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Welcome to our Telecommunications section. Are you looking for mobile phones, telephones or accessories? In this category you will find everything that you need: phones and accessories among many others. Read our reviews, compare prices and find the most suitable product. Afterwards stop by the electronics section and ... more

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Smartphones & Mobile Phones
Apple (36)
Samsung (428)
BlackBerry (54)
Nokia (346)
HTC (101)
LG (205)
Motorola (199)
Sony Mobile (265)
Cordless Phones (1530)
Corded Phones (41)
BT (334)
Panasonic (288)
Philips (165)
Binatone (245)
Mobile Phone Accessories
Cases (1162)
Headsets (1169)
Protective Covers (211)
Phone Accessories
Headsets (219)
Wireless Headsets (45)
Batteries (125)
GPS Receivers
Garmin (131)
Magellan (17)
GPS Accessories (239)
GPS Kits for Handhelds
TomTom (13)
Navman (8)
Garmin (20)
Globalsat Technology (9)
Holux (7)
Pharos Science & Applications (5)
GPS Software
Garmin (427)
TomTom (24)
Memory Map (26)
GPS Accessories
Cases (116)
Cables (36)
Aerials (27)
Networks & Tariffs
Fax Machines
Philips (28)
Brother (22)
Panasonic (12)
Canon (7)
Samsung (13)
HP (3)
Two-Way Radios
Motorola (8)
Cobra Electronics (23)
Philips (7)
Two-Way Radio Accessories
Batteries (22)
Headsets (29)
Landline Service Providers
VoIP Phones
Cisco (75)
Linksys (10)
Philips (4)
US Robotics (3)
Siemens (19)
Skype (1)

Most Recent Reviews of Telecommunications »

LG Nexus 5 - Excellent performance for the price

13.02.2016 Review of LG Google Nexus 5 32GB

"...The Nexus 5 is a beautiful phone that is incredibly light and thin, making it easy to hold and operate with one hand despite the large screen. The back is slightly curved with the nexus and LG logo, and has a matte finish which is pleasant to touch and al ..."

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Absolutly worth buying it

12.02.2016 Review of Apple iPhone 6 16GB

"iPhone 6 is worth buying.Because you can take beautiful & extremely clear photos.You can surf extremely fast on the internet. It has 16 GB.I think enough for your music,apps,videos & photos you want to store in.The design of iPhone 6 is extremely beautif ..."

Read full review by kuls11

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iPhone 6 16GB- Teenagers dream phone!

12.02.2016 Review of Apple iPhone 6 16GB

"Many people are confused when it comes to buy a mobile phone especially teenagers.Most of them looks to have the most expensive one.I think teens favourite phone is iPhone 6.My uncle has one but he needs it.What do teenagers need that phone.Do they lead a ..."

Read full review by Gjekegjonaj

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Fast performance?Not every time!

12.02.2016 Review of Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB

"I have a samsung galaxy s4 16gb smartphone for 1 year.The product has a beautiful design and feels good by using it.The most i like is its 13mp camera and the touch-free sensors.My batery started to be weaker now but that happens by the tim.At the beggini ..."

Read full review by Gjekegjonaj

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