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Welcome to our Telecommunications section. Are you looking for mobile phones, telephones or accessories? In this category you will find everything that you need: phones and accessories among many others. Read our reviews, compare prices and find the most suitable product. Afterwards stop by the electronics section and ... more

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Networks & Tariffs
Fax Machines
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Two-Way Radios
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Landline Service Providers
VoIP Phones
Cisco (76)
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Philips (4)
US Robotics (3)
Siemens (19)
Skype (1)

Most Recent Reviews of Telecommunications »

Sony Xperia M2 - Nothing to write home about but satisfactory!

26.01.2015 Review of Sony XPERIA M2

"In my opinion it is a satisfactory phone - it has everything on it I need and it does the job. But I think once you have had one smartphone you've had them all. It does freeze occasionally, I have had to completely reboot the phone a few times (which I ha ..."

Read full review by kirstylou2991

Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful

Blackberry Z10

24.01.2015 Review of BlackBerry Z10

"When first tried , User Interface and navigation Z10 glance looks much like a combination of three types of mobile OS system is Android , iOS and Windows 8. We will often find the Metro Style while in apps and navigate or swipe the screen When first trie ..."

Read full review by Andhy11

Ciao members have rated this review on average: not helpful

Desire 610. That's the address in hell where it was made.

23.01.2015 Review of HTC Desire 610

"When Gala sang, “Freed from DESIRE, MIND and SENSEs purified”, she must have been singing about this phone, because I really do want to purify it in the ethereal flames of the abyss, and then use it to cauterise every orifice shut on the face of the perso ..."

Read full review by thisoldman65

Ciao members have rated this review on average: exceptional

Lumia 735 Rocks !!!

23.01.2015 Review of Nokia Lumia 735

"Windows Phone is using a Qualcomm Atheros Quad-Core 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon 400 Processor with A7- Cortex CPU and powered by Adreno 305 Graphics. Even with a Dual Core 1.2 Ghz (on HTC 8X) can be used in this Smartphone. As I said, this phone can kick Android's ..."

Read full review by gauravsachan

Ciao members have rated this review on average: not helpful

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