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Ten tips on spring cleaning

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published 17/02/2012 | helen190390
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"Ten Tips for your spring cleaning routine. "

My Top tips for spring cleaning! I always start my spring clean in march so i have plenty of time to get it all done through to april/june. I usually get myself an A4 sheet and start my list of things to do and start adding to it as i think of them or come across something that needs attention. I tend to plant to get it done over a week so it's all done and i can just keep ontop of it throughout the rest of the year.

Top Tips:

1. ALL: Dusty rooms from top to bottom, get a long feather duster to reach all those pesky spidewebs in the corners of the ceilings.Lamp shades and light shades can also get dusty so take them down and clean them down and around the light bulb fittings.I also put a small amount of fabric softner onto a piece of kitchen towel and rub it on the inside plastic of the light shades and when the bulb heats it, the smell will go through the house which is wonderful.

2. ALL: Hoover everywhere. Pull out your washing machines and fridge in the kitchen and hoover behind those and mop and clean as spills and condensation often leave messy sticky puddles underneath the appliances without you even realising. Also pull the sofas and the furniture out and clean under those too. put the attachment on the hoover which has the brush bristles on the end and hoover the orniments which are more difficult to dusty with a cloth. While you have the attachment on, you could go round the skirting boards and underneath your shelves and photo frames.

3. BEDROOMS: Wash, iron and pack away winter clothing and get out your spring items. Pack away those snow boots, thick coats and gloves and get out the waterproofs and wellies. Invest in some air tight bags for your clothes for easy storage.

4. KITCHEN: Clean out all of your kitchen cupboards and re-arrange all those pots and pans, check expiration dates of all perishable foods. Remember if something says "best before" it doesn't mean you can't eat it, it just means it's not at its maximum flavour or taste after this time so open it and check first. Stock up on those kitchen cleaners and washing powders for when the warm windy weather comes for you to get the piles of washing done we all accumilate over the winter months.

5. KITCHEN: Defrost your freezer(if its frosty) and clean the fridge out inside and the outside with antibacterial cleaner.
Get rid of anything you've kept in the freezer and have no intentions of eating. Buy some zip lock bags to keep frozen peas and other veg so it doesn't spill all out of the freezer. Plus you can flatten them out to use the space better.

6. BEDROOMS: Get your winter bedding put away and bring out the spring/summer quilts and the cotton sheets. Wash everything and fold it away for when it's needed at the end of the year. Use those airtight bags to store the thick quilts in, the storage of those is amazing when you suck the air out of them. Take the curtains down in all rooms and give them a wash.
If you have blinds, you can pick up a duster which will fit betweent each blind to dust them down. I tend to use a wipe on them afterwards as they do get a little discoloured.

7. BATHROOMS: Clean carpets well or if it's laminate scrub them well to get rid of any stains or germs which could be lingering on the flooring from heat and dampness. Keep the window open all day and let the fresh air dry out the floor.
Stock up on toilet rolls and cleaners for the bathroom and scrub down the bath and shower to get it gleaming. Bleach the toilets and get any limescale off with some drop in disolveable tablets which you can buy at almost all supermarkets. Get new toothbrushes and keep the old for cleaning those hard to reach places around the sink and windows.

8. JUNK: Make sure to de-clutter. Appoint a black bag to each room in your house and send the children/partners off with them to clean out any unwanted junk and rubbish. Stop hoarding magazines and newspapers. Once you've read them, put them in the recycling. I'm sure your not going to read it again are you? We all have that pile of mail or the "drawer" we just can't be bothered to sort out. Buy a filing system and put your important letters, bills and bank statements inside to keep it all together. Then when you get the post next time, you know where to put it instead of creating a new pile!.

9. CHILDREN: Children often make a mess around the house, hiding things, stickers on walls, crayon on walls. Search out their secret hiding spaces and check they haven't left some works of art around the house. With children, they grow very fast, check all their clothing in their wardrobes and drawers, and get rid of the things that don't fit them anymore. Keep the things in good condition incase you have more children, or for friends and family. Check to see if juice cups and bottles need changing as most children like to "chew" theirs up.

10. GARDEN: This is the thing that needs the most time. If you have a front and a back garden, you'll need to keep ontop of them both. Get the lawnmower out and cut the grass. Get rid of weeds, plant new spring flowers and if your green fingered enough you could even try out some vegetables. If you have any trees or bushes, trim them back, cultivate the mud and get rid of the dead plants. Get the garden table and chairs cleaned down and dried off. Keep checking for weeds sprouting to stop them spreading.

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  • pink_champagne published 24/02/2012
    I thought I was the only one who did that trick with fabric softener on the lightshades!! x
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    E x
  • emmad5689 published 22/02/2012
    Nice tip about the fabric softner may try that one x
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