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published 02/10/2004 | xrfn1
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"God created heaven, earth, and The Beatles!"

On the 27th of September, I had written one of my greatest reviews here at this site. It was about The White Album. I put in personal experiences combined with research at Beatles' sites. I found that I wasn't too far off on my knowledge about the Fab Four. You might call me a 'closet' Beatles' Fan! But suddenly I got disconnected from the site and lost my work that cost me hours...I don't want payment from ciao, I just like to write and share experiences. I just had to let off steam.

I was nine days from turning eight years old when The Beatles came to America. They were a musical wake-up call! They showed their arrival in NYC on February 7, 1964, to 5000 screaming women and a couple hundred reporters. Pure chaos ensued right up until their Feb. 9 appearence on the Ed Sullivan Show. They appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show a month after the biggest singing sensation in America at the time-The Singing Nun with Domenique.

In January of 1964 is when The Beatles buzz started. The Jack Paar Show showed a clip of She Loves You. Within that month they began to be a household word! Brian Epstein they say sold them out, and made them lose money. Merchandising was one thing, but Brian signed three Sunday shows on Ed Sullivan for $10000 when the normal rate was up to $30000!

The Beatles' history begins in 1957, but for me it started in 1964. Therefore I may leave out the early history with Quarrymen, Stuart Sutcliffe, Pete Best, etc. Sure the songs were kind of corny for a kid my age-She Loves You, I want to hold your hand, Please Please Me, etc.-but somehow they had an impact on me. I had a hard time telling who was who, except for Ringo. Wouldn't miss their cartoon series on saturday mornings. So yeah, I'm a fan! But I hide behind other groups! The Beatles set my course in music and Rock and Roll 'tastes!'

I didn't know who they were but my older siblings talked of nothing else. The radio stations went from playing The Twist by Chubby Checker to I want to hold your hand. Men with long hair looked like girls, that infuriated the parents. Teen girls loved them. Who can forget the sceaming girls that were louder than The Beatles. But by today's standards, their hair wasn't so long, it was actually above the ears. They were clean shaving and wore a suit with a skinny tie.

The Beatles had opened the door to what would be dubbed "The British Invasion." I'd say it was more like an Onslaught! The Rolling Stones, The Animals, The Yardbirds, The Who, etc. Led Zeppelin was probably the new evolution of Rock, and perhaps the end(or slow down) of the invasion, but that was like an atomic explosion!

There was a type of international 'band' rivalry and the British were winning. Something most didn't know was that ALL were following The Beatles' lead! What seemed like a lifetime for me was only a mere 6 years. I was a mere 14 when they broke up, and actually lost interest after Yellow Submarine. But that is all the time it would take to alter the course of Rock And Roll! My definition of Rock and Roll is a band that makes music using guitars, drums, keyboards, and a few others. But nowadays Michael Jackson is this new Rock/Pop definition, since he was inducted in the R&R Hall Of Fame.

I find it interesting that people in my age group in the US liked The Beatles, or The Rolling Stones, or some clinged to Elvis. By August of '64 The Beatles were about to evolve. They had met Bob Dylan, who introduced them to pot. I was naive back then and still enjoyed their 'acid' albums. Never understood the film Yellow Submarine until later in life, but I loved their songs.

Their first LSD trip took place in March 27, 1965 by George and John. In 1967 with the release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, pretty much was a result of trips, followed quickly by Magical Mystery Tour. Then came The White Album in 1968, and in the US all hell broke lose with Charles Manson.

Yellow Submarine and Abbey Road were released in 1969. Their final album let it be came out in 1970, and the band disbanded shortly after. That would surely be their Swan Song to the disbelief of the fans.

During the 1967 summer of love, The Beatles played on a notion that Paul was dead. Messages in the songs(both forward and backwards), the symbolism on the album covers, and djs announcing it, had the world believing that Paul was dead. Fans even believed that the current Paul in the songs was a fake. Some asked why they didn't tour anymore?! That was why the rumor was started. They made money without touring.

In 1966 John met Yoko, and many thought this was the beginning of the end. John would break unwritten rules, such as our significant others stay out of our music and business.

My personal opinion is that The Beatles had burned out. The touring, the alcohol, the drugs, etc. all soon caught up. Their private lives were suffering, because of the fame and fortune that they had achieved. The pecking order at the top was in conflict. John and Paul were both struggling for dominance. After awhile their music sessions became a battle of wits and words. Ringo was at the bottom of the totempole. John had him take the first hit of the joint at Dylan's.

I loved The Beatles as a child, and learned to appreciate them later in life. Soon the tastes in music change, but my histroy began on February 7, 1964, when we were all glued to our TVs to see what the fuss is about. Young girls loved them, parents hated them, others saw the music in it's pure glory. Although they were seven years evolved at this point, the rollercoaster ride began the last six years, when they left other bands and critics in the dust. Actually Let It Be was below parr of the previous albums. Most bands of that era, went hwad to head with the boys, but they would always jump ahead, especially after Sgt. Pepper. Then came Zeppelin and the awakening of Pink Floyd.

...but in the beginning were The Beatles!

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  • darkangelwing published 29/06/2006
    Best rock band in history allthough Floyd are my fave band a fab review may do one and add a top 10 day in the life of course will be no.1 maybe
  • hschoorens published 24/04/2005
    Very great review :o)
  • n13roy published 18/12/2004
    Great review for anyone that grew up around the same time....Roy
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