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published 03/05/2012 | pinky50
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Pro Cleans the skin nicely
Cons Little more liquid needed for longer bath time.
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How gentle is it?
Value for Money

"A value baby bath."

I have seen this baby bath for quite some time and had never bought it. The reason being that I had my bath removed a while ago and have just recently had another one installed in my bathroom so that I can use the bath to bathe my grandchildren. I have a shower cubicle too and since my bathroom is quite large, I am lucky enough to have room for both a shower and a bath. I usually buy a more expensive brand for bathing my little grandchildren. Since it was so cheap I decided to give it a go to see if it was suitable for my little treasures.

It comes in a white plastic bottle with a flip lid. The bottle does stand well on a surface because the base is really sturdy. It just has a basic label on the front with a picture of a little baby and the name clearly on the front, so can be spotted on the shelf.

The bottle is very easy to squeeze the liquid from the bottle into the bath water. It is a really nice pale blue colour liquid. It has a slight perfume smell to it but not one that is as strong as a branded one but it is an adequate enough fragrance since it is so cheap.

When I first used it, I just squeezed a small amount into the water to see how it lathered. The small amount did give for a good lather and it created lots of bubbles in the water. I bathed my little grandaughter in the bath and only bathed her for around 5 minutes or so and the bubbles remained in the water for this length of time. The next time I used it, I bathed my little grandson, he likes to stay in the bath for a lot longer because he is older. I used the same amount of liquid as I had for bathing my grandaughter but I found that the bubbles didn't last so long for the length of time he stayed in the bath, so I just added a little bit more liquid to the water and the bubbles remained for longer. My grandson bathed for around half a hour or so and the extra liquid to create the bubbles was enough time to help make them last longer. I found they didn't fizzle and just remained in the water so that he could enjoy splashing around in the usual way.

It cleans the body well, it removes dirt really well too and just dissolves the dirt in the usual way without having to keep rubbing the skin to clean it. It is a mild liquid and I have found it hasn't irritated my grandchildren's skin at all. It hasn't left their more delicate skins feeling rough or in a bad condition. Hasn't left any dry patches and has just left it feeling nice and soft and once a body lotion applied to their skin, it has felt the same softness and feeling as it always has felt. If it had I wouldn't have continued to bath them with the product after the first time.

It is a little runny consistency compared to other brands but it doesn't drip from the bottle when it is squeezed into the water. It is a soft textured liquid and is gentle on the skin. I have been using this one for the past 6 weeks or so along side a branded one and I am almost at the end of the bottle. I liked it so much I decided to buy some for my little godson, his mum struggles to buy baby products at the moment because she is on maternity leave and so for the price of just 11p for a 500ml bottle, I just think this is an amazing price if you are struggling to make ends meet in this economical climate. It is so affordable and also a good quality and excellent value for money and worth it.

Apart from having to just add a little extra to the water for a long bath time, I cannot fault this item, when my grandchildren want or need a longer bath time, I just add the extra at the beginning and then I don't have to add any more during their bath time.

I do highly recommend it for others to give it a go if you are struggling and need to buy a cheaper brand. This one is a good choice in my opinion and I will buy it again in the future because it gives me all the results that I expect from a shops own brand of baby bath. You just can’t go wrong for just 11p and if you find it isn’t suitable it can be used for cleaning around the home in my opinion.

The bottle can also be recycled.

I give it 5 stars.

Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.

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