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published 02/09/2004 | kerrith
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"Wipe Away those Baby Poohs"

I have always used baby wipes for almost everything-bums, hands, faces and sometimes even feet. And I don't mean my own, I'm talking about babies. But, with my son's illness, I found that I was going through a lot more baby wipes than usual. As I have always bought the top brands, I was throwing away good money and I knew it.

So, the plan was to tighten the purse strings a little. I wouldn't buy the cheapest of the cheap-I think they may be a good price but you need to use more to get the desired effect.

In Tesco, I saw the rather pretty pack of Tesco Scented Ultra Soft Cloth Wipes (not the catchiest of names, I'm sure you'll agree). They were a very reasonable £1.79 for 80.

Please note, I am from the Highlands of Scotland, further north than Inverness, where a pack of Huggies is £3.65. I know they are cheaper in other places, but its just to show a price comparison.

Anyway, in the trolley they went and i toddled off quite happy that I had made a good saving. Only time would tell if it was a saving worth making.

About the wipes:-


The wipes come in a lovely purple pack, complimented by white writing, a pink label on the lid, and a picture of a lovely, smiling baby on the front. The full title of the wipes (as above) is displayed on the lid. The lid lifts up to reveal a removable flap, which conceals the wipes. The lid also clearly states that the pack contains 80 wipes. There's a white panel on the side of the pack, giving all the details such as ingredients, warnings, the Tesco guarantee and the directions for use.


As soon as you pull off the removable flap, the smell hits you. It is incredibly powerful and I find it quite sickly at first. On second smell, its quite floral mixed in with that unusual baby smell thats so hard to describe. The thing these wipes definately aren't is pleasant. A few people have said they smell 'quite nice' but they always have that face that says 'they so don't'. I tend to scrunch up my nose when I use these.
On the bright side, Tesco do sell an unfragranced version of these, but my store is ALWAYS sold out!!!


The wipe is quite large, white and looks like a piece of cloth. Its very thick, you can't see through it if you hold it up to the light. Its rectangular in shape. There's no pattern on the wipe, like so many others have these days. Its simply a plain old wet piece of material.

The wipes are quite moist. Some are wetter than others, Although the pack states it is designed to keep all the wipes moist, I find that the edges of the first few are quite dry. I notice this each time I use the pack, meaning I usually fold so as to use the middle section.

I always get a shock at how cold the wipes are. because they are quite wet, the can feel very cold to the touch. I find it best to store the packs in a warm place, it tends to take the iciness off them.

The wipes are very strong. I often use them to wipe mud of the floor during the day. You can scrub really hard and they don't fall apart. Obviously, you wouldn't do this on babies face or bum, but I thought that you would like to know that these wipes are tough.

Each wipe contains moisturising baby lotion, to help protect against the causes of nappy rash. My son has never had actual nappy rash, but due to his illness, he often gets a badly blistered and bleeding bum. For obvious reasons, I cannot use wipes at this time. But when he is on the mend, these wipes do not irritate the tender skin like some others have.


It states on the side of the pack that "each wipe pops up so it can be removed with just one hand, one wipe at a time..." I beg to differ. Once, maybe twice in the pack, this will happen. For the most part, you'll get two wipes at a time. Although a quick shake will remove the extra wipe, I think it must be pointed out that you may need that second hand to free the wipe up.

The packaging also states that the product is as good as the leading brand when tested in independant consumer tests.

As with most of Tesco own brand products, these wipes are covered by the Tesco promise, which means, should the product fall beneath the standard you would expect, Tesco will refund or replace the product without a fuss.


There is a clear warning to avoid contact with eyes, and if this does occur to rinse well with running water.

I've never experienced this problem, but because of the warning, I am extra careful when wiping faces.


As with most wipes, these are not to be flushed. In truth, they don't flush-my kids have tried often enough. There is a 'bag it and bin it' instruction on the bag, also telling you not to flush the wipe.


These wipes are actually brilliant value for money. They are very efficient, one or two really is enough to clean up a baby or toddler. My son suffers from terrible diarrhoea, and even I only need to use three or four at a time (I used to use eight or nine of some other brands). The smell is the only downside, but even that is tolerable for the few seconds that you are actually in contact with the wipe. So, instead of wasting money on expensive wipes, i'm free to spend it on expensive chocolate.

This product was produced for Teco Stores Ltd, Cheshunt, EN8 9SL. Product and ingredients were not tested on animals by or for Tesco

Thanks for reading. Happy wiping

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  • MAFARRIMOND published 03/09/2004
    Sound great and a good choice for a title. Maureen
  • jillmurphy published 03/09/2004
    I was a Johnson's mummy myself, but these do sound super value!
  • flamesparrow published 02/09/2004
    I use the unscented ones, and prefer them to most of the leading brands (huggies are too strong for my little lady and she gets a sore bum). Ooh, and I use the unscented ones to clean off my eye makeup and have never had even a teeny bit of irritation - not sure if I'd try it with the scented though!
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