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The Breakfast Club, Brighton

Cafe - Address: 16-17 Market Street, Brighton, West Sussex BN1 1HH

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Review of "The Breakfast Club, Brighton"

published 04/07/2015 | RICHADA
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The proof of the pudding. Expensive, but very good quality. R.

The proof of the pudding. Expensive, but very good quality. R.


......Just for a change, in our home city of Brighton & Hove.

This seaside city, located fifty miles south of Victoria Station in London – about fifty-five minutes by train - has over 400 eating places, competing for the custom of residents and visitors alike. We regard ourselves as being very lucky in that such a large choice brings keen competition, in terms of quality, variety and price. If you seek value for money above all else when you eat out here, in Brighton, Hove too, you will find it without looking too hard.

Alternatively if you seek a different eating experience altogether, this eclectic city will offer you that too – but usually at a price!

Only opened on 1st June 2015, The Breakfast Club’s Brighton branch is the very latest addition to this large and eclectic range of eateries.


We got up on Sunday morning and fancied a new experience. Contrary to the weather forecast, the sun was shining brightly and, in fourteen years of marriage, we have never eaten “out” for breakfast in our own city.

Be it lunch or dinner, I would have no problem in recommending any visitor to the city a suitable venue according to taste and budget, however, breakfast, on our own account, was a leap into the unknown. Having suggested to my wife Googling “Breakfast Brighton”, I suppose that, ultimately I have to take responsibility for where we ended up – i.e. at The Breakfast Club.


The Breakfast Club are a chain of, predominantly, London based cafes. Founded in Soho in 2005, they have since expanded and have cafes in all the trendiest parts of the capital. This I was unaware of until setting foot in their new Market Street, Brighton establishment, which is their eighth site – Canary Wharf having opened only a month previously.

The Breakfast Club also have an “On The Road” branch, catering for outside events.

I am not going to delve too far into the ethics of their business here – if you are interested in reading about their ethical management practices and charity support, I would point you towards their web site, the address being provided from the foot of this review.

Viewing the website, the various locations all have their own unique style, whilst the menu and opening times are similar; this is not a corporate, McDonalds style chain.


Back to Brighton now, The Breakfast Club is located in Market Street in the former Fat Leo’s building. This is the heart of the oldest and most scenic part of Brighton, the southernmost tip of the famous Lanes, just around the corner from the Town Hall and a five minute walk from the Pier or Royal Pavilion – ten minutes from Brighton Station.

We arrived on foot having parked an eight minute walk away in Kemptown, where parking is a mere £2 for two hours, anywhere closer to Market Street is prohibitively expensive, and yes, they do charge for parking all over Brighton on a Sunday, if you remember nothing else from this review, if you should ever visit Brighton remember that fact!

This is a great location, providing that you arrive on foot or by taxi. A two minute walk from the bus stops, buses to all city areas stop in North Street, but rather more from all of the car parks apart from the very expensive Town Hall one.

For those less able on their feet, the bar and downstairs area has level access from the street, although the entrance to Market Street is sign-posted for access only, you are permitted to drive there to allow a disabled passenger to visit the various shops cafes and restaurants there. Having arrived, apart from two floors of inside seating areas, there are also tables outside. The, very clean unisex, toilets will prove more of a challenge in access terms as they are down a full, steep, flight of spiral stairs.


My wife and I found ourselves completely at odds over this category, whilst agreeing completely about every other area of our experience at The Breakfast Club. However as this is my review, it will be my own opinion here that takes precedence. Because the ambiance did not happen to suit me, it does not, by any means, mean that you would not enjoy it!

We arrived for breakfast at 9.30am on a bright, sunny, June Sunday, The Breakfast Club was absolutely heaving with customers of all ages and nationalities. We had wanted to sit outside and have breakfast, but the few tables outside were all occupied. The young waiter who greeted us warmly at the door asked us to wait for a few minutes whilst a small two seater table was cleared and cleaned just inside the door.

The interior of The Breakfast Club is really very eclectic in style and difficult to categorise – which is good. Seating takes the form of high stools at bar areas in front of the window and around the spiral staircase, 1960’s style tables and chairs, at which we were sat in the middle of the room, and attractive, semi-circular, wooden lined booths, with plush bench seating along the walls.

Our first impressions – remember this is 9.30 on a Sunday morning – were of a place absolutely buzzing with activity, plenty of young staff running everywhere and loud pumping music.

Now I don’t know about you, but personally in a crowded restaurant I prefer the music, if there at all, to be fairly non-descript and in the background. Here it was the opposite, loud and decidedly not to my taste with a heavy base thumping out above the diners having to shout to make themselves heard.

Very “young”, very “hip” and not very me!

THE MENU: 12 / 15

As a pure breakfast menu, I’d have awarded this 100%. Trouble is that The Breakfast Club is open until 11.00pm, as the day progresses through lunch, tea and dinner, this menu, to my eyes at least, becomes progressively less desirable, to the extent that, unless going for breakfast, I would not choose to eat here at all, the non-breakfast items on the menu being quite restrictive.

Breakfast can be configured pretty much any way you desire – and can afford.

From Juices and Smoothies at around £4.00, to full English or American at about £11.00, a multiplicity of choices, including cereals, waffles and a host of different egg dishes can all be ordered.

There are far too many options to list here, I would actually suggest perusing the menu online before visiting any Breakfast Club branch as it took us a considerable amount of time to read through it and decide on our order – twice we had to ask keen young waiting staff (male and female) to ‘give us another five minutes’.

As is modern fashion each item on the menu has a catchy “title”. Whilst appreciating that this makes ordering simple, I found those at The Breakfast Club somewhat pretentious: “HAM SO EGGSITED” for instance: Pancakes with ham, egg, cheddar and maple syrup (£8.50), an English Breakfast is referred to as “THE FULL MONTY” – all of these capitals incidentally theirs rather than mine, thus reinforcing the loudness of the place.

THE PRICES: 10 / 15

Menu in hand, I looked up over the top of my glasses and said to my wife; ‘These prices are very expensive”. Indeed, these are London prices charged here in Brighton, where we simply expect to eat for less.

£11.00 for a Full Monty, i.e. English Breakfast would buy me a two course lunch at Donatello, just over the road.

THE SERVICE: 15 / 15

The service was attentive, knowledgeable and with a smile, even if, at first, we felt a little rushed. Busy with customers as The Breakfast Club was, there appeared to be no shortage of staff.

THE DRINKS: 10 / 10

The first drink arriving when they take your order, will be a glass of good, honest, Brighton tap water, served chilled, on the house!

We each had a cup of superb Americano coffee, at £2.00 for a medium sized mug I guess we got what we paid for.

THE FOOD: 15 / 15

My wife ordered “THE ALL AMERICAN”, consisting of: Pancakes, poached eggs, sausage, home-style fried potatoes, streaky bacon and maple syrup (£11.00). Frankly, I was surprised that she managed to eat it all, Mrs R is not a big eater and this was a very full plate of food. She absolutely loved the maple syrup (served in a small metal thimble dish on the side) pancakes, on the taster I had I was pleased not to have ordered this dish, although the home fried potatoes, cooked with onion, were particularly good.

Having weighed up the options, I went for “THE HALF MONTY”, not being in the mood for black pudding, hash browns or (the delicious as it turned out) fried potatoes, I ended up with what I regard as an “English” breakfast; bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, tomato and toasted multigrain bloomer (£8.50).

The waiter will offer you a choice of poached, fried, scrambled or boiled eggs, I chose them scrambled.

The sausage was excellent, tasting like a local butcher’s sausage and the generous portion of gently fried bacon too. My scrambled eggs were slightly indifferent, but the other ingredients on the plate made up for this – particularly the wonderful toasted multigrain bread.


The Breakfast Club are not scrimping on their food ingredients or beverages, it shows, and that goes some way towards justifying the prices, which, by Brighton standards, are high.

This is a place that you will love or loath, the fact that I would not choose to return (my wife would however) does not mean that you would not be wanting to have breakfast there seven days a week. Indeed there is variety enough on the menu to do that without repeating yourself twice and, from our experience, I am persuaded that the quality of all the dishes served is equally high.

Putting that score in perspective, here is a comparison with other eating places rated on the same scoring system:

Bettys – Harrogate – 94%
Osso Buco – Weybridge – 94%
Donatello – Brighton – 88%
The Tea Cosy – Brighton – 86%
Breakfast Club – Brighton – 70%

Stanmer House – Brighton – 44%


Monday to Wednesday: 08.00 – 23.00

Thursday to Saturday: 08.00 – 23.30

Sunday: 08.00 – 22.30

The kitchen closes 30 minutes prior to closing time.


16-17 Market Street

Tel: 01273 947080
(c) RICHADA Ciao 4.7.15

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