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... Product: Tesco’s Tiger Bread Size: 400g Price: £0.38 – £0.59 (depending on when you buy it) Bread is an important component of any diet. For centuries the great unwashed (or “the masses” as the lords of the manor lovingly referred to them) of the British Isles subsisted largely ... Read review

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Community Level 5andystrong


Andy on the trail of a tiger

AdvantagesTasty bread


"...I’m not about to take Tesco to the high court on the grounds that this bread contains no real tiger; trust me it probably tastes better this way. If you’ve not tried a loaf I urge you to do so the next time you have to go and play steer the trolley at your local supermarket. The retail price for this item varies from day to day (seems to be on offer sometimes) but is normally between 38 and 59 pence for a 400g loaf. The only other thing to add is ..." Read review

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Bread With A Bite

AdvantagesUnique taste, absolutely delicious

DisadvantagesOnly available in Tesco

"Every now and then, I like to treat myself to some of the freshly baked bread from my local Tesco's bakery. One of my favorite types is Tiger Bread. Why Is It Called Tiger Bread? This bread is referred to as Tiger bread because of the pattern which develops across the top of the bread during the baking process. This is achieved by spreading rice paste and sesame oil on the top of the bread before it is baked. Then, while the bread is baking, the ..." Read review

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Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

AdvantagesFresh bread with added nutrients

DisadvantagesDifficult to slice

"...TIGERS!* On my usual rush around Tesco I noticed the In-store bakery must have had a new employee – King Alfred no less!! I usually buy Crusty White Farmhouse, but goodness me it was so well fired it was BLACK! I waited to see if anyone would appear to check if they had some bread in “a whiter shade of pale!” but gave up and looked to see what else there was. I added a Tiger Loaf to my trolley. It came very quietly, not a growl in sight. It ..." Read review

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Community Level 2BobbyMillsy


Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside! Tigerrrrrrrrrrrrr bre


DisadvantagesCan dry out very quickly after first cut!

"'Tesco Tiger Bread' This has to be one the tastiest breads I have ever had the pleasure to experience. I am a big fan of freshly baked un-cut bread and although I always make my own bread in my bread maker every Saturday morning, I just can't resist the pull of a freshly made Tiger loaf when I go shopping and wander through the bakery section. As I do my main weekly shop in Tesco, I don't have any option but to always smell the distinct tiger loaf ..." Read review

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Tesco Tiger Bread: Delicious rice paste & sesame oil bread.

AdvantagesDelicious taste, lovely medium crunchy crust, soft white centre.


"...baked and I think that Tesco is one of the best stores for this bread. It seems to have become more and more popular recently as Tesco regularly advertise it as a 'weekend loaf' for £1.00 but the standard price is £1.10. The bread is baked fresh in the Tesco in store bakery and if you visit at the right time (lunchtime or first thing) you can frequently find bread that is still warm. The bread is delicious and has quite a unique smell and taste ..." Read review

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Bread Type Specialty
Manufacturer Tesco


Listed on Ciao since 10/04/2003

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