The Bourne Identity / The Bourne Supremacy (DVD)

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The Bourne Identity / The Bourne Supremacy (DVD)

As THE BOURNE IDENTITY begins, a man who may or may not be Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is found floating in the Mediterranean Sea and is hauled onto a f...

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Review of "The Bourne Identity / The Bourne Supremacy (DVD)"

published 22/03/2006 | workangel
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Pro Loss of memory action spy adventure story with loads of twists
Cons Concentration required to keep up with the plot.
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"Bourne Identity/Bourne Supremacy DVD"

Robert Ludlum writes exciting, fast moving spy thrillers with well drawn characters, and he does it so well you do not want to put the book down.

I was very interested to see how this translated to the big screen, particularly as I always read a book before seeing a film made from it.

The Bourne Identity is the first of a trilogy and opens with Jason Bourne suffering from complete memory loss. Worse, someone is trying to kill him and he does not know who or why.
As the movie unfolds he gradually works out that he must have been an assassin and he learns to deal with that knowledge and his pursuers. A strong love interest is added to the mix without overdue sentiment - it defintely adds to the suspense rather than detract. I won't go any futher into the plot because it will spoil your enjoyment.

The plot is quite convoluted in true ludlum fashion and this is not a movie to watch when half asleep. It commands your full attention and concentration and you then gey back the full power of the plot and the excellent filming and screenplay.

Matt Damon is a very good lead actor for this role - he has a non expressive face best suited to this part. He looks and acts stoically.

The filming has been done in such a way that you feel very much that you are experiencing everything first hand - as though you are Jason Bourne. The crowd/bystander scenes are the best I have ever seen in that they look completely natural as though the events that happen in the open really are a shock to the people there.

When I read the Bourne Identity I was certain that a sequel would follow because the ending was incomplete - the film does mirror this feeling.

The sequel, the Bourne Supremacy , picks up a quiet Jason Bourne living at peace who suddenly comes under attack for no apparent reason. His girlfriend is killed and the mayhem starts again.......

Again fast paced and well written and filmed the sequel is every bit as good as the original film - in fact the friends we watched it with found it even better. There are twists, explosions, car chases and a corker of a finish - a great film.

Having the two films together is a real bonus - I will definitely be watching both again more than once!

The alternate endings are interesting - probably more so to film buffs rather than good author buffs like me.

Do yourself a favour and get these films - you certainly will not regret it.

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    Re-rated based on Ciao's insistence that such reviews are no longer considered "Off Topic"
  • matt_fantastic published 11/04/2006
    Great films. I've stayed in the Westin in Berlin that features in The Bourne Supremacy. Tell us some more about what's on the DBV so we can rate...
  • Soho_Black published 30/03/2006
    I see you've posted this as a DVD review, but you've not mentioned the DVD. Are there any extras? If so, what are they and are they any good? If you add to this, or if you change it to be posted as a "Film Only" review, which can be done by accessing "edit review" in the top right of the review and changing the drop down menu under the "Which format are you reviewing?" question at the bottom, please let me know and I'll re-rate.
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Product Information : The Bourne Identity / The Bourne Supremacy (DVD)

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As THE BOURNE IDENTITY begins, a man who may or may not be Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is found floating in the Mediterranean Sea and is hauled onto a fishing boat. When the ship's doctor examines the unconscious castaway, he discovers two bullet wounds and an implanted device that displays a Swiss bank account number. With nothing but this code, the amnesiac Bourne travels to Zurich and gains access to a safe-deposit box containing a gun, thousands of dollars in various currencies, and valid passports from numerous countries--each listing a different identity. Within minutes, Bourne is on the run from a seemingly ever-present agency, relying on language and fighting skills he didn't even know he possessed. Offering $20,000 for a ride to Paris, Bourne gains the reluctant help of the nomadic Marie (Franka Potente). Meanwhile, the shadowy organization, headed by a tough-talking bureaucrat (Chris Cooper), sends numerous assassins (including the Professor, played by Clive Owen) after Bourne and Marie. As their situation grows more perilous, the two strangers struggle to find out who Bourne really is and why they are being hunted. Doug Liman's adaptation of Robert Ludlum's best-selling novel is a remarkable exercise in straightforward storytelling, with the director wisely choosing to focus on Bourne and his quest for identity. The fight sequences are thrilling, but never overly glamorized, and the film's pacing is engaging and deliberate. Damon, who displays genuine bewilderment as his character discovers his almost-superhuman abilities, anchors the proceedings with the subtle charm of an unlikely action hero. Potente also shines as Bourne's road companion, a savvy woman who slowly builds an utterly believable relationship with the confused man. Bearing distinct affinity for its European setting and classic Hollywood suspense films, THE BOURNE IDENTITY succeeds as an unusually smart character-driven thriller. In THE BOURNE SUPREMACY, Matt Damon returns as amnesiac assassin Jason Bourne in this fast-paced follow-up to 2002's THE BOURNE IDENTITY. Forced out of hiding as the result of an attempt on his life, Bourne fulfills his earlier promise to wreak vengeance on his former CIA employers, some of whom may be in league with murderous Russians. Brian Cox and Joan Allen are both great as warring agency chiefs convinced Bourne orchestrated the murder of two of their own in a deal gone bad. Thanks to tense, gritty direction by Paul Greengrass (BLOODY SUNDAY), the plot stays tight, the characters believable, and suspense and thrills flow steady. Moody photography enhances the urban European locations, which--combined with handheld camerawork and fast editing--keeps the action realistic and CGI-free. Vividly capturing the fatalist flavor of Robert Ludlum's original novel, this is globalism noir at its finest. Franka Potente and Julia Stiles are back from the original, and the always dependable Marton Csokas shows up as one of Bourne's deadly fellow operatives. A rousing car chase through Moscow may outdo the ones in RONIN and THE FRENCH CONNECTION for visceral speed and length. As the icing on the cake, John Powell provides a menacing, ambient percussive score.


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