting game of the same name, it uses some of the characters of the game in order to provide something of a film.

The game itself is a platform comprising of head to head battles, much like Street Fighter (another flop). To get this onto the screen, they create a back story (might have already existed somewhere in the game, most don't bother to find out) whereby a fighter's mother was killed by the Tekken owner, Heihachi Mishima, following the World splitting into a militaristic style of rule. Keen to avenge her death, the fighter (Jin Kazama) needs a way into the ultimate fighting contest run by Tekken and therefore Heihachi. Beating Martial Law (one character in the game), he earns his place as the people's choice, makes a few friends, ruffles some feathers and faces a showdown with his mother's killer.

The film tries to throw some twists in, and much like Mortal Kombat (MK), they fail stupendously. The plot was somewhat laughable, with the surprise best acting going to Luke Goss, he of Bros fame, British boyband of the 80s and early 90s. You know you're in trouble when this is your best actor. No offence meant, but he's hardly Oscar material. As some of the characters are introduced in a snesible way, so too do some become part of the film with minimal build up, pointlessly wasted and with little or no importance to the main plot. For instance, those enjoying the game will want to see a lot of the signature moves exhibited by the fighters. It just doesn't happen. D.O.A. is a lesser known game but made into a film, and the signature moves were there; MK had the sounds and moves from the game; Street Fighter at least tried to incorporate as many features of the game as possible. Tekken fails this element, choosing instead to try and humanise the characters and try to get us to empathise with the heroes and hate the villains.

Instead, there are more crigneworthy moments than anything else, and it was painful to watch at times. Mercifully, the film is less than an hour and a half long, and this goes some way to stemming the pain of watching a feature length video game film crash and burn. The fight choreography at times was the only thing that saved the film, but even that was interrupted with some slo-mo attempts, flashbacks, haunting vocal distortions and fast camera movements and angle switches to make up for the obvious retakes and slashed plot budget. Characters such as Yoshimitsu could have been used much more effectively with their samurai and space shifting skills, while Eddy Gordo's Capoeira style of fighting was in there for one fight and that was it. Instead, the brash American fist punching and the stereotypical martial artists took precedence, and were unconvincing.

I wouldn't bother with this. Fans of the game will enjoy the format for the first 40 mins, but the content will lack and then the format follows suit. Other than that, it's a low budget video game transformation that just doesn't do the game justice. It's a shame, as I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering how games would turn into films were they transferred, and I'm sure that my version was miles better. Shame. Don't bother.

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  • miloh published 21/12/2013
    Simple reasonably concise review. E.
  • xmasbelle published 21/12/2013
    My nephew wasn't happy with this. Good review
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Namco's Tekken videogame comes to life from director Dwight H. Little (MURDER AT 1600) in this sci-fi action film for Crystal Sky Entertainment. The story surrounds a hero's quest for freedom as he battles through a space-age martial arts tournament. THE MARINE's Alan B. McElroy provides the script.


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