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... is the site that offers internet shopping with Tesco. This review only deals with internet shopping, not the quality of Tesco over Sainsbury’s etc. --------------------------------- The long story, in short: --------------------------------- I am going to attempt to be all ... Read review

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Community Level 5kam76


Get yourself a personal shopper!

AdvantagesGave me back my Saturdays!

Disadvantagesyou can't choose your fresh produce

"...can't believe I haven't reviewed yet! I've been doing my shopping online for over 2 years now and the only prospect of me stopping is if I switch to another grocery store. I am a convert for life to online grocery shopping. So that you can understand just what a difference this service can make to your life you need to understand mine. 1. I’m a lawyer, married to a lawyer. Result - lots of time is spent at work, including evenings ..." Read review

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Community Level 7salem_witch


Fed up of trolley rage?

AdvantagesAll your shopping delievered to you. No hassle...

DisadvantagesIt takes a while to do the order the first few times. Substitutions can be unsuitable

"...I decided to try out back in November. After having a knee operation and hobbling around the supermarket it was an effort for her and it wasn't helped with me being dizzy. Doing a weekly shop used to be such and effort and we even used to end up in the café at the end to have a rest. All in all a round trip to Tesco and back again (including unloading the car and putting it all away) used to take well over 2 hours. So after a suggestion ..." Read review

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Community Level 6mrsmopples


Arm chair shopping

AdvantagesNo stress, no heavy bags, good and varied choice

DisadvantagesTyping mistakes can happen, watch how many items you enter

"...the US got on the bandwagon. ~~~~~ GETTING STARTED ~~~~~~~~~ Find the website This is your portal to supermarket heaven, all the departments are listed on this page and you will find it easy to navigate through. Firstly you have to register your details. Click into the second window on the top right hand side of the main screen. It should say "Login/Register". This is also where you return each time to login if you ..." Read review

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Let Others Do The Shopping So You Don't Have To!

Advantagesdelivered to your door in all weathers, less temptation to impulse buy

Disadvantagesitems not available, late or no delivery, delivery charge

"...logged into your account at you simply go to the grocery category and pick and chose what you want to add to your order. There are a number of different categories (Food & Drink, Health & Beauty, Baby & Toddler, House & Pet) with subcategories to make shopping easier. I normally order the same things so I use my favourites for most of my order. But I still check the other categories for something I fancy that is not yet on the list of favourites. ..." Read review

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Community Level 4marina321


Shopping for Groceries online the easy way!

Advantagesuser-friendly, easy to navigate, good delivery service, convenient.


"...used other parts of the site so this review is based on the 'Groceries' section of To shop for groceries, you need to click on the 'Groceries' tab which will take you to the 'Groceries home.' You then need to log into your account with your login credentials. On the Groceries Home, you will find various tabs: Think of when you're in the Tesco supermarket or any other supermarket for that matter... You look up at the top of each ..." Read review

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Domain Extension .com


Listed on Ciao since 16/06/2002

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Clean your whole house for just 99p
Just aluminium but even that can be used as an advantage. (*)
Good quality organic produce, easy to customise orders, recipes & online resources
May be a little pricey for some people (*)
No crowds and long queues and you get to explore the whole site aisle by aisle
Substitutions are horrible. (*)
Almost everything!
Pods can't be re-sealed, some foods are a bit hit and miss (*)
Great idea - when it works
You can't be sure if it has worked or not (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.com)
excellent food/efficient service
-- (*)
Damn cheap clothes and accessories!
Limited availability of goods, often only small sizes (*)
None. This is a terrible company who don't know the meaning of the words 'customer service'
Everything. Don't go near them. Ever. (*)
Fast Delivaries, Good Customer Service, Cheap Prices
Nothing at all. (*)
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price, speed, service
none so far (*)
Stress free shopping, No kids or husband. shop at leisure
Can't always see all the offers, substitutions, errors mine or tesco's (*)
Shop in your own home, Easy to use, Fast Loading, Good range of clothes!
£4 for delivery, Customer Service is poor! (*)
Topman is a very popular shop, Good collection of clothes in store
Clothing is rather expensive for the quality of the product, Bad quality products (*)
Good Site layout, competitive pricing
none as yet (*)
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