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published 03/08/2015 | sharper_fin
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Pro Cheap and smells great
Cons Thin, runny and nasty on my scalp
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"What does "Medicated" really mean?"

Tesco Medicated Shampoo

Tesco Medicated Shampoo

The Real Thing

Some products have an unmistakable smell. Freshly baked bread for one. Strawberries are another example. And then there's Vosene medicated shampoo. Anyone who has ever come into contact with this shampoo knows that it smells magnificently and hugely of tar coal… something that I have no idea what it is or how it helps your hair but it has to be good because, as it says in the name, it's medicated, right? I don't know what "medicated" is or what it means but I do know that I used this shampoo as a kid and I now have a huge mop of healthy, thick, curly hair so it can't be that bad.

So I love Vosene, but it can be quite expensive. If only there were something that looked exactly like Vosene but cost a fraction of the price…
The Impressionist

I'm a big fan of supermarkets' own label products so when I saw this bottle of shampoo clearly masquerading as my old favourite but at a ridiculously cheap price of just 89p then I had to drop it into my shopping basket. I know, you usually get what you pay for but I've had some real bargains where the own label version has been almost as good as the real thing. For that price it was surely worth a go.
The Bottle

For your money you get a 300ml teardrop-shaped green bottle. It's very similar to the Vosene's that it's emulating and, like most shampoo bottles, is fatter in the middle than at the ends. Why do shampoo manufacturers make their bottles so inherently unstable so that they're liable to be knocked over in use? I just don’t get the thinking behind that.

It's bottle green with cheap, stick-on labels on both sides. It has a flip-top lid which is designed so that you can stand the bottle on the cap when not in use thereby allowing the contents to run to the business end, ready for when you need it. This usually works well in other products, ensuring that you don't have to do the shaky dance to get the shampoo to come out. It's already there waiting to be squeezed out. Like I said, this works well in other products…

In Action

The real thing is thick and gloopy. You have to give Vosene's bottle a proper squeeze for the shampoo to come out. By comparison Tesco's own version, is almost watery in consistency. It's so thin that it runs into the cap when you stand the bottle up meaning that when you pop open the cap it's already full of shampoo. It's not a problem as you're probably already in the shower at this point so it's not going to run all over a carpet or such, but I'm sure that a good quality shampoo (or one with a better designed cap) wouldn't do that. And its so wasteful too. One decent squeeze and you have an entire handful of shampoo when just a blob would do.

I'll give it credit on two counts though. Firstly, it smells great. It's predominately a citrus smell, like oranges and grapefruits, with an iodinesque undertone of the seaside. There's salt sea air in the background of the aroma which all mixes together very pleasantly. It's not the medicinal hit of Vosene that I was expecting but I'm very happy with the smell.

And when you apply it to wet hair it provides a lovely mop of soft bubbles even here in Yorkshire, a traditionally hard water area. It's not a massive bubble but it's good enough and it feels very soft and clean, almost like a lotion. So top marks on that front.

The Other Stuff

Tesco say that this is a "Medicated Shampoo with Pro Vitamin Complex, containing Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. Specially formulated to leave hair clean, healthy and manageable." This is the kind of corporate labelling that drives me crazy. It could really mean anything. "Pro vitamin B5"… does that imply that there's an amateur version available? Grrr…..

To their credit the store also claim that "This product has not been tested on animals. We fund research into alternatives". That's great, but they don't say what those alternatives are which is a little concerning. It could mean that no animals were directly harmed but we cut down an entire rainforest, or crushed some rare orchids instead. I'm not saying for a moment that they did, but if you really want to appear eco-friendly to your customers' you have to be a little clearer than this.
The Conclusion

I've been using this shampoo every other day for a few weeks now and I'm over halfway through the bottle. My hair feels fabulous immediately after use, really soft and bouncy. It smells good too, with a lingering hint of citrus and seaweed.

But - and here it comes, a massive, huge, monstrous "but" - about halfway through the day my head starts to itch. By the morning after I've used it I want to rip chunks out of my own scalp. I've actually scratched so much that I've caused my head to bleed on occasion. And I've started getting dandruff, the very thing that a "medicated" shampoo is supposed to prevent and cure. These two side-effects are Very Bad Things Indeed when relating to shampoo.

So while this product is cheap and smells lovely, I can't actually recommend it for one very good reason: It's literally doing my head in.

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  • jo-1976 published 13/08/2015
    Shame it's caused a reaction x
  • afy9mab published 11/08/2015
    Nicely done.
  • rolandrat123 published 06/08/2015
    Shame - oh dear.
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