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published 07/05/2012 | k444tmc
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Pro Cheap & gives detailed instructions on how to do everything with bleach!
Cons Very watery and no nozzle for toilet use!
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Value for Money
Do you need to use much for each clean?
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"Cheap to unblock drains!"

I have only been running my own household since January 2012 and still learning new things... I can't say I really use bleach for general household cleaning, I tend to use a Detol spray to keep germs at bay... Bleach scares me to be honest - I'm terrified of burning myself even with gloves!

However a couple of weeks ago I learned the hard way to always have a bottle of bleach at hand when my kitchen sink got blocked and my washing machine water started backing up out of it - read my Beko washing machine review for more info on this.

My mother always swears by Domestos bleach - but my mother is far richer than me and being someone on a budget I had a look at the prices and what I was getting for my money the next time I was shopping in Tesco.

At £2 for a 2L bottle of Domestos I thought this was a bit pricy - then I noticed the Tesco Everyday Value Thin Bleach 2L at 29p. I thought I would give this a go, and even if it doesn't work well I haven't broken the bank trying!

The bottle is quite basic as you would expect from the Tesco value range - Bold white bottle with a red safety turn lid that you see on many bleach products. The liquid is yellowy in colour like many bleachs and smells like.... bleach!

The label on the bottle is also white, with red font and red diagrams showing what you can do with the bleach. This includes:

* Toilet Cleaning * General Cleaning * Unblocking Sinks * Cleaning Sinks

On the back label the product claims to:

* Kill Germs * Remove Stains * Be Safe To Use In Septic Tanks * Fast Effective Action

You also get directions on how to get the screw cap off which are to place bottle on flat surface, press the cap down and turn anti-clockwise.

You then get directions on how to use the bleach for general everyday things such as toilets, sink & basins and to bleach whites.

You must also store this product in a cool, dry place out of sunlight and to make sure the cap is on firmly for obvious reasons.

Under this you then get the general warnings about what not to use the bleach with. This includes:

* Not mixing with other products * Not to use with enemal / metal surfaces * Not to spill on clothing or may damage as a result * Always wipe any spillage and rinse with clean water

The product contains <5% Chlorine based bleaching agent , disinfectant.

You then also get the general advice normally given with bleaching products in the case of keeping out of reach of children and what to do if swallowed / goes into eyes.

As per instructions on the label I use the bleach only for my bathroom and kitchen sinks to keep them clear and I follow the instructions to pour down the wastepipe and to rinse throughly after 2-3 minutes.


My verdict

I have been using the product for about a week now and have had no nasty surprises with it and I have to say it works well. The bleach does come out very thin when compared to other brands like Domestos but the label does clearly state it is THIN bleach... I don't think this is a problem when you can buy 6 of these instead of a 2L bottle of domestos and if the wastepipe has bleach down often enough it shouldnt have any blockages.

Even though I have had the bottle a week I still have more than half left so I am getting value for my money knowing it is lasting!

The cap on the bottle is firm, which makes me more confident when I have a young daughter running around the house that she will not get hurt by this as long as the cap is always on.

I love how it gives full detailed instructions for every type of use - its great for people like me who are new to the concept of using bleach. Using the bottle I would be confident at bleaching whites in future if I needed to (without asking my mother!)

The only thing I would say about this bottle is that it states its suitable for a toilet, but there is no nozzle - which I would be more comfortable using bleach with on a toilet to get to all those hard to reach areas... I think its definetly more suitable for bleaching and wastepipe use... Tesco also do other nozzle top bleachs in the own range which I think are more suitable towards toilets - I have also purchased one of those which are also cheap :-)

Overall, its a great product I would recommend to all :-)

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