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The Children of England - Alison Weir

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Children of England: Heirs of King Henry VIII - Alison Weir

Children of England: Heirs of King Henry VIII - Alison Weir

Pages: 400, Edition: First Paperback, Hardcover, Jonathan Cape Ltd

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When Henry VIII died in 1547 he left three highly intelligent children to succeed him in turn - Edward Mary and Elizabeth - to be followed if their lines failed by the descendants of his sister Mary Tudor one of whom was the ill-fated Lady Jane Grey. Edward was nine years old Mary 31 and Jane ten. Edward Elizabeth and Jane were staunch Protestants Mary a devout Catholic; each had a very different mother and they had grown up in vastly different circumstances. This book is not interested in constitutional history but in the characters and relationships of Henry's four heirs. Making use of a variety of contemporary sources it brings to life one of the most extraordinary periods of English history when each of Henry's heirs was potentially the tool of powerful political and religious figures and when the realm was seething with intrigue and turbulent change.

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EAN 9780712673198
Type Non-Fiction
Genre History
Publisher Vintage
Title The Children of England
Author Alison Weir
ISBN 0712673199


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