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published 02/03/2009 | Maisee
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"Every little helps not"

I was approached aggresively by the young Security guard at the Macclesfield Hibel Road Tesco one night as I left the store.The reason was I had parked in a disabled spot without a badge.Granted he wasnt to know that I was on 7 medications and had constant hip pain and find it hard to get out of my car unless the door is really wide,but it was 9.40pm and he would not stop shouting over the top of me as I tried to explain this to him and so I got in my car and drove off.
A couple of weeks later, having avoided the store and shopping at Sainsburys I found I needed to go in for something I couldnt get elsewhere.The same guy was stood at the doorway with his hands in his pockets, doing nothing but observing the flowers maybe and as I walked past he said in a rather loud voice,Idiot!.I was shocked.I turned and asked if he was talking to me and he said yes, he was and infact I was an idiot.I was so shocked I asked the lady on customer services to call a manager.This manager arrived, a lady of few words, of which Im sorry my colleague has spoken to you in this way was not in her words and she asked if he has said this to which he replies yes because she is.So we have an admittance to a manager he called me an idiot.His reason changed, both were lies.Firstly he said it was bacause I had run over the mat he was adjusting as I came in the store ( yeah right) and then changed it to I had stuck my finger or fingers up at him when I drove off a few days before(even more of an oh yeah right as I hadnt even been in the store for well over 10 days).So he produced his first 2 lies.I was disgusted.Also I was in tears, was a bit embarrased at crying in a store at 41 years of age over some silly 21 year old ignorant security guard but hey hormones.I did my shopping and on the way to my car decided to tell a lie of my own to the trolley collector so I could obtain this rude and abusive security guards name so I could report him to head office.I got his name and left for home.Having made my complaint to head office and being promised a follow up which never came,I continued to shop at sainsburys and only go to Tesco on a rare occasion when I really had to.Now to 24th Feb, my next trip,no comments from the ignorant security guard but on ym way out of the store I was accosted by the trolley collector who shouted OI YOU and pointed at me.OMG not again..........please dont harras me.I asked him nicely to leave me alone but to no avail.He followed me all the way to my car which was NOT parked in a disabled space I may add,yelling that I had parked in disabled spaces 3 times since I shopped there( not bad for 15 years of shopping at tesco) and that he will get me banned from the store.At one point my daughter got out of the car because she thought he was going to hit me.

So its back home and on the phone to a very nice Stuart Gray in customer services, very probably the only nice member of staff working for Tesco's in the country.Long story cut short ,a call from the manager at Macclesfield is promised between 9.30 and 10am on the 26th.Finally get a call at half past 3 in the afternoon after lots of prompting and am Invited to meet HIM 11.15am on the Friday the 27th.SO..........I go along and find that he has brought another member of staff with him.I start by telling him my reasons for parking in the disabled space and he then permits me to use them from now on and the mother and baby spaces.BUT then the clanger..........he informs me that he has seen CCTV of what appears to be me ramming a trolley into a member of staff.I was HORRIFIED as I have never ever in my life done such a thing to anyone.I ask to see this CCTV but am told 'data protection' maybe thats a cover cos he knows its a lie.He also then tells me that the Security guard DENIES ever calling me an idiot.Am I right in wondering how starnge it is that the manager of a store who has APPARENTLY just seen me ramming my trolley into a member of staff is now telling me I am welcome in his store ANY time and can park wherever I like......that just doesnt make sense and only goes to confirm he has seen no such thing.Thats physical assault why would he want me to come back into his store.(tbh if this is Tesco management material I pity Tesco)This meeting last 10 minutes during which he looks at the clock no less than 14 times, yes i start counting,he gets most upset when I interupt him to try to get my point across as he is totally uninterested and I dont get to say anything much about my side of the story because he has 'completed his investigations with his staff'.SO the conclusion is its a complete and utter waste of time complaining to Tesco because no matter what happened they will concoct stories and lies to relieve themselves of any blame for anything.The abuse is registered with the police as incident number 373.(was funny to see all the notices in the room I was taken to which were pinned to the wall,staff memo's etc............end of all of the said in CAPITALS.......EVERY LITTLE HELPS)
It sure does..................every little helps the staff.


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  • redeyes22 published 02/03/2009
    great review aggy xxx
  • Gladiator007 published 02/03/2009
    Good review..:)
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