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published 13/06/2004 | couscous
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"Tigger is insured -lets hope he doesn't need it"

I recently signed up for Tesco Pet Insurance for my little Tigger (adorable little moggy or a domesticated shorthaired cat according to my insurance policy) and wanted to share this with you. Its cheap, quick, easy, affordable and so quick it’s unbelievable.

I clicked on Google for pet insurance and found a site that compared pet insurance packages – Tescos came out a few pence cheaper so I clicked on the Tesco web site (www.tesco.com) where you click on the insurance icon and then pet insurance (as opposed to car, house, travel etc.)

This site is easy to navigate and they don’t ask you any unnecessary questions. Simply my name, address and age. Then they wanted to know if my pet was a cat or a dog, age, sex and cost of purchase (if applicable.) I was expecting this process to be hard and difficult however that was literally it. They didn’t want to know about my cats past medical history but a small disclaimer does inform me that past medical conditions are not covered.

I chose the option of paying monthly as this is spread out interest free over a twelve month period and my cat will cost me £4.78 a month which is paid by direct debit on a date of my choice. I opted for the insurance to start immediately but it can start on any date in advance that you choose however you can not make a claim for the first 14 days of having this policy.

My insurance covers 5 main areas

1) Veterinary Fees
2) Accidental Death of the Insured Animal
3) Theft or Straying
4) Hospitalisation of the Owner
5) Holiday cancellation

Veterinary Fees. These are covered up to £2500 for each condition but they will only pay up to £2500 in a twelve-month period. So if its long-term problem they will only cover you for the first twelve months of it. However I only have an excess of £40.00 per condition so could save £2460 should I need to use this. It’s worth pointing out that the insurance covers you for £2500 for EACH condition. You could use many times in a year all with different conditions.

Accidentally Death. If Tigger dies accidentally they will reimburse me the price I paid for her. This is only in the case of accidental death and I have to prove what I paid for Tigger but they will reimburse it none the less. I can’t imagine ever claiming for this one but the option is there if you wanted to.

Theft or straying. Now this is an interesting one. You have all seen the cat missing posters and Tesco insurance will reimburse you up to the cost of £500 for advertising for your lost pet. If your pet still doesn’t turn up within 45 days they will refund the purchase price for you. If Tigger ever runs off this will be a useful area to claim under as advertising in papers are not cheap – however if you cat returns of his own free will you have to refund any money they may have paid you.

Hospitalisation of the Owner. If I have to go into hospital in an emergency and will be a patient for longer than 4 days the insurance will pay for Tigger to go into a Cattery with a maximum limit of £4.00 a day and they will pay up to £500 for this. Again as a single person this would be brilliant for me if I were ever to need to be kept in long term it would be one less thing for my family to have to worry out.

Holiday Cancellation. If Tigger requires emergency treatment up to 7 days before my holiday, or gets lost and because of this I can’t go on holiday Tesco Pet Insurance will reimburse me up to £1000 in compensation towards my holiday cost.

Obviously there are terms and conditions of which I won’t go into but for £4.78 a month I think this is a brilliant price. To make it even better Tesco are doing a deal until the end of June where you will receive 1000 club card points for accepting pet insurance with them. The points are credited to your clubcard account monthly after your direct debit date. So after the first year of your policy you will have received 1000 points which is a total of £10.00 in vouchers. This is a little incentive but actually works out at 25% cash back. If you buy on line you get a 5% discount but you can also ring Tesco (0845 300 2200) and purchase this on the telephone but you won’t receive your 5% discount.

I signed up for this and within 2 days my documents were here, including my certificate of insurance and details of the direct debit. On June 1st they took the money promptly on the day I had specified and the correct amount. I am very pleased to say that I can’t tell you what this is like should I need to claim as Tigger has so far behaved himself and avoided coming into any trouble (apart from getting fleas which is sadly not covered.) However a colleague at work has claimed on this insurance when her greyhound ran through some bared wire and needed extensive surgery. She has told me they were prompt and quick to pay and she only had to send of the receipts from the vets and she received her cheque within 7 days.

Another point to note is that if you accept your pet insurance with them they will send you all the details of your policy and they also chuck in a few free extras which could prove useful. There are phone lines for a Veterinary Emergency Helpline, which will either tell you of details of your nearest vet or will arrange for a vet to speak to you on the phone. They offer a Pet Bereavement Counselling by telephone and a legal advice line. All of these services are free and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are free to Tesco Pet Insurance customers and all of which are confidential.

In a nutshell I would recommend this company to anyone. The web site is easy to navigate, it has a save function so you can receive a quote and save it for another day, the service is cheap, by a company that I trust and all my documents turned up with 2 days. Lets just hope I never need to claim.

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  • sue.51 published 10/07/2004
    I have my lab insured with Tesco (and car and house come to that) - but suffered a sharp premium increase on the pet insurance this year, and she is only a year old with no claims. Trouble is I didn't have the time to shop around, but will be keeping a close eye on this, I always seem to miss the opportunity to add points to clubcard, always seeming to be out of synch with the offers. Sue
  • eveder published 28/06/2004
    I'll check these out when mine is up for renewal. Ben
  • Wearsidelass published 24/06/2004
    Great review. I changed from Tescos to Saga because my CKCS developed "dry eyes" and after 12 months Tescos refused to pay. My Saga pet insurance covers both my dogs for life with the exception of Molly's dry eyes because it was a pre-existing condition.
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