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The ComeBack Girl - Katie Price

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... The book is based on the character of Eden. I can't say I know anything about Katie's previous books, bar the two I've forced myself to read but from what I can gather, it's a loose follow on from Katie's other book Crystal. Eden is becoming a judge on talent show Band Ambition, the show ... Read review
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Do NOT come back to this!



"...all; she was one of the most successful young singers in the UK, and the darling of the pop industry. Life couldn't have been better. But just two years after a sell-out tour, Eden is regarded as a has-been, better known for her drinking and the kiss-and-tell stories that a string of men have sold to the papers. Desperate to get back in the big time, Eden begins recording a new album with songwriter Jack Steele, a man who drives her crazy for all ..." Read review

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Community Level 5beautybabiex


Has Katie Done It Again?

Advantageseasy read, fun story and lots of excitement


"...might spend her life in the limelight being constantly critisized - but she is also a very successful business woman! How many women do you know that's a glamour model along with having a fitness DVD, reality tv show, perfumes, books, auto-biographies and a clothing line.. all whilst being a mother to three children?! (Anyway, if you want to speak to me about it then email me on here). After reading a couple of Katies other books, I had to try this ..." Read review

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The Comeback Girl - what Katie wrote?

Advantagesunintentionally, hilariously revealing

Disadvantagesthe likes of me are not its intended audience

"...long been curious as to the literary metamorphosis of the one time glamour model, Jordan. It soon became clear that there was more than one way to review this novel so I have given it two reviews. Review one Jordan is now referred to by her legal name of Katie Price, and that is the name on the cover of this book. Sorry to spoil the ending, well actually, I am not sorry at all.The last line of the novel is absolutely hilarious to anyone who knows ..." Read review

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Release Date 21.07.2011
Number of Pages 304
Publisher Century
Edition Hardcover
Author Katie Price
Title The ComeBack Girl
Genre Classics
Type Fiction
ISBN 1846054885
EAN 9781846054884


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