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Welcome to our Telecommunications section. Are you looking for mobile phones, telephones or accessories? In this category you will find everything that you need: phones and accessories among many others. Read our reviews, compare prices and find the most suitable product. Afterwards stop by the electronics section and ... more

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Smartphones & Mobile Phones
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Samsung (425)
BlackBerry (53)
Nokia (340)
HTC (92)
LG (184)
Motorola (189)
Sony Mobile (253)
Cordless Phones (1473)
Corded Phones (44)
BT (344)
Panasonic (275)
Philips (160)
Binatone (240)
Mobile Phone Accessories
Cases (2395)
Headsets (1481)
Protective Covers (1712)
Phone Accessories
Headsets (256)
Wireless Headsets (67)
Batteries (123)
GPS Receivers
Garmin (177)
Magellan (23)
GPS Accessories (239)
GPS Kits for Handhelds
TomTom (17)
Navman (8)
Garmin (25)
Globalsat Technology (13)
Holux (7)
Pharos Science & Applications (5)
GPS Software
Garmin (432)
TomTom (28)
Memory Map (26)
GPS Accessories
Cases (116)
Cables (36)
Aerials (26)
Networks & Tariffs
Fax Machines
Philips (34)
Brother (27)
Panasonic (13)
Canon (7)
Samsung (13)
HP (3)
Two-Way Radios
Motorola (8)
Cobra Electronics (27)
Philips (7)
Two-Way Radio Accessories
Batteries (22)
Headsets (23)
Landline Service Providers
VoIP Phones
Cisco (80)
Linksys (10)
Philips (4)
US Robotics (3)
Siemens (17)
Skype (1)

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Apple iPhone 5s 16GB

22.07.2014 Review of Apple iPhone 5S 16GB

"For years now Apple has followed a rather intelligent waterfall of its products down the pricing stack. With the arrival of every new iPhone, the previous generation gets a $100 discount from its on-contract price, and the generation before that one is of ..."

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"Can You Hear Me Now?...." "STOP YELLING AT ME!!"

21.07.2014 Review of Motorola RDX RDU2020 2-channel UHF

""Can you hear me?" - silence..... "Are you there?" crackle crackle fuzzy indeterminate sound.... "Where are you?"... "What?"..... "Are you talking to me?".... "No, I'm ordering as pizza in the middle of nowhere, OF COURSE I am talking to you".... "What - ..."

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Specification of Motorola Moto G pure android phone

21.07.2014 Review of Motorola Moto E

"...In My opinion Moto g is the best android phone in mid-range of phone likes samsung galaxy grand phones.Actually Motorola is ready to expand their business in India from this phone,some time earlier Motorola stop their business in India because of its sell ..."

Read full review by vinayaks66

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HTC One 32gb Review

21.07.2014 Review of HTC One 32GB

"I have had my HTC One for quite a while now, and overall it is a very good phone. I think it feels nice to hold, not too bulky and the battery life is really good. I can have mine on all day without needing to charge it until I go to bed. The exterior/fra ..."

Read full review by Bradh55

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