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The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

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published 29/03/2017 | stacie17
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Wow! I got a Diamond! So happy, it only took 10 years worth of reviews! :D
Pro The whole experience!
Cons Small changing rooms, lacking privacy
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"Bathe in a Snowstorm"

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon

When I booked our trip to Iceland, the Blue lagoon was one of our top things to do! (Along with seeing the northern lights, but we won’t mention that...)
I booked our Iceland trip through Thomson, which included 2 excursions- the golden circle tour and the northern lights trip. There was an option when booking to add on additional tours, this included a half day blue lagoon trip (4 hours) priced at £48 per adult. We decided to do some more researching, and went onto the actual blue lagoon website.
There are 4 different options for tickets- Standard, Comfort, Premium, and Luxury. These are for a full day (or however long you want to stay there for!)

Standard- £40pp
• Entrance to Blue Lagoon
• Silica Mud Mask

Comfort- £53pp
• Entrance to Blue Lagoon
• Silica Mud Mask
• Use of Towel
• 1st Drink of your choice
• Algae Mask

Premium- £68pp
• Entrance to Blue Lagoon
• Silica Mud Mask
• Use of Towel
• 1st Drink of your choice
• Algae Mask
• Use of Bathrobe
• Slippers
• Reservation at LAVA (optional)
• Sparkling wine if dining at LAVA

Luxury- £382 per room (2 people)
• Entrance to Blue Lagoon
• Silica Mud Mask
• Use of Towel
• 1st Drink of your choice
• Algae Mask
• Use of Bathrobe
• Slippers
• Reservation at LAVA (optional)
• Sparkling wine if dining at LAVA
• Spa Journey Product Set
• Entrance to the Exclusive Lounge

(Prices as of March 2017)

As part of our Christmas present from my Mum she said that she would pay the difference for us to book the premium tickets. So we decided to go for this option!
During the online booking process, there is an option to add on transport, we decided to book this as well.

So, on to the interesting stuff!
The Transfer

This was very straightforward, we had a small mini bus pick us up direct from our hotel. ( We booked a 9.30am slot). This then took us to a local coach station, where we got a new ticket (included in the transfer price) and hopped on (literally, I was very excited!) to a coach, which then took us straight to the Blue Lagoon, it took us around 45 minutes to get there.

First Impressions

Is that it?

We followed the crowd of people who got off our coach to a very small building. We all piled in...then out... oops that was just the luggage storage building!
We then followed the crowd again, up a winding path, which led us into the entrance building for the lagoon. There was 3 different queues which depended on what ticket you had purchased. We joined the premium queue. We queued for about 10minutes. During this time, one of the receptionists was giving out instructions on how to use the wristbands. Everyone is given a wristband which is like your lifeline in there! It’s how to open/close your locker, and it’s what you use to pay with! Cash/card is not accepted in the actual blue lagoon, you pay for everything when you leave.
She also gave other advice whilst we were waiting, such as- if you have hair, either tie it up or don’t get it wet or smother it in conditioner before you go into the water.
We then reached the reception desk, who was also very helpful, she gave us everything we needed, and away we went.
The women’s changing rooms were located upstairs and the men’s were downstairs, I arranged to meet Mr B… somewhere, when we had found our bearings!

The changing rooms/shower area

It was like being back at school! Lots of lockers, lots of women, trying to get modestly undressed into their swimsuits. I found this area to be quite small, considering how many lockers there were. It also showed up the people who weren’t listening to the kind lady at the beginning of the queues who explained how to use the wristbands to unlock the lockers. (Yes Mr B that was you!)
Anyway I had my robe, towel and flip flops and you had to shower before you went in to the lagoon. And then came the dilemma- to condition or tie up my long hair? I went for the tie up option. Showered (private cubicles), and then went off to find Mr B! As you walk out of the door by the shower area, you are can see the Blue Lagoon. Wow, it looked amazing! There is a small heated indoor pool, which was very busy, and a small café. Then it was the main doors to head outside into the lagoon!

The Blue Lagoon

Just to remind you, this is in December. Brrrr! We both left our towels in the lockers and wore our dressing gowns. As the door opened we both shuddered! It was cold out there! About 20 steps away, there are outdoor hangers for your gowns, towels etc. As we braced ourselves and ran...(well tip toed quickly, it was wet! Threw off our gowns and ran (yes, by this point we ran!) into the Blue Lagoon…ahhhhhh! I never actually thought it would be as warm as it was!
So, just incase you have been reading this review and have no idea what the Blue Lagoon is, here is a quick definition:

The blue lagoon is a manmade geothermal spa. Or something similar. Basically it’s constant warm water, in an incredible surrounding. The water is a stunning colour, which has something to do with the silica and the sunlight.

I will apologise for the brief description, but if I went in depth as to what it is, then it would be less of a review and more a science lesson!

The feeling when you get in the water is amazing, especially as we went on one of the coldest days in December! It’s lovely and warm, it really feels like you have just got into a bath. If you bathe with around 100 other people, outside, in the middle of Winter.
The water slightly varies in depth all around. There was only one area, in the middle of the main lagoon, where I couldn’t stand up (Im 5’2, and a bit). Mr B could stand up everywhere. As it was so cold outside, but so warm in the water everyone had as much of their body in the water as possible! Some people were even wearing woolly hats! Why didn’t I think of that! My ears were freezing!
During our first stint in the lagoon, there were a couple of snowstorms! This was incredible! We managed to find a spot under one of the bridges and watched the snow and hail, whilst still being cosy and warm! Mr B became a bit of a weather expert during this trip and was on the lookout for snow clouds, where we promptly made our way to the bridges for cover!
We were in and out of the lagoon all day. The hardest part was getting back out, knowing you then had to search for your gown, towel and slippers, whilst standing in a bikini in a snowstorm! It definitely all adds to the amazing experience!


As previously mentioned there is a small café, we decided to have a light bite here, just a sandwich and crisps. There was a variety of different snacks available, and yes there were expensive, but this is Iceland! It was nice to look out of the windows here at the lagoon café, and watch the snow falling! Once we had some food, there were a few sun loungers upstairs, we went to relax on here for a while, and then headed back in the water!


I had seen quite a few people with their phones/cameras in a waterproof bag. I wondered why I didn’t think of that fab idea and brought one to Iceland with me! Never mind!

During the rest of the time in the lagoon, we applied our free face masks, I don’t think they really made my skin feel any different, but they were soft to apply! We had our drinks at the bar, where we then realised that they also sold the waterproof camera bags! And there was me thinking everyone else was super organised! This is something which I had to purchase and I’m so glad I did!
The drinks at the swim up bar were nice, they had a range of soft drinks, beer, wines and champagnes. There was a limit of alcoholic drinks to about 3 per person, which I thought was a good idea!

As we were drinking our drinks in the water, there is a small ‘patio’ like area, where you can sit outside, there was no one outside but a young couple standing on the edge looking at the views. He then got down one knee and proposed! And she said no! Just kidding! She said yes! Everyone cheered for them, it was a lovely moment! Mr B says- ‘It was cheesy’.

We had booked a reservation at the blue lagoon restaurant for 5pm. So unfortunately it was time to get out. We made one last dash to retrieve our gowns, towels and flip flops, I ended up with 2 left feet! And headed back to the changing rooms! It was so much quieter in here now, and much better. There was a few hairdryers to use. My decision to tie my hair up was definitely the wrong one! With the wind, rain and snow, it soon fell out and got wet! Each time we went back into the showers I added more and more conditioner but I think it was too late as my hair felt very brittle and straw like. Top tip- condition first!

Check out

This was very easy and straight forward, you go back to the desk where you checked in and you pay for whatever you purchased and then head out of some turnstiles.
In the main lobby area, there is also a shop. This sells a range of skincare products, clothing and souvenirs. All very expensive! We had a quick nosey round, and then waited for our table at the restaurant.
We had a quick walk outside, took a few photos, and then headed into the Lava restaurant.

Lava Restaurant

This was an idyllic setting for a restaurant and we were lucky enough to sit by the floor to ceiling windows, and look out at the lagoon.
The service was very good and everyone was very friendly, we had our drinks which were included in our ticket price. And then we chose our main meals. I know I have said before that Iceland is expensive, which is true. So this was like going to an expensive restaurant in Iceland. But we both felt it was well worth it. The food was delicious and we had no complaints. If money was an issue, then I would say, don’t go here. But if like us, you had saved money for this trip and wanted to splash out and make some fantastic memories, then spend the extra and have a lovely meal
Well after we were all full up, it was time to leave! We headed out the doors and back down the path, past the luggage room, and our coach was there waiting for us! We had selected a time slot to be picked up. We got on the coach, gave the driver our name and hotel and that was it! Straight back to the hotel we went! Ready to see the Northern lights that night…well that’s what we thought!


If you are planning a trip to Iceland, you need to visit here. It is an amazing experience and one we will never forget. Thomson do the 4 hour trip, in my personal opinion I wouldn’t have found this long enough. As your ears, face, hair, basically anything that is not in the water gets freezing cold, you need to get out and have a warm every so often. So I would feel that by the time you got to the lagoon, got dressed, and into the water. You wouldn’t have time to go in and out of the water like we did. As Thomson were trying to sell this trip on our coach when we arrived in Iceland, they had different time slots, one was 6pm-10pm. We were there when it went dark and it was lovely but you can’t see the amazing snow covered mountains! Which leads me on to my next point. I definitely think Winter is the time to visit the blue lagoon. As you definitely make the most of the warm geothermal pools, and its experience we will never forget.

Mr B says- ‘It was an experience. A good one'

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  • Angel19819 published 20/11/2017
    E!! well done on getting a diamond.
  • BNibbles published 14/08/2017
    Yes, I been here in a February - the winter that the volcano blew up. Luckily, we left weeks before that though - the thought of an enforced stay at Icelandic prices could have ruined us! Yes, the Blue Lagoon is quite an experience and nice to know that in effect they're making good use of the waste heat from the nearby power station! Managed a few photos before the camera got steamed up. It is quite weird knowing that you're lovely and warm yet you're going to have the brave the zero temperatures to make a run for the door!
  • Mistybrook published 16/06/2017
    Excellent review :)
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