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Review of "Tesco.com"

published 16/11/2007 | Claire_DC
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Pro Don't have to deal with other shoppers, Generally less stressful, Good offer codes.
Cons Can take a while, Mistakes do get made with deliveries.
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"Better Than Experiencing Trolley Rage In Store."

I have somewhat mixed feelings on tesco.com online shopping as I've had both good and bad experiences with them. It's a case of when they're good, they're very good and when they are bad, they are horrid. I'm not actually going to explain too much about the whole site and how it works in this review as I feel this has been done enough times on numerous other reviews I have seen on here and wouldn't just want to repeat/regurgitate the same information over and over.

My review contains information about both grocery home shopping and tesco extra.

I will first off start by telling you about my experience of using tesco.com to buy a hoover for my mum about 2 years ago. Her hoover had broken and as she has 6 cats, she needed a replacement quickly as she didn't want to end up barricaded in her house by the fur from all the cats. I offered to look online and find her one to replace it. The one I found was on tesco.com, it seemed a decent hoover for a reasonable price so i placed the order and that was that. A week later her hoover arrived, but there was a problem, it was broke and would not work.

I called tesco and informed them of this problem and also the fact that she is a pensioner and has arthritis and a lot of cats so was in urgent need of a working hoover as she could not sweep the hairs up herself because of the pain it would cause her. They replied that they would have somebody collect the item from my mum and deliver her a new one. I thought this seemed reasonable enough and that was that. They collected the item about 4 days later, but did not deliver a new one to her so I called Tesco and asked them when the replacement would be sent, to which they replied that it could be up to a week so I told mum and she said that would be fine and she'd cope.

Two weeks later and no sign of a new hoover, I called them yet again to ask of the whereabouts of my mums hoover that they had her money for. The person I spoke to told me that they had not received the other one back into the warehouse yet and that would take 2 weeks from collection, so I told them it had been 2 weeks since it was collected and that my mum had a receipt for the collection of it. She spoke to her manager and said ok, that would be fine, but the hoover was now out of stock and they didn't know when it would be back in stock. I asked if they had anything they could replace it with for the same kind of price and the same kind of power on it. They replied that they could but as the hoover was on offer, it was unlikely that we would find one to replace it that was the same quality as this one. They were correct, the only ones I found were double the cost and more so I asked if they could discount it slightly as my mums pension didn't stretch that far and because this wasn't her fault so she shouldn't have to suffer. I asked for them to just refund the money that had been paid and I would look elsewhere for a hoover for her and they agreed to this. They told me the money would be back in her account in about 3 days, and that was that.

The money eventually got refunded 2 MONTHS after requesting for the refund on numerous occasions, each time being fobbed off and being told that yes it would be in the account within 3 days and even having the phone put down on me at one point after I tried to explain to somebody that it had been so long since first requesting the refund. The last time I requested it, I spoke to a manager and told them that it was paramount to theft as they did not have permission to still have her money, and that we would be taking legal action if the money did not turn up in here account in 3 days. My mum had lost money from interest she would have received on the amount had it been in the bank, I had spent a fortune on the phone to their 08 number trying to sort it out and been very stressed over the whole matter. We received no apology for the whole ordeal but at least we got the money back and I was eventually able to buy her the hoover that she needed.

I must stress that if the first item that she was sent had worked and been fine, I would have had no complaints about the service at all. However their ability to solve problems when they occur has put me off using them if at all possible. I can't say that I'll never use them again as I'm sure that if it's a straight forward purchase with no problems, then things will be fine but there'd always be that worry in the back of my mind that something *could* go wrong and I'd have to deal with those monkeys again.

Now, I will tell you about their grocery home shopping. I find this to generally be a good service; the drivers are usually prompt and helpful and the groceries sent are generally of an acceptable standard with the exception of the fruit and vegetables as you have to make sure you check the dates on them as these seem to be quite short dated from my experience. This isn't such a problem if you give them a call to tell them of this as they will refund you for any item you're not happy with, which I find myself doing a little bit more than I'd like to but it's no real hassle to do as their customer service workers on the grocery side of things actually are efficient and know what their job entails *miaow* haha.

Ordering online is fairly a straight forward process, and generally works better on internet explorer as sometimes firefox tries to save the page you're trying to get to as opposed to opening it. This doesn't happen every time, so I do tend to use firefox and move to IE if it does start playing up.

Although the shopping process can take a while if you like to shop for different things each time as opposed to using your favourites list, it is much better than having to walk around for an hour or so whilst having to contend with rude people who shove you with their trolleys or stand there having a mothers meeting in the way when you're trying to get past.

You can also keep your shopping list through the week, adding things as you need them and it will remember them. This saves time and is a good way of remembering to order all the things you need that you have recently ran out of. If an item is not in stock when they do your shopping in the store they will usually substitute it with another item, which you can refuse and send back with the driver if you don't want it. You can also specify to not make substitutions at all, or even make notes on each item as to what you would accept as a substitution if the requested item is not available.

One thing you need to remember is that if an item is on offer, you need to make sure that it is still on offer on the day of delivery as that is when the final total is worked out as your online price is only a guide price.

Your delivery slot is reserved for 2 hours from the time you first request it, which usually gives enough time to sort out your shopping list. If it's getting to near the 2 hour mark you can always select a different time and then reselect the time you originally wanted so get another 2 hours reservation. I tend to have my shopping delivered mid week on the last slot as that is the cheapest and it doesn't matter to me when it's delivered but it's always nice for me to save money. They have slots from early morning 9-11am to the last slot which is between 9 and 11pm. If the driver is going to be early or late they do *usually* tell you of this by way of a phonecall. However sometimes they are late without giving you notice and in this circumstance, I suggest you phone tesco customer service and they will usually refund the delivery cost and send you an online voucher as a goodwill gesture. t

You have the choice of getting extra green clubcard points by not having plastic carrier bags to carry your shopping, and you can get the driver to bring your shopping through to your kitchen so it's easy to unload and put it away, whilst being better for the environment.. and your clubcard statement of course.

A big bonus I find with using the online grocery service is that I can regularly get money off and extra clubcard point codes on the net for use with my shopping. The sites that are good for these codes are hotukdeals and tescovouchercodes.blogspot.com.

I tend to go for the extra clubcard points as they're worth four times as much of their 'tesco' value in clubcard deals. For more information on clubcard deals you should visit http://www.tesco.com/clubcard/deals/ and see if it's worth getting the extra points or the money off for you.

I think I have covered the main things but if there's anything you feel I have missed out or would like to know about then feel free to leave me a comment and I'll be sure to include it or answer you on the comments page!

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Comments on this review

  • The-ex-Raven published 13/12/2007
    Very helpful review - I been using asda for a while with no big problems - apart from they got monkeys that choose your fresh stuff and sometimes subsitutes are daft ( but you don't have to accept them ! ) BUT am thinking of trying out tesco - boy sent home from school poorly yet again and if I don't get some shopping done christmas will be cancelled !! Manda :o)
  • battiest published 20/11/2007
    I will try this one day. My husband loves to peruse the 'reduced for quick sale' items, though, so I can't see him liking the idea! Good review, though. xxx
  • patriciat published 17/11/2007
    I've recently started using Tesco online for my groceries and no problems so far - touch wood. Pat.t x
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