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Lennon The Man Who Would Be King.

I was just listening to "Let it Be" on the radio and thought I would do a review on the Beatles. I had thought about doing them anyway after discovering that they even have younger fans like Beatlesgal25, so here we go.

The Fab Four were of course Paul McCartney who I really don't like and blame him for the group breaking up. George Harrison who was a really nice guy and a talented artist and is sadly missed. Ringo Starr of course who replaced Pete Best as the drummer of the group. And last but certainly not least the Legend himself, the late great John Lennon.

I know a lot of the songs were written by McCartney and a lot jointly written but Lennon was the man that was the Beatles. He had that magic and charisma about him that only the late Freddy Mercury had. Back in the days of Beatlemania it was Lennon that was seen as the bad boy and back then even having a haircut like that was considered shocking.

Even to this day Revolver is still rated as the best album ever released but my favorite is the double blue album. That was all the songs they did the few years before they broke up and is just packed with classics.

I remember when I bought the Sergeant Peppers album and it just blew me away. Not just the songs but the design of the album cover and the outfits that they wore on the album cover. That album was just so mindblowing at the time and still rates as one of their greatest works. Who will ever forget that song "A Day in the Life" just way out there that song.

To name your favorite Beatles song, that indeed is going to be difficult. There really are just too many but I do have a preference for songs from the Abbey Road album. Like "Here comes the Sun" and "Because", and "Because" is just one hell of a song. And of course the album cover of Abbey Road still remains well known around the world and tourists from around the world gather on that zebra crossing to get that same photo taken.

The Beatles just turned music around and were to influence so many other bands like Oasis who are another quality band. Many say it was the lyrics of the songs that made the Beatles so popular and perhaps it was. For me it was just that they wrote such easy to listen to songs that stay in your memory long after its been out of the charts. Take for example "The long and Winding Road" or "Strawberry Fields". Although I haven't heard those two songs played in a while I know I could sing them now word for word. They wrote simple songs but songs with a quality to them that was to last for decades.

When John Lennon was shot dead it was like losing a friend, someone that I actually knew. And in a strange way I think I did know him, many a night he shared my bedroom with his music. Many a holiday their music played away in the background and lots of times a song would come on the radio just like "Here comes the Sun" and I would go, yeah that reminds me of the time I was in such and such a place.

A magical foursome that my review just doesn't do justice to but I just had them in my head and decided to hit the keyboard.

I would be interested in hearing of your favorite Beatle song and also why it's your favorite song. Like Rod Stewart once said "Every Picture Tells a Story" and it's much the same with a song, it can just bring a piece of your past back. I can still recall "Strawberry Fields" playing in the background in HMV the day I bought my first Angelina Jolie poster.

Many thanks to the Legend that was John Lennon who has gave me years of pleasure and to the other three for keeping him company.

Thanks and Stay Lucky

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  • Elffriend published 22/05/2005
    Nice to meet someone from the same era. i think each member contributed something very special to the group. A favourite song? That would be hard to choose. Two from John Lennon, "Imagine" & "Woman", Paul, "hey Jude", George "Here comes the sun", and "something", Ringo...well it has to be "I get by with a little help from my friends". As a group? "Please please me", well I was rather young then. Lisax
  • k8_lloyd published 05/05/2005
    I wonder if people would slag Paul McCartney off if he was the one who had died. Ok, since the Beatles 90% of his output has been sh*te, (exceptions include "Maybe I'm amazed") but how can you diss the man who gave us Hey Jude, Yesterday, Blackbird......k8
  • vickiuk published 05/05/2005
    Good review, I can't think of any beatles songs to be honest, never really liked their music, although I have probably sung along to many of their songs not realising it was the beatles singing it. Vicki :o)
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