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Tetris Worlds (Xbox)

Genre: Puzzle - Publisher: THQ - Developer(s): Blue Planet Software

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published 28/10/2003 | saznant
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Pro Great fun,very addictive and gets those brain cells working
Cons none
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"Build em up and knock em down!"

I bought this because, like millions of other people, I am addicted to this game.
For people who don`t know, this game first came out in the 80`s, since then it has transformed into a number of different versions of the original game.

I first played this at my friends house on the gameboy when I was 16, and I remember how annoyed he was, when all I would do is play on this game and then go home. Eventually I was banned from playing it otherwise our friendship was over.

**** Basic rule of tetris *****

Tetris is a game that will really get those brain cells going. The basic rule is that you form lines by linking up the various shaped blocks.
The more lines you make the more points you score. As you progress through the levels the game becomes faster and harder.
The game is over when the blocks reach the top of the matrix ( screen ).

**** Tetris worlds ******

*** Packaging ******

This comes in a brightly coloured box that has the words TETRIS WORLDS and coloured blocks all around it. It is very eye catching.

On the back of the box there are some pictures of the different worlds and a description of the different games.

**** Different versions of tetris *****

There are 6 variations of tetris, which I will now list for you.

1) The original tetris - as already explained before

2) Square tetris - the objective of this is to combine blocks into squares to earn extra bonuses in addition to playing tetris.

3) Sticky tetris - here you have to clear the bottom row of garbage blocks ( black blocks ). Blocks of the same colour will stick together. When 25 of the same coloured blocks connect they form a critical mass and are cleared for the matrix.

4) Cascade tetris - On this one the object is to cause cascades while playing tetris. A cascade is when the falling blocks from a cleared line cause one or more lines to clear also.
The more cascades you cause the more points are scored.

5) Hot - line tetris - In hot line tetris there are 6 different coloured lines, green, yellow, orange, red, purple and blue. You have to clear the rows of blocks on the different lines. The higher up the line on the matrix the more points you get.
For example if you clear a row on the green line you score 1 point, but if you were to clear it higher up on the red line, you would get 4 points.

*** Finally ***

6) fusion tetris - With this one you have to connect falling atoms to the fusion block at the bottom of the matrix. But to make it harder you have to clear the garbage block first.

**** Game play ******

The graphics are exceptionally good, and there are many different options to chose from. Such as ghost blocks on or off, changing of music or of character etc.
This game also has an arcade mode that allows up to 4 players. So you can call your friends round to play to.

***** Pricing ****

This game has been out for ages and you should be able to pick it up for around 15 to 20 pounds. It is definately worth it as, I have had my moneys worth and more from it.

**** Advantages *****

Good graphics
6 Different worlds and arcade game
Hours of enjoyment
Up to Four players

***** Disadvantages *****


*** My final word ****

I love this game and would definately give it 10 out of 10.

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  • Bigbaz published 30/10/2003
    Tetris is addictive in whatever form..Baz
  • bebcho published 30/10/2003
    Didn't know there is tetris on x-box.It'd be fun to try it :)
  • coolcam7 published 29/10/2003
    I totally remember being addicted to this! Haven't played on it for years now though. xxx
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Product Information : Tetris Worlds (Xbox)

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Genre: Puzzle - Publisher: THQ - Developer(s): Blue Planet Software

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Publisher: THQ

Developer: Blue Planet Software

Release Date: 20th September 2002

Genre: Puzzle

Max Number of Players: 4 Player

EAN: 4005209038829

Xbox 360 Compatible: Non Xbox 360 Compatible


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