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published 12/03/2012 | Rosebudwithredroses
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"Tesco Value Shredder - Shred shred shred away......"

=Tesco Value Shredder=

After having a bad experience with a more expensive shredder, it said it would shred credit cards; it started shredding and jammed, and ruined the shredder. I couldn't find the receipt. Although I have a hand shredder, which is great for an emergency, with 3 adults in the house and the amount of shredding we do, we needed an electric one. So whilst as Tesco I noticed their value shredder, and popped it in with the shopping.

I will be honest and say I didn't really take much notice of how much was, I saw Value, and just grabbed it.

=Why we need a shredder=

With all the identity theft that is happening, about 10 years ago it was virtually unheard of, but most people you ask will know of someone who it has happened to. I was quite shocked when looking at some receipts, although the shops had replaced some of the numbers with stars, between about 10 receipts (not all from the same day!), but between them my card number could be identified. So now everything goes in the shredder.

=The Shredder=

The unit itself is in 2 parts, the bun section that collects the shredding, and the shredder unit with the motor that is fitted safely inside. The plug is in the shredder top, at first I thought that the cord was far too short it is about 4 foot, but then you need the unit by you, need it on a stable surface, so I will let that just be.

=To Use=

Firstly you have to have the top fitted on properly before the shredder will work, it's very uncomplicated to use, it just has 3 controls on the top, this is one button that you just slide along to correspond with the function that you need,

- OFF - Machine off

- AUTO - Where once paper makes contact with the shredding element automatically starts

- REVERSE - If you find a piece of paper jams, then you push the button to reverse and it brings the paper back out.


There are a selection of warnings on the shredder, these are mini pictures to stimulate don't put your hand in the shredder, be careful of long hair, a lot of it is common sense, but I would guess that they have to protect themselves by putting the warnings on.


The shredder does say it can shred 5 prices of paper at one time, but in all honestly you can hear the machine grinding, and can imagine the motor thinking not again, I need a rest. I don't put more than two pieces in; I make sure there are no staples or paperclips in the shredding.


On the shredder unit, there are 2 plastic flaps these act as a measuring device, so that when the paper is full to that level in the bin, then the shredder stop, although I do find it is better to empty the shredder before it gets to this point, as you run the risk of jamming the motor, and it not the most pleasant or the easiest of jobs to clean the shredder, as it is sharp metal points. Make sure that the shredder is unplugged whilst doing this.

The shredder is a criss cross shredder, so when the paper has been shredded, it measures no more than about 3cm long by 1/2cm wide. I find that the criss cross is more secure than the traditional shredding action.


Once you have shredded for about 5 minutes this really tires the motor out and you can feel the shredder getting very warm. I find that I have to turn it off and let it cool usually wait about 15 minutes, as I always find something else that needs doing.

=Average Usage=

After five minutes of use, then this overheats and does need a rest, it's an ideal basic shredder, suitable for family use, but not heavy duty amount of shredding.

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