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published 28/08/2001 | jennylou
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"please not again.."

I like to think of myself as a bit of an expert on kiddies programmes, having a pre-school aged little boy, I find it hard to escape the catchy tunes, bright colours and strange antic's that are the delights of kids T.V.

I am going to tell you about the Teletubbies, for those of you that have seen this offering on TV, I won't blame you for skipping this op, I am going to inform those that have remained safe from the roth of the Teletubbies.

What are the Teletubbies?

The Teletubbies are large soft looking aliens!(confused?...bear with me!)
They are all different colours and each has a different shape antenna on their head. They all have a square on their tummys that as part of the programme turns into a TV screen.( I will explain more later!)

*RED = PO*
She comes across as the youngest(has quite a cute voice,but I may be alone in thinking this!).

La La comes across as the dancer of the group.

Tinky Winky seems the oldest and there was an outcry in the states, because Tink's is male and carries an orange handbag.

Dipsy is just.. well Dispy.

Noo Noo is not a Tubby, he is a hoover that eats everything.

When the show first starts, you will see the Teletubbies in Tubby land, which actually looks amazing! Green hills, lots of flowers, and bunny rabbits hoping all over looking cute, and it is always sunny!

Every time the narrator talks, the Tubby's will repeat what he said for example:
"La La likes to dance" says the narrator.
"La La ike co pance" copies La LA.

Approx 2 mins in to the show, a kiddies beach windmill will come up out of the ground, and makes weird nosies (I have no idea...!)The Teletubbies then proceed to all run up the nearest hill and jump about,falling over and dancing.
This is where the screen on their tummys come in, (no its not surround sound, with nicam...)

One by one their tummys will light up and we have to wait and see who's tummy is going to be chosen for today.
Once a tummy is chosen, we get to see a clip with real children, engaging in real activities, it starts with everytime from the star of that clip,
"Hello hello hello hello hello hello hello"
Then the kiddie may say,
"My name is Jack, I am helping Dad to wash his car"
Then we will get to see Jack helping Dad wash his car.
Once the clip is finished, you will hear from Jack,
"Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye"

If you missed any of the clip, don't worry it is repeated, without fail straight away.(my advice have nothing near you that will break if chucked at the Tv!).

After the clip has been played twice, You will see the Teletubbies doing a certain activity, E.g Eating Tubby custard, and they will take in turns to eat it slow, this is repeated in such a way as kids watching are meant to learn the word slow from their actions.

When the end of the show is nigh, a speaking shower head pops up out of the ground and anounnces,
"Time for Tubby bye bye"
Then all the little Teletubbies run up a hill again, one to where there is a hole on top, and they wave to you one by one as they jump in,then if you stay glued, one will pop up at the end to give you a final goodbye.

The Teletubbies are loved by kids,I as a parent do not feel that the educational value is very high, as the way the Tubbys speak is not really going to help bring your youngster on.
The clips shown on the tummys are usually very good, but this is when I find my little one switching off from it.

But the show is fun for kids, and if your addicted to the tune of the Teletubbies they do have a soundtrack out!

* Updated as through to typo's I had given Po a sex change(sorry)*

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  • DiazX published 05/09/2001
    Again, again, again, again, again, again, again....... :)
  • Cazz published 01/09/2001
    My 20-month old daughter doesn't watch TV yet but we'll probably start with this when the time's right (although I find the severed baby's head hanging in the sky a bit disconcerting. We thought the Magic Roundabout was surreal!) I do feel however that I want her to learn to talk 'properly' before she starts hearing Tellytubby-speak. Cazz xx
  • bainsd published 31/08/2001
    uh oh...the song is already in my head
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