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published 14/10/2009 | stephbond89
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Pro Easy and fast to accumulate points and money off!!!
Cons The way you spend points should be revised maybe so that you can get "change"!
very helpful
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"Every Little Helps with Tesco's Clubcard"

Tesco Clubcard

Clubcard was launched in 1995 and since then has just got more and more popular dragging customers into Tesco’s shops around the country. Resulting in Tesco becoming one of the most popular Supermarkets in Britain.

If you don’t have a Tesco’s Clubcard the way it works very simply is that as you spend in Tesco (whether it be on food, petrol, insurance), you earn points on your Clubcard, every £1 = 1point, ever 100 points = £1 to spend in store. And although it sounds like you need to spend hundreds of pound in Tesco to get anything back, with the double points in store, plus when buying £80 of petrol from there every month, it very soon accumulates, and we usually get around £7 to spend in store every couple of months!

Clubcard has grown in huge amounts over the last few years, with the introduction of Green Clubcard points in the last couple of years, where you get extra points for bringing your own carrier bags, and the introduction of more and more rewards!

Ease of Registration
It is very easy to register for a Clubcard, you can simply walk into any Tesco store, and pick up a leaflet, fill it in, and either give it to the shops Customer Services, or send it off. If you’re buying your shopping in Tesco, the cashier (if they’re any good!) will swipe the small cardboard temporary Clubcard which you get until your permanent card comes in the post, and you can start earning straight away. You can continue to use this Temporary Clubcard, but until you register your card, you won’t get any vouchers to spend in store; you will just continue to accumulate points.

You can also register your card online, rather than sending the forms off, and again you will get your permanent card in the post, you can also register by phone (call 0800 59 16 88).

You must be over 18 to get a Clubcard, I’m not really sure why, but you do none the less!

The form is very simple which you complete and only A5 sized, the form asks you simple questions like where you live, who you live with, how many children and pets you have etc, all of these questions are asked so that they can work out what vouchers may be best for you, as when you get your money off vouchers in the post which you have accumulated, you also get around 8 other vouchers for money off items which you often buy in store, and if you have said you have no children they won’t send money off nappies, if you say you have a dog, they may send money off dog food etc.

Speed of Accumulation
Your Clubcard is updated every day when you spend money in Tesco, or on petrol from Tesco garages. And you get vouchers every quarter of the year, so in February, May, August and November. When you receive a letter in the post, inside you will have a breakdown of your Clubcard points and where you got them from, you can get points from:
Tesco stores (you do not get points on Cigarettes, Lottery, prescription medicines, infant milk or Esso petrol- which some Tesco petrol pumps are so look out!)
Online at Tesco.com
At the Tesco Petrol pumps
At Tesco Direct
If you decide you want a Clubcard Credit card, you get 1 point for every £4 you spend on the card no matter where you buy it from.
With E-On Gas & Electricity
Tesco Opticians
Tesco Mobile
Up to 200 points when recycling old ink cartridges and mobile phones
With Tesco Broadband
And with Tesco Insurance
Also in the letter, you get your main voucher, which is your money off voucher, if you gained 1500 Clubcard points, you would have a voucher for £15. Then on the next page you would have a page of other money off vouchers and “extra points” vouchers, where you will gain for example 25 points when you buy any dairy products, or 10 points when you buy any fresh fruit and vegetables.

Every quarter isn’t too bad for accumulation of points, I used to think we should get our vouchers every month, but then realised if this was the case, we would end up with vouchers of around £1.50 or £2 off rather than £7, which although would be nice, doesn’t make such a big difference.

You can check your update of Clubcard points whenever you want on the Clubcard website, under the My Account page, where you very simply just type in your Clubcard number (which is on your Clubcard) and post code, no online registration needed, and you can see how much money you’re going to get, and also when you’re going to get your next Clubcard statement.

Range of Benefits
The main way to benefit from Clubcard is in the way I have mentioned, and this is the way which is mostly used, but there are other ways too.

You can ask for your Clubcard points to be put into the Christmas Savers club. Clubcard then hold onto your vouchers for you, and throughout the year you continue to accumulate over the year, and get them all in your November statement. You can also top up your Christmas saver in multiples of 50p at a time, and can save up to £360 per year. If you accumulate £100 or more, you also get a £5 bonus reward!

As well as Christmas Saver, you can also spend your rewards on other items with Clubcard’s partners, where your Clubcard vouchers can be given up to 4 x their value. So if you have £10 worth of Tesco vouchers, you can exchange these for up to £40 worth of partner rewards!

For example:
Every £2.50 in Clubcard vouchers gives you £10 to spend in many great restaurants including Pizza Express and Café Rouge
Every £2.50 in Clubcard vouchers gives you 60 Airmiles
Every £3 in Clubcard vouchers gives you 1 Cineworld Adult token
Every £5 in Clubcard vouchers gives you £20 to spend on fun days out

Making your Clubcard rewards go further and further!

Ease of Redemption
Redemption may seem easy, but I must say this is the only downside to the scheme.

If you have a voucher of say £10, and you want to go into the shop with this £10, it’s the only £10 you have, you don’t have an extra 1p, nothing else in your purse just this voucher. You have to find something which is exactly £10, not a penny less.

You cannot spend £9.99 and forget the extra penny, you have to spend dead on £10, or add to the cost. So if you’re going in with this £10 voucher as your only money hoping to buy yourself some bits for the kitchen before payday, you have to be able to spend that exact amount, or be able to add money to it. Which is slightly annoying as you might not need to spend it all at that one minute!

I think it would be 100% better if you could spend what you wanted, and then get a receipt with what you have left to spend and a barcode (they give these out anyway through the till when you have a Clubcard when you spend so much and get special offers of £9 off your shopping when you spend £40 for example, so it wouldn’t mean new software!), so that if you want to spend £5 of your £10 voucher you can do.

When I worked for Tesco, I had a man come in, his wife had given him the voucher and asked him to go and get some bits, his shopping came to £9.93 or something like that, was only a few pence off the £10 mark. But the voucher wouldn’t scan through the till. I asked the manager what was wrong and he told me they had to spend that exact amount, the guy went off in search of something to buy for that extra few pence...of course in Tesco there isn’t really anything you can buy for say 7p, and there was no way to type in the 7p on the till to put it through without him actually buying anything which was what he had asked me to do. He then came back with something which cost more than the 7p, and ended up having to leave everything he had bought as he didn’t have the extra, but couldn’t find anything in the shop for exactly 7p (or whatever it was!) and he didn’t have a penny on him, so it is very annoying when that happens to you.

It’s ok when your adding the vouchers to your big monthly shop which costs upwards of £30/£40, and you’re simply taking £10 off that shopping.

In Conclusion:

Tesco Clubcard is an excellent way to save money, and to get money off your shopping, but maybe they need to think about making the vouchers a little easier to use, by maybe giving you “change” in the form of a receipt voucher when you don’t spend all of the money you have on the vouchers as they do with most other vouchers!

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  • rimmelfan01 published 16/10/2009
    Excellent Review!!!!! :)
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    Great Review! I love cards like these! I love my Boots card and have just signed up to nectar too! E from me :)
  • TheHairyGodmother published 15/10/2009
    Excellent review :)
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