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published 14/04/2012 | K2705
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"Tesco Kitchen Cleaner Plus Bleach Spray"

When it comes to buying kitchen cleaner I'm not too bothered on which brand I go for as long as its decent and does the job it is meant to, in fact I normally go for whatever is on offer or works out the cheapest. Recently I was looking for a reasonably priced kitchen cleaner and spotted Tesco Kitchen Cleaner Spray with Bleach, a cleaner with bleach is something I'm never too sure about, I do like a bit of bleach but on the down side I am always worried I'm going to get it down me and ruin whatever I am wearing, however this was by far the cheapest available so I decided to go with it and just make sure I was extra careful.

The Kitchen Cleaner with Bleach comes in a white plastic trigger spray bottle, this is wide towards the bottom with a narrow neck making holding the bottle whilst cleaning easy, the trigger on the top of the bottle is clear and bright orange plastic, this also screws on and off of the top of the bottle. There is an oval shaped label on the front of the bottle, this has a large blue square towards the top of it with the words "Tesco Kitchen Cleaner with Bleach" written inside it in white and yellow writing. The rest of the label has a bright orange background with a picture of a shiny sink on it, also listed at the bottom are a few bullet points stating what the product does. The back if the bottle has a plain white label on it containing all the necessary product information, this includes what the product can be used for, directions for use, product safety information and warnings. All of this is written in plain black writing, it is quite small but can be easily read and is clearly set out.

The Cleaner
The Kitchen Cleaner is basically a clear coloured liquid, just like water, however when sprayed out of the bottle it comes out as a white foam. When I first sprayed the cleaner onto my Kitchen sides the first smell that hit me was the fragrance of bleach, this was quite strong, yet not over powering, to be honest bleach is really the only fragrance I can detect so I'm not too sure whether there is supposed to be another fragrance present, this is not stated in the product information. When using the spray I did find that I didn't need as much as I thought, I made the mistake of spray too much on my kitchen work surfaces and then had to spend ages rinsing it off, just a couple of sprays is plenty to clean each section effectively but also does not mean you are there ages trying to rinse the cleaner off of the sides, I think the fact that the cleaner comes out as a spray helps with how well this lasts.

Tesco Kitchen Cleaner with Bleach can be used on most surfaces in the kitchen including cooker tops, work surfaces, food preparation areas and sinks. Personally I also use mine to clean all of my kitchen cupboard doors and also things like my washing machine and I have had no problems with it. The cleaner is designed to clean effectively and kill bacteria which can cause common food poisoning. It is a powerful degreaser and removes grime from most kitchen surfaces. So far I have found this to be the case, a small amount of the cleaner quickly and effectively remove stains and spills from my works surfaces as well as tough dried on stains such as when a saucepan has boiled over, If my husband has made himself a fry up, using this cleaner on the cooker top quickly removes grease marks or splashes of fat without me having to stand there for ages wiping the surface trying to remove the grease. Once I have cleaned the kitchen using this cleaner the bleach smell leaves the whole kitchen smelling and looking incredibly clean and fresh, I can clean all of the surfaces with this and feel confident that my kitchen is germ and bacteria free.

Directions for use
Using the Kitchen Cleaner with Bleach is very easy and pretty much the same as using other kitchen cleaning products. All surfaces must be cool before spraying the product onto them, you then simply wipe the side with a cloth and rinse immediately. They do advise that you test the cleaner on a small non noticeable patch before using it all over your work surfaces, although I have to admit I didn't do this before using it, however I do follow the directions and rinse the cleaner from the surfaces once finished.

Because this product contains bleach there are several surfaces that it should not come into contact with such as clothes, carpet, soft furnishings, wood, wall paper or polished furniture. Should any of the product be spilt it is important to wipe it up straight away and rinse with clean water, This product should not be used on any damaged surfaces either as this may cause further damage to them. Other warnings include keeping the product away from your eyes, not inhaling it and also using it in a well ventilated area, these are pretty standard for this type of product.

Product Safety Instructions
The product safety instructions which are also on the back of the product include things like
* Avoid contact with eyes, and prolonged contact with skin as this is an irritant
* If it comes into contact with your eyes you should rinse immediately and seek medical advise
* If this product is swallowed you should seek medical advise immediately and show them the label of the bottle
* This product should not be used with other products as dangerous chemicals may be released.

Obviously this product came from Tesco as it is part of their own range, the 500ml bottle cost me around £1.00 which I thought was excellent value for money. The cleaner so far has lasted me a long while with using it most days so I would say it is excellent value for money and for such a reasonably priced cleaner I have been pleased with its performance.

My Opinion
I would definitely recommend Tesco Kitchen Cleaner with Bleach, it really does do what it says it will, it does an excellent job of keeping my kitchen both looking and smelling clean and fresh. I feel confident that after using this product my kitchen is germ free. The cleaner is excellent at removing tough stains with minimum effort you do not have to spend ages scrubbing at the sides to get them clean, and the fact that you only need a small amount at a time means it last extremely well and is good value for money. I will definitely buy this again and would recommend it to anyone.

Summary: A good cleaner for the money

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