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Pro Cleans well, leaves everything shiny, anti bacterial properties, excellent value for money.
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very helpful
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"Spraying my way to a cleaner bathroom"

Tesco Bathroom Cleaner Spray

Cleaning the bathroom has to be one of the worst jobs ever, mainly because if it's not dealing with wee stained toilets it's scrubbing dried on soap scum residue off the shower screen and everything else in between! Luckily cleaning it is not always my job, but sometimes it is just so overwhelming I cannot use the shower without cleaning it beforehand, and that usually works out fine for the time being. Normally there is some sort of spray cleaner lying around that is used for the odious task, and the spray is usually something like Flash or Cif bathroom cleaner, but when I went to spray some the bottle was empty and I instead used the kitchen bleach spray which worked okay as an alternative. I then made a mental reminder to pick up some more spray later on in the day and give the bathroom a proper going over later since I had nothing planned.

Anyway I was in Tesco's and decided to look at what they offered, and I saw this sat on the shelf amongst the branded products. I suddenly recalled that the daily shower shine spray was a Tesco own brand product and was pretty decent for the money, so I figured there was no harm in giving the bathroom spray a go either! At the time the 500ml bottle of bathroom cleaner spray cost me a measly 77p, but it has since decreased to 70p for the same amount. Bargain! Especially compared to the same amount of Flash bathroom cleaner spray that costs £1.50, or Cif Ultrafast bathroom for £1. Even when the Flash is at a £1 on offer, there is still a 30p saving between that and this product, and I would much rather keep the difference!

The Product

Tesco Bathroom Cleaner spray is packaged in a white plastic bottle with a blue and white coloured spray nozzle. The product is different to the photo supplied by Ciao and actually looks quite nice especially for the small amount paid. Towards the top of the bottle there is a little finger grip allowing the user to grip the bottle whilst spraying, much like lots of other spray cleaning products. The front label has the Tesco logo and the description of the product housed in a bubble with lots of smaller bubbles around the logo, whilst the back label has further product description, directions for use, warnings, ingredients and contact details for Tesco. The product is described as anti bacterial cleaning spray, and according to the label has been proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria for a 24 hour period. The back label then follows on and says that the spray kills E. Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria, Campylobacter, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterococcus hirae, Salmonella and MRSA. I can't even pronounce half of those but it's good the product has anti bacterial properties within the formulation as it offers an extra barrier of protection from germs. There is also the Byotrol logo on the front of the bottle, and apparently this is a revolutionary way to kill and control germs. Apparently this works by providing an invisible Byotrol barrier on the cleaned surfaces, meaning that they are protected for 24 hours and it provides powerful and long lasting control of germs.

In addition to it's bacteria killing properties, the bathroom spray cuts through soap scum and dirt, is specially formulated for bathroom surfaces, contains no bleach and also has a no rinse formula for fast and quicker cleaning. It is suitable for washable surfaces such as sinks and taps, plugholes, shower screens, toilets and the seat, baths, bins, tiles, floors and sealed wood. Therefore this product has a very versatile usage range and even though I have only used it on bathroom surfaces so far I'm sure it could be used to clean the bathroom floor also.

This product can cause eye irritation like all other cleaning products and it is important to not spray it in the direction of the eyes or face. According to the bottle the mist should also not be breathed in and the bottle should be stored upright with the nozzle position to 'off' when not in use. Tesco bathroom cleaner is produced in the UK for Tesco stores and is not tested on animals.

In Use

When it came to using the product, I was also armed with a microfibre cloth and a sponge scourer as these are what I normally use with other products. I decided to clean the shower screen first so I turned the nozzle to 'on' and began spraying. To my surprise the product is dispensed as a foam spray much like Flash bathroom is and I applied several sprays to the shower screen before wiping with my cloth. As I began wiping the soap scum residue seemed to come away very easily and I was very impressed with the result. The screen was now clean again and it was also streak free with no residue. I then moved onto the rest of the shower and again sprayed it with a liberal coating of the spray. After a small amount of scrubbing and wiping with the damp cloth the shower was really clean and shiny and there was not a hint of dirt!

I was really impressed with how this fared and became even more so as I sprayed and wiped the toilet, shelves and sink. Everything came up so lovely and clean as a result of a spray and a wipe, and even though the spray is no rinse there was no residue left behind from not rinsing. I was a little wary of not rinsing at first as I have used products before that claim this but leave the surface feeling tacky and unclean afterwards. Luckily this was not the case and did help to speed up cleaning time without a compromise on results.

The Tesco bathroom cleaner also has a lovely pleasant fragrance. It smells a bit similar to the Flash bathroom but it is much more subtle but noticeable. I could smell it for a few hours after cleaning which was nice as opposed to it smelling dirty! Another thing I also noticed was that the spray helps to keep things looking cleaner for longer, well at least for a little while anyway! It does also seem that the spray contains something that helps dirt to not grip the surface so much, which is good because that means it won't be such of a mess so quickly! I'm sure that if this was used with the daily shower cleaner spray then bathroom cleaning would be a pretty simple task, and both are such good value I may have to try that out!


Overall this 70p bottle of bathroom cleaner foam spray is absolutely fantastic, it cleans just as good if not better than the more expensive branded products and whilst cleaning everything up to a lovely shine and finish it also keeps the shower, sink and toilet looking that bit cleaner for longer. As a result of this working so well whenever I buy this I will be keeping the difference between this and the branded products and save that bit of money where I can.

I give this product 5 stars and would most definitely recommend it to others.

Thanks for reading! :)

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