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... Tesco's cheese topped baps are a mouse's dream. They are about the size of a hot cross bun (that's a different op) Soft and white coated in thick melted cheddar cheese (ummmmmmmmm elephants!!!!) Coming in packs of 4, 6, or 12 they are practical and easily distinguishable as there are ... Read review

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Community Level 1Vens


Elephants jumping on your belly

AdvantagesUmm Yummy for the Tummy

DisadvantagesCan't get enough

"...every day at your local tesco store. With their simple packaging there is very little waste and they are easily stored for that late night snack. So if you are a cheesy lassie or chappie get yourself to the bakery and lets see those elphants jump..... Enjoy ..." Read review

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Community Level 3CADiaper


Cheese On Rolls

AdvantagesYummy! Addictive! Cheap!


"Tesco Cheese Baps are really yummy! They're basically just bread rolls with grated cheese cooked on top, they're made by Tesco's own bakery and usually in the bread aisle. They come in clear packaging, it's bendy plastic and have Tesco's distictive own bakery label. They smell incredibly fresh and taste even better. They cost around 39p but can change because it's down to Tesco what price they put on them. The funny thing is I don't like cheese, ..." Read review

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Type Rolls
Manufacturer Tesco


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