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Tenchu: Fatal Shadows (PS2)

Genre: Action/Adventure - Stealth - Publisher: FromSoftware - Developer(s): FromSoftware, K2 - Age Rating: 18+

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published 12/05/2009 | apatra
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Tenchu fatal shadows was released in 2005 after the reign of tenchu rave of heaven, which was released in the year 2003. Well the game has proven to be very playable and enjoyable with tremendous stealth moves and with some additional features that its predecessors never had.

Well the game looks quite different from other versions released previously because tenchu games normally have three characters but 2 main characters are to be chosen rikumaru the male stealth ninja and ayame the female stealth ninja and then you are meant to unlock the third character all from lord goda’s origin. But the tenchu fatal shadows have taken different shapes both in Character wise, stealth moves but with the same ninja rankings.

In terms of character, you are to choose from two female stealth. We have our popular character AYAME and then another new character RIN and you are to choose between the 2 of them. If you choose ayame, you will be given three mission objectives but you are not meant to complete the mission alone rather rin has her own part to play in each stage.

There are numerous items in the game but I have not seen all but from the ones that I have seen, we have bomb, ninja gas, poisoned rice that you use to poison the guards, healing portion for life, poison dot for curing poisons from enemies and other items that are to be gotten.

Techu series has shown a very good promise of becoming the best ninja game on the play station console.

The game play is quite marvelous and has many realistic moves that give so many excitations like hiding death corps of guards by pressing the required buttons.

The stealth ninja attacks are marvelous with tremendous stealth moves. However, you are trained to be assassin with any character you use. The best way and method to play a very smooth game is killing by stealth. How actually do you kill by stealth? Okay once you sight an enemy, use your L1 button to hide on the wall and then, keep a very close watch on your enemy and master his or her movements once the guard or enemy turns his or her back on you, move carefully and then press the Ù± button and a stealth move will be done automatically depending on the type. Each character you use has its own individual stealth moves with names.

In all the tenchu games, you are to avoid the innocent and hunt the evil merchants that are messing around with the ancient Japanese tradition. As I move along in the game I get amazed with one thing, the absence of lord ghoda in the game. May be as I proceeded in the game, I might get in contact with him.

A great reward waits whenever you kill by stealth move, you tend to get a slot when up to ten, you will be given the characters special move at the end of the game.

A Tenchu fatal shadows has proven to be the best of tenchu series to me because of some unique moves introduced in the game, the graphics, the story and stealth moves.

The game has features of encounters between the two ayame and rin. In stage one of the game, while with ayame, you are going to encounter rin in a fight and like wise rin, you are also going to encounter ayame while moving across the bridge and this gives rin a very frustrating mission well rin would have prevented the dilemma but she insisted on the challenge.
The stages of the game is a screen map that enables you to select with an arrow. You are to unlock stages as you proceed in the game.

At the beginning of each stage, you should be prepared for some stealth moves because that is actually the easiest and the shortest way to get rid of your enemies. But if you insist on face-to-face fight, although you are eligible of other items like half or full health when you kill an enemy like that but you aren’t that safe. May be there might be three enemies to you and this gives you less chances of survival in the battle.

There are many modes in the game; we have the story mode, which enables you to get access to the mission, we have the training mode that enables you to train and master the buttons. In the training mode, you are entitled to learn a lot of things like the buttons that enable you to do the stealth moves, how to take refuge on the wall, how to take hide bodies of enemies, how to double kill two enemies at a time with stealth move and how to grab. At the beginning of each stage, you are told a story by unknown voice about the villages and their culture.

Each stealth move you perform has names and they are written when you do one of them.

Both characters differ in terms of weapon of choice although both use sword. Ayame uses her sword in all her battles while in battle rin does most of her attacks with bare hands and foot but initiates her sword at the end of each attack or when some special move is done.

For any successful stealth move, you must have to work with the enemies’ awareness meter. This is how it works, when you are hiding, you will hear the footsteps of enemies and voices. Then you have to keep your eye on the awareness meter and watch the percentage. If the percentage meter increases with question mark on it, you then know that the enemy is coming closer like wise if it decreases then you know that the enemy is moving father from where you are hiding. There are signs that give indications whether an enemy has seen you or not:

?? Simply means that the enemy has not sighted you.
?! Means that the enemy is at the verge of sighting you but not that sure.
!! While glowing, it then means that the enemy has seen you and you are now in the mood for fight.

You can equally escape from an enemy even if he or she sees you. You can navigate with the awareness meter without even seeing an enemy.

The select button is for activating the map.

To narrate the game, tenchu isn’t the type of game that proves to be tough rather is just a game that has a lot of clues on way out. Well I have to put up that the game is an easygoing game that does not need much stress to advance. In all the mission games, I think this is one of the easiest. Enemies are quite limited in each stage and that gives smooth and less stressful break through to the bosses.

Tenchu bosses some times make the game frustrating and not that easy going. Well as I proceed, I am yet to discover whether there is a third character.

There are benefits of killing by stealth. For each stealth that you succeed in doing, you are entitled to one slot which then means that if you are able to kill ten enemies by stealth, you are entitled to ten slots. Slot has a very positive impact on your powers in the sense that if you are able to collect up to ten slots, then at the end of the stage, you will be given the characters special move.

There are numerous ninja rankings at the end of each mission depending on how you perform on each stage. You collect the highest ninja ranking which is the master ninja if you get straight to your target without killing any enemy.

My thoughts.

Well fatal shadows has its own unique and fantastic features that other tenchu installations never had right from the play station 1 version. Although the graphics is not that fantastic to compare to the other tenchu versions but the thing that makes it unique is that the features that was brought into is some thing to be talked about. So the bottom line of every thing is that the game is good to play and I will highly recommend it to buyers. So on the summary of every thing, if you are used to the play station one tenchu then I will recommend this to you.

I hope that this review is quite helpful.

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Product Information : Tenchu: Fatal Shadows (PS2)

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Genre: Action/Adventure - Stealth - Publisher: FromSoftware - Developer(s): FromSoftware, K2 - Age Rating: 18+

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