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published 27/08/2003 | debsjeans
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"Working In a Tesos Cafe!"

I have been working in a tescos cafe for about 5 months. I Applied for the Job back in March and started the job in april. I have found working in the cafe pretty simple. It is unnerving at first but anyone who is interested in this type of job should find it quick to learn. Biggest problem I have is being clumsy I have burnt and cut my self more often then I would like. I am leaving in october to find more challenging work.

However if you stay with Tescos you get many benfits. Such as hsa health care pays 100% of you dentist and optical bills if you sign on with them. 10% employee discount after a certain number of months I believe it might be 6 months now however it could still be a yr.. Also you can Buy Shares as you earn for a 3 or 5 yr contract... or Save as you earn to buy shares. This is a very good deal and if I were staying with tescos I would definately do this.

Tescos pays every four weeks. First time I got a paycheck after money was paid into my bank account. The pay slips are not easily understood... however I just tend to trust them anyways. Any overtime I do shows up seprately from my contracted hours and sunday pay for me is time and a half but from what I understand sunday pay is now just time for new people. Overtime though is still time and a half and those who work at night I believe get time and a half as well.

You get breaks for 4 hours+ of work during any one day. I work 4 hours on a sunday and get 15 mins break this day. I also have 15 mins on Sat. When I work 5 hours. At 6 hours you get 30 mins on days I work 7 hours I have 45 mins. You do not get paid breaks but you do get the relax for a bit before dealing with stressed people who feel they have been waiting too long.

Staff restuarant makes fairly decent food and you can get a full breakie for 65 p and lunch for 1.31. Lunch today was lasangne and veg and a desert plus there were other choices but this is an example. The vending machines are horrible they eat money off your card occasionally or for me all the time when their doors get stuck. Because I complain and others don't I have recently been told not to use them with out supervision anymore. Trust me it burns me to be considered a liar. However I leave soon so I don't care and will pack my lunch from now on. Also our staff restaurant has a pool table and a dart board Pretty cool hey!

Complaint! The uniforms are aweful! Yesterday my trousers split there is a foot hole in the backside of them. I had nothing to change into. I ended up wearing a pinny backwards the rest of the day and on my walk home which takes 10 mins! How horrible!Anyways wearing my own trousers from now on. Nothing better happen to my shirt!

This is how you clock in when you get to work. You are given 3 mins leeway either side to clock in! Any more then this shows up as an error in the system. This card also has your picture on it... and can have money put on it so you can purchase your lunch and break time food. The clock in and cardinal card used to be seperate cards however now they are one in the same.

If you choose to work at Tescos remember not to take what happens at work home with you unless you have a good day. As most often even if you are doing all you can if a customer has it in their mind to say horrible things they are going to no matter how you handle it. Just be polite smile and get a manager to help them as you don't get paid enough!

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  • Gizzyboy published 08/07/2006
    That's good.....i'm starting 2night on nights. Only doing 2 nights a week....will suit me fine after 17 years administrating in the civil service. Don't need the money, so wont take no crap!
  • mi_ke published 23/09/2003
    I work in Tesco too in store 2022! I sometimes do sunday overtime in the Cafe-dont get me started on thet bloody egg machine! i have a cardinal which often happens that the machine isnt working so you have to pay cash. My uniform ripped as well on a broken roll cage yet they still tried to make me pay for my new ones. Team 5 is useless as its the same every week. And i have found some of the menegers to be bullies. But I got my discount card yesterday as its been a year now. great op, good to see more tesco employees on ciao, mike xx
  • yahtonie published 09/09/2003
    I work in Tesco too and what you say about the customers is soooooooo true. Very informative op! Ive been in the company for 3 years now and still found out something new! Combined cardinal and clocking on cards? Haven't had the misfortune, sorry, pleasure yet of losing both at one.
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