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"Tesco Floor Wipes, Antibacterial - Wet Wipes for the Bathroom or"

Tesco Floor Wipes - with apologies for the talcum powder on the packet ;-[

Tesco Floor Wipes - with apologies for the talcum powder on the packet ;-[

This is my review of Tesco Antibacterial Floor Wipes, which I have been using for a few years now. In this review I’ve given information from the packaging first, as there’s quite a bit of it and I feel it’s relevant to include it to help anyone considering buying it to make an informed choice. My experience of using the wipes follows.

Wrap Information

Kills 99% bacteria including ecoli, salmonella & listeria
Pack of 15 fresh fragrance,multi-action moist action floor wipes.
Removes kitchen and bathroom dirt
PCS Registration No 96401
Suitable for vinyl & sealed laminate flooring, linoleum & glazed tiles [complies to EN1276]
Not suitable for untreated wood, clear plastic or glass, fabric, woven material, rugs or paint.
The wrap itself can’t be recycled at present, which is a shame.

Peel back the re-sealable label.
Pull out a wipe.
Test in an inconspicuous area first if you haven’t used them before.
Reseal the pack carefully after use to prevent the remnant drying out.
Storage should be in a cool, dry place. The pack should not be frozen or stored above 45C


The used wipes must not be flushed down the loo! ‘Bag It & Bin It Don’t Flush It’ is the logo.

They must be kept out of the reach of children. Wipes should not be kept near open flames or heat sources, though there is nothing to suggest they are flammable. You should avoid contact with eyes or damaged skin, and rinse thoroughly with water if this happens, seeking medical advice should symptoms persist. You should not mix with other cleaning detergents and wash hands after use. Scariest of all, in a way: they are not for personal use! The thought of that made me shudder slightly!

Product Information

This box lists all those wonderful chemicals whose names I vaguely recognise but whose purpose I do not! Here the wipes are described as ‘Tesco Lemon anti-bacterial’ which is the only time I’ve seen the fragrance referred to. Words like ‘parfum’ and ‘disinfectant’ I can handle; if you want to know more about methylisothiazolinone you may discover more on - a web address thoughtfully provided by Tesco. I was interested to read that they are made in Israel.
A Promise From Tesco

Fair play, they are happy to refund or replace any Tesco product which falls below our expectations; just ask any staff member – it says so here! Their address is given [twice, for good measure], a freephone number with availability times, and should you wish to shop online.

In Use

I started using these wipes when our bathroom was refitted a few years ago. As I’ve been using these for a while, so to be honest I have no real memory of testing out in an inconspicuous area. Knowing myself as I do, I probably didn’t do it!

I was sceptical at first about the seal on the pack. I really thought they would dry out & be next to useless. My cynicism was probably caused through having similar experiences with baby wipes at Preschool. In fact these wipes have sealed very well & there has been no hint of drying, so top marks on that score.

When I open the pack to pull out a wipe there is an instant hit of fragrance. I suppose I can detect lemon in there, now I know I’m supposed to be able to smell it, but in many ways it’s just a fresh cleaning smell: not remarkable but not unpleasant either. I guess the wipes are about 25cm by 15 cm and look a bit like wet white J cloths but with a kind of meshed texture that makes them slightly stretchy. Each one comes out separately but if you did pull out two at once I think you could easily replace it in the pack & it would not be wasted.

I use this product in our main bathroom which is used mainly by our adult son and rarely by us as we have a small ensuite bathroom closer to our bedroom. It probably doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should because he works from home & it’s hard to time cleaning with his lack of routine & the other things I need to do. So it gets vacuumed more often than properly cleaned. I give it a good blitz when he’s away on business, which happens frequently enough. He does seem to use a lot of talcum powder, leaving a fair amount on the floor, and really it’s for cleaning this that the wipes come into their own. The vacuum doesn’t seem to do a lot, but the wipes clear it effectively and bring it up to a bright, shiny surface with little effort. Another advantage is that I usually only need one wipe for the whole floor – it’s not a huge area.

These are the kind of wipes that I think you could attach to one of those floor sweeping gadgets or mops, but because of the configuration of this bathroom & the space available I honestly find it quicker & easier to do it on my knees. I can do a thorough job in less than five minutes, and at least I know I haven’t missed any corners.
Price and Availability

I don’t remember how much I paid for my last pack, and unfortunately the Tesco website says they are currently unavailable. The MySupermarket site lists them as £1.30 a pack, although the pack colour is yellow whereas mine is blue, but otherwise it looks the same. This works out at 8.7p a wipe, apparently. I do hope they will be available again soon as I think they are a good product with no drawbacks for me. Tesco seem to have a habit of discontinuing products I really like!
Thank you for reading my review, which may be posted on other sites.

©Viborg March 2013

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