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... The tube itself is designed in a kind of slim pyramid shape, so it's wider at the base and narrows at the top. A bit like an ink stand. Effect- it stands up on its own, with the brush pointing down into the bottle. Brilliant! It means that when I am using the brush, the base doesn't go ... Read review

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Community Level 5tartantribe



AdvantagesPackaging, long-lasting, great effect

DisadvantagesHard to remove

"...going to come up at the interview (I hope not, unless there's a problem I'm not aware of!) I could probably use my recent conversion to a new type of eyeliner as positive proof that I am a flexible, adaptable individual. Balanced in my approach to life and work, with high standards, yet not rigid. You see, for those of you who have read some of my past ops will know that I have been a habitual devotee of Boots No 7 liquid eyepen. Until now. It ..." Read review

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A bat-winged beauty?

AdvantagesEasy to apply, lasts ages on and off the face


"...evening I really do love the look of liquid eyeliners but I find them such a pain to use on so many levels. I find getting it on my eyes looking even and shapely to start with is horrendous (if not impossible) and I hate the skinny, fiddly brushes they usually have too. My friends wear it with ease and have great big bat-winged eyes but mine (once it's on) either look scruffy or goes dry looking and the worst is when the liquid 'flakes' off onto the ..." Read review

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Community Level 3lizzie_hay...


Reasonably priced liner for a great look...

AdvantagesGreat colour, durability and easy to apply

DisadvantagesNot waterproof

"...I loved. Unfortunately they discontinued the brand and I was left, tragically, linerless!! I have tried other brands but there seem to be a few problems with liquid liner applicators. Even if the formulation is effective, it can be difficult to get on how you want it. I always apply liner to my upper lashes after I've put on some eye colour. I have found in the past that the brushes can be too thin and 'waggly' - by that I mean that the liner can ..." Read review

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Community Level 2books1987


Black liquid eyeliner-better than kohl

AdvantagesNice finish, good value for money.

DisadvantagesTricky to apply

"...black and brown I own the one in black as I have black eyelashes and therefore the rest of the review is advice on using the black one, however i'm sure the instructions would work with the brown eyeliner on fairer eyelashes. This eyeliner really makes your eyes stand out. This eyeliner does not smudge or fade and stays on for an entire day. It is also easy to remove. When using this eyeliner, I advise that you dot it along the lower lashes staying ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Rp200


Create that Egyptian Look!

AdvantagesEasy to apply and not expensive

Disadvantagesnot waterproof

"...asked her once, 'how in the heck do you apply that liquid eyeliner so well?'. Her reply simply was, 'it's easy!'. Ok, if my friend can do this so can I, the only problem where do I buy a descent liquid eyeliner? I've seen numerous at local markets where they sell make-up on the stalls, but they didn't really appealed to me so much and the ones you get from the department stores always cost so much money, which to be honest I wasn't really prepared ..." Read review

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Long Name Eyeliner
Type Eye Make-up
Genre Eye Liner
Manufacturer The Body Shop


Listed on Ciao since 05/12/2002

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