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... If you’ve planned a buffet style with lots of nibbles to have with drinks then you might want to check these out! Personally I’m not a big fan of crisps but I do like cheesy biscuits and whilst shopping recently in Tesco’s I saw their own brand of Cheese Savouries. They’re a bit like ... Read review

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Community Level 4Coppertop


The Only Nibble I'll Get This Christmas

AdvantagesVery tasty, excellent price

DisadvantagesThey don't last long enough

"...a gold foil bag with Tesco written prominently across the top. There are pictures of the biscuits all over it too. Okay, so what makes these any different than all the other kinds of snacks you can buy? The biscuits themselves are small, about 1cm in diameter and come in a variety of different shapes – such as triangles, hexagons, circles and squares. They also look quite chic displayed in a glass bowl, ready for nibbling! Another good thing ..." Read review

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Community Level 2aless02


Savour the cheese!

AdvantagesPrice, convenience, good for sharing, excellent snack

DisadvantagesNot cheesy enough

"...a savoury, baked snack. Tesco Cheese Savouries are small, hard, baked snacking biscuits about the size of a 5p piece. These savoury baked biscuits only have the smallest of cheese flavouring to them, unfortunately, but are still tasty for satisfying those late night nibbles. Eat them by the handful or one-by-one, these Cheese Savouries are great for a cold lunch buffet or personal afternoon snack. They are too small for dipping, so should be enjoyed ..." Read review

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