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Tesco 2 In 1 Lavender Liquid Capsules

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Review of "Tesco 2 In 1 Lavender Liquid Capsules"

published 28/04/2012 | catsholiday
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Pro Cheaper than the branded alternative and works just as well
Cons Doesn't really soften as well as adding a separate softener
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"Boldly I choose these"

Tesco 2 in 1 lavender Liquid capsules – 20

As is pretty obvious this is a Tesco branded item and as such only available to buy from Tesco stores. I have been buying the Bold range of laundry detergent in the liquid form and have been happy enough but did think it was pretty expensive so when I saw these at two packs for £6.50 where as Bold in the same scent variation costs £5 for the same number of liquid capsules so considerably much cheaper. I thought it was worth giving these a try instead.

When using the Bold capsules I found they washed my clothes perfectly well. I can’t say that I noticed any great stain removal as my clothes generally don’t get that dirty. The 2 in 1 is supposed to soften your clothes as well as washing them. I found that the scent was not that noticeable and that the softening quality was not as good as when I used a separate softener in the rinse cycle.

This Tesco own brand version makes the same claims but without all the scientific wizardary of micro capsule technology and all that blarney. Now as these are capsules rather than liquid it is hard to sniff the product neat so to speak and the only chance you get of smelling this is once the wash has been through its cycle.

In the interests of fair reviewing I tried this without any other softener as i had with the Bold to begin with. As I said my washes are not usually dirty in the way they might be if I had children to wash for. I usually just want the normal freshening clean from my wash and the unseen dirt removed.

I sent this through on a 30degree wash which is what i use more often than not. When I opened the washing machine door it smelled clean and fresh but not remarkably of lavender. As I took the clothes out the smell was more evident but not as obvious as when I use a softener. This is really pretty obvious why as the softener is put through the rinse cycle whereas the laundry detergent goes through a rinse cycle after the scented product is sent through the clothes so it is bound not to be as strong.

What I like about these capsules is that you don’t have to measure any liquid, you don’t have to open any plastic around tablets. You also have no mess that you get when using powder and also no powder residue which I often get as I wash in low temperatures. You just take a capsule out of the neat box and pop it straight in the machine with the wash. You don’t use your dispenser drawer so that doesn’t get slimy either.

Don’t touch the capsules with wet hands or spill water into the box as they will start to dissolve and then you have laundry liquid everywhere or capsules stuck together.

I use one per load as my stuff isn’t very dirty. I do sort my wash into colours and darks etc and do not over fill my machine so I only ever use one capsule per wash. Tesco do suggest that for a 4-5 kg wash with average hardness of water and light to normal soiling that you use one capsule. If your water is hard or the wash is extra dirty or you are using a bigger machine and wash load then you may need two capsules.

My clothes were all just as clean as they were with the Bold. The mud had come off the bottom of my husband’s golf trousers and his socks were clean. They were pretty much the same as when i used the Bold without the softener.

I like my clothes to be softer than this 2 in 1 product gives and so I add Tesco own brand softener too now and this gives a good wash and the softener makes the clothes soft and smell good too.

In short I find this just as good as the Bold of the same scent variation and at half the price I shall be buying this one in future rather than the more expensive Branded product.

This comes in these capsules, a gel of 630 ml for £2.19 as opposed to nearly £7 at times for Bold, tablets which are 48 pack for £3.75 ( this does 24 washes according to the pack but I have used 1 tablet for small loads successfully). It also comes in a super concentrate liquid 630ml which does 18 washes for £2.49 so there are several options for you to try.

As this is a detergent is does contain surfactants and enzymes so if you have sensitive skin it might pay to check the ingredients before using.

I would recommend these and have found them just as good as the Branded version and are around half the price. This will be the one I use from now sorry Bold your stuff is too expensive and no better than this one.

Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.

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  • greenierexyboy published 30/04/2012
    An 'if it's on offer' thing.
  • pgn0 published 28/04/2012
    I wonder what the capsule is made of that it dissolves without trace in a cool wash but not when stacked on the supermarket shelf...? Nice review.
  • mozzie76 published 28/04/2012
    Good review
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